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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It all began with a parking ticket....

This is my first official post for my blog. How it came to be is a story in itself.

My oldest, from here on to be referred to as #1 (among other things) is a junior in college.  Every month the college sends us a bill for "Send Home" charges.  We explained to her that she could charge necessities to this account.  This was our first (of many) mistakes.  We neglected to define "necessities."

Naturally, we called her and explained that $400.00 was extreme for one month considering the week before we spent the national debt on necessities from Costco.  The Mister (eternal optimist) asked whether it was for books only to be told that no, that bill is on the way.

Finally, after a couple of months our little darling caught on to what is necessary to purchase and what is not.  We thought.

In the Spring of her sophomore year we received a bill from school for three (3) $50.00 no parking charges. Her father tried fervently to get in touch with her all day.  The Mister (eternal optimist) told me not to worry, she was in the library studying all day.  She finally called and was totally taken aback to hear about those pesty tickets.  She said they happened awhile ago because she was late for class and besides, it was raining out. 

Guess we forgot to cover parking tickets in the "necessities" speech.

So in our eternal, never-ending quest to raise mature, responsible adults, we gave #1 a bill when she got home for the summer for $150.00.  She had two jobs and one internship. The Mister (eternal optimist) said she would step up to the plate and pay us back in no time.

And I think she would have... if those darn sales at Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Tory Burch, and every other store at Northpark  didn't get in her way. 


So, later on that day, #1 came to me in the kitchen and offered to design a blog for her sister and me for $150.00. She explained to me that I was lucky - she was offering us a discount considering we were family.

And so... here I am and the rest is history...   
Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. This is Great story and a fabulous reason to start a blog. I am glad that I was your first commenter. I try really hard to reciprocate comments but I will be honest with the ages of my kids it is sometimes hard to get around to them all. Love our favorite things posts and I picked up the almond dreams last night. They are very yummy. Thank you.

  2. Ha, ha, okay not funny, we'll have a college student soon, and I sure hope we don't get those bills. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I just had to click on this link to see what a parking ticket had to do with blogging.

  3. This was so entertaining! your personality really shines through! I'm 27 now but I remember being like #1... I eventually grew out of it and I am very grateful and appreciative of my generous parents! I was a lucky kid! If I can only go back! I probably could have gotten more by being grateful, instead of a brat! lol

  4. Well, THIS is just glorious! What a true gift #1 gave you!

  5. Love the new look and the great story of your humble beginnings! Always enjoy a laugh with you Katie! Much love ! Kathryn K. PS Costco necessities can be pricey....Just had a 400.00 dollar trip.... Too funny! Thank you

  6. Well, for some strange reason I had never read this one. I knew #1 was hired to create your blog, but somehow the parking ticket bill was lost in the loop. Great story! Good thing she had that debt because your blog is one of the highlights of the blogging community! And that's a fact!

  7. Katie, I have been on your blog for an hour and clicked on August 2012 posts.
    We live parallel lives and i think Daughter #1 or maybe it was #2 and I our "sisters." Delta love! laura


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