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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Last Day of Summer with my #2 College Girl

I gave #2 the opportunity to pick anything she wanted to do on her last full day home before leaving for college.  I knew what I wanted to do -- I wanted to cry my eyes out and beg her not to go, but instead I put on a brave face and made up my mind to go along with whatever she chose.

My #2 asked me if I remembered what she gave me for Mother's Day.  Of course, I did.  It was a homemade certificate for the two of us to go to our "paint your own pottery" place, "Walls of Clay" in our cute little town square in McKinney, TX.  It was late August and we still hadn't gone because I never shared with you that my #2 was sick this year.  I mean, really sick. The wounds are still raw right now but I will do a blog about it soon.  Just not now...

Anyway, we had one day left before leaving for Virginia and she wanted to paint pottery with her old Mom.  She told me she thought of this Mother's Day present because although my cupboard is brimming full of coffee cups, I always choose the same one.  Of course it is the one she painted  for me about about twelve years ago. For some reason, coffee and the mornings always start off that much sweeter when I drink from this cup.

Can you guess what cup?


So off we went, and stopped for lunch at the cutest place called  SNUG on the Square.  My #1 has been raving about this place all summer long.  Even the name of this place makes me smile.  It is owned by Sandra who takes the time to get to know every customer who walks in the door.

It is as cute from the outside as it is on the inside!

SNUG is a great place to grab a muffin and a latte for breakfast.

The sign says it all ... cozy.

Lunch was positively delish.  The adorable plates added to the colorful presentation. 
Sandra (left) and crew.
After our tummys were full we headed over to paint some pottery.

#2 working hard on my soon to be second favorite coffee cup at Walls of Clay. 
Next stop ... cutest little shoe shop in Texas...

and then off to...
 Our favorite jewelry and accessory store - Nan Lee. 
My Sista ordered one of these beautiful monogrammed necklaces for #2's graduation.  She loved it!
Nan Lee carries a beautiful assortment of charms and earrings.

Love all the beautiful colors and textures of the handbags she carries.  
 Nan Lee is on the right, her personality is as cute as she is.  I'm on the left and for some reason the camera lens did not work on my side... I am 30 lbs lighter and 20 years younger and by the way... jean skirts are coming back, I don't care what #1 and #2 say..
It's a week later, and I just picked up our finished works of art. When we painted our mugs we wouldn't let each other see the inscription that we wrote on them.  When I looked at the one that #2 made me, that old lump in my throat that I worked so hard to get rid of on my trip back from Virginia came back again.
The one on the left is the one my girl made... the awkward one on the right is my masterpiece.
I spent a wonderful day with my #2 and it is a day I will always remember and always cherish in my heart. 
Note to #1:  If you are reading this... I love you and have great days with you too...next time I'll bring my camera and blog about it...
Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. What a great way to spend the day with your beautiful daughter! Those mugs are fabulous and will always be filled to the brim with sweet memories :)


  2. SOunds like such a nice day with your daughter!!!! Kate LOVES art so I think she and I will have to go do this one day too (the pottery:)


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