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Monday, September 3, 2012

Sista Chat 2

Hello again...

Sorry I was MIA last week but I was attending a boot camp for supermodel trophy wives.  No, not really, actually the Mister and I became official empty nesters at 5:02PM on Sunday.  I spent a most enjoyable week with our #2 driving to Virginia to set her up in her new home away from home in a college freshman dorm. 

I am writing a big blog about that one as soon as I dry my tears.  In the meantime - here is a slice of Sista Chat from last week.   


Sista just called me from the car.  She was driving home from her photoshoot in NYC for her book.  I know, I never told you she wrote a book - I must have been jealous forgotten .  Don't get excited - no "Shades of Sista."  It is a book on Sales and is scheduled to be released in January. I'm sure I will be mentioning this a LOT more over the next 6 months.

Anywho, she called from the car saying how pleased she was with her photographer and her photoshoot.

Sista:  You cannot believe how great my photo session went....
Me: Oh that's great.

Sista:  The photographer was so nice and very complimentary! 
Me: Oh that's great.
Sista:  Jay was wonderful - he loved all the outfits and jewelry I brought.
Me: Jay the photographer?
Sista: Ah no.... my make up artist!
Me:  Really?
Sista:  AND he gave me great "inside" tips.
Me: OK, I'm ready....let's hear 'em.

Sista:  Ok,  in order to look 20 years younger you take this white cream made by L'oreal or maybe Revlon and you put it by your pupil in the corner of the eye.

Me: Great!  I'm writing this down -- what's the name of it?

Sista:  Ahhh.. I forget - just look for the white cream made by L'Oreal or Maybelline.

Me: I thought it was Revlon?
Sista: Who cares??? You are so picky!! Anyway, he told me the BEST way to contour your cheekbones that takes 15 years off your face...

Me: Great... I need it --- got my pen what is it?
Sista: ..Oh... You are going to be SHOCKED! It was....

Me: FINALLY...I've been trying to get through for half an hour!  So what will make me look 30 again?
Sista:  Huh?  Oh yeah, it was a brand sold in the drug stores and I think it begins with an "R."

Me:  Roc? 

Sista:  No - actually it began with a "C" or an "E" - but I can't tell you how great I look.... this product is LIFE CHANGING!


Sista:  Gotta run...my publisher's on the line....
 If my Sista looks 20 years younger the next time I see her, I'm going to be really really mad!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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