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Monday, April 3, 2023

Prime Time

I hope that you all had an enjoyable weekend.  Ours was a busy one.  Saturday, we caught up on some errands and had a delicious lunch. 

That evening, we attended a wedding shower which was so much fun.  Our neighbors were the hosts.  The stunning bride is the daughter of a dear friend of mine.  

Here I am, ready to take my Tuckernuck tog out for its inaugural run.  Meanwhile, my favorite photo bomber is giving a sly smile.

Saturday, we met the girls and AJ for lunch at Hudson House.  As I have mentioned before, I love their chips and avocado dip.  The girls complimented me on my new jacket.  I was thrilled - I think the last compliment I received from them was in 2005.

Seconds after this was taken, we fought for the last bite of the chocolate pie.

No worries, we parted as friends.

As you know, every first Monday of the month, a group of bloggers gathers at Tanya's blog to report on their latest Amazon purchases.

We just had new cushions made for our patio furniture.  I am planning to give you the deets at a later date.  I am testing out some different pillows.  These haven't arrived yet.


I ordered this because Sista told me a famous beauty blogger compared it to Charlotte Tilbury.
The results?
You'll have to tune in for the blog post.

The wedding shower theme was bar items.  I was delighted when I found this wrapping paper.  It didn't work out, though, because it is sold in sheets and needed to be larger for our gift.

These brushes are a great bang for the buck.

I bought this for my good buddy, Annie.

I chose one of my favorite thrillers for a hostess gift.

 The Mister said these makes his yahd wohk sooo much easier!
(Boston speak)

We needed a new hose, according to the Mister.
This is the same one we had. 

 He just added this to what I call why do we need another one? collection.

 I bought these for myself because when I use the Mister's he makes me return them where I found them.


 The Mister purchased this in black when it comes in a variety of colors.
Try thinking outside the box, Mister!



 Our daily nutritional snack for happy hour.



 We have tried EVERY collar made for Miss Millie, and this by far is the absolute BEST!



 Millie & Chowdah's happy hour treats.



  Millie's newest toy, video to follow.

This hasn't arrived yet.  

I don't know who likes the dog toys more - the pups of the Mister.



Previously, we were using Stevia.  

Then we found out it was killing us, so we switched to this.



Another new toy. 

#1 loves hers, so he had to get one.


  He loves this for his grill to add a little smoky flavor.




Recently, a friend asked me what our chef's favorite food is.  

The answer has stayed the same for 33 years.



 His newest grill contraption.

It looks like a calorie factory to me.

 These are great; they have LED lights built in.
 I use them to find Millie's toys under the couch!
The Mister gets mad - evidently, there is another use for them.


 This is another of the Mister's must-haves.

After perusing this list,  I think that the Mister has entirely too much time on his hands.

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  1. Oh, my, didn't know Stevia was killing me. I MUST check that out quick! And, I eat Skinny Pop every night of my life, hope it's not killing me too. Happy Easter week!!

  2. Thank you for sharing your Amazon purchases. Heading to Tanya’s now.
    m in hi

  3. Hi Katie, The only Stevia that's problematic is the Stevia mixed with Erythritol. It's just an additive mixed with Stevia. There are loads of brands that use others such as Maltodextrin. that's fine and it won't kill you. Another example of the press going crazy and not researching the facts. Have a wonderful week.

    1. some monk fruit have Erythritol as well.

  4. Good to know about Stevia, and the clarification from Debra too. I'm interested in trying that foundation!

  5. I just bought (and read) Hello, Beautiful this past week and really enjoyed it; I hope your friend does too.

  6. We switched to monk fruit, too, but mostly because of the taste.


  8. That top looks great on you!

  9. Hey Katie, can’t stop laughing about your use for the grill tools, made my morning ❣️. Cheryl

  10. Omg Katie, that new shirt looks fabulous on you! So pretty. You look younger every day!!

  11. Such a beautiful family you have!!!! I'm loving all your picks and that wallpaper is gorgeous, can't wait to see what you do with it!

  12. I love that foundation - hope you do too! Thanks for the entertainment, such a joy to read!

  13. The foundation looks great. I love a nice dewy foundation.

  14. Ok I need those blue and orange pillows for my deck- obsessed- thanks for sharing! I am scared of the stevia post- please tell us why it is killing us- we use it at home!

  15. I always enjoy your lists as much for your humor as for the excellent recommendations! Have a wonderful week.
    Karen B.

  16. Hmmm, you're scaring those of us who use Stevia! I'm going to try Monk fruit. But I'm wondering where you got your information that Stevia is killing "us." Quite a statement!

  17. You look fab as always in these photos as does your family! I'm also drooling over your jacket and your top pictured in the beginning of your post. When one of my daughters gives me a fashion compliment ~ WOAH ~ I feel like I just won the Miss America contest!
    Happy Easter Katie! KTG

  18. I’ve been scouring TxTanya’s April Amazon share to learn who recommended Th1rte3n. The audible version was compelling! I finished a dreary spring clean task sooner than expected while listening. Thank you!


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