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Friday, May 20, 2022

The Friday Files

Hello, dear friends.  Happy Friday!  I hope that you had a good week.  The highlight for me was my upholstery for my office arrived.  There are still a few things that I am waiting on, so the official unveiling will be in September.  I am also working on our master bedroom, which hopefully will be done by that time, as well.

My #2 stopped by early this morning to pick up Chowdah.  I could tell that he was looking forward to some peace and quiet after dealing with crazy Millie all week.  It won't last long, though, because #2 will be back in Beantown next week.

This is my last Friday Files until September.  I am going to begin my Summer hiatus next Friday.  The Mister is officially retiring in a few weeks.  I will need the entire summer to train him.

Before we begin, my buddy, Patti of the wonderful blog Pandora's Box wrote me a note about not losing your place when you go to links.

BUT - did you know that you can send your readers to your links and make it easy to not lose their space on your blog?  Every time I wander off on a link I never return to the same spot I left.  So I am sharing this with you in case you never knew about it….it opens up your link on a separate window and then you never lose your spot when you close out and go back:    This can also hold a readers spot on your link page to visit after reading your whole post - they can just go back to that new window!

Just check off the box each time you insert a link!!

Thanks for the tip, Patti!

This gorgeous Chicago townhouse has an interesting story behind it.

Here is a gorgeous home that can be found on Chicago's North Shore. 

To see more of this stunning North Carolina home and to read about its inspiration click here.

Anyone in the market for a castle in Scotland?

It's a good deal.  For a castle, that is.

Let's begin with some refreshing cocktail recipes.

Is there a kitchen renovation in your future?
Here is plenty of kitchen island inspiration.

Do you like weddings?
This one will knock your royal sock off!

How would you like to learn how to make this magnificent arrangement?
The instructions are only a click away.

Do you like to travel?
Have you ever thought of visiting New Zealand?
Here are eleven of the best things you can do there. 

Several years ago, Sista and I went on an Elin Hilderbrand weekend held at the beautiful Nantucket Hotel &Resort.  It was so much fun and we met the loveliest people along the way.  Elin was the host of the weekend and took us all around the island and showed us all the hotspots that she mentions in her books.  You can read about our weekend here and here.

Anyway, I am presently reading her new book, The Hotel Nantucket which is based on the hotel that Sista and I stayed at.  It will be out in June and I am really enjoying it.  

Elvis isn't the only film that you should be looking out for this year.
There are these, too.

For all of you Crawdads fans out there.

If you are looking for me this weekend, you will find me right here.

Until next time...

How cute are these napkins?
30% off!

Plates too!


Table and storage bin

Rugs too!

Solar lighting



Last day of 25% off sale.

Sunbrella replacement cushions

Sunbrella replacement chaise cushions in lots of colors

Sunbrella indoor/outdoor throw pillows in lots of colors 

For all you bakers out there!

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  1. You are a hoot! But you didn't click the boxes. ---haha
    I have to pick up Elin's new book- I haven't missed one yet!

  2. Have an awesome summer, my friend! Good luck with the newly retired spouse. It's an adventure (big wink).

  3. Katie....There will be a new sheriff in town soon!

    1. You got that right, Mister and her name begins with KATIE!

  4. Have a wonderful summer! Loved the home tour!

  5. Great post as always. Have a wonderful summer. Before you take your break, any chance you could help me find a pretty but not too much $$ tablecloth for our umbrella table on the deck. I love the Provence inspired ones but over my price range. Have seen some others (they have a hole/zipper to accommodate the umbrella) but just not very nice. You seem to find the best items be it home decorating, clothing and food. Thanks in advance.

  6. Have a wonderful summer! I don't know how I will get along without your fun posts! You are a pleasure to read! I am sure retirement will be an adjustment but also a new adventure! I know you enjoy traveling so I can't wait for the guilty pleasure of seeing where all you go!

  7. Aw. heck. I always miss you when you take the summer off but look forward to when you come back!! Don't forget us!! Anxious to hear how the retired hubby training goes!! xo

  8. I hope you have a great summer!

  9. Enjoy training the Mister!! Always miss your upbeat and charming posts over the summer! Thank goodness for Instagram!
    Saw Downton: A New Era today. It is wonderful! Just take your hankie, you will need it! Candace

  10. Great post Katie. You always do such a great job. The castle reminded me when a group of us (8 couples) rented a castle in Tuscany. Wonderful memories. I adore all of the fun summer dresses you posted, but guess it’s too late to get my arms in shape. Have a great summer, come back to us, and try to stay cool….Janey

  11. Hi Katie! I forgot about your summer hiatus! Nooo! Cannot wait for the office and bedroom reveals! We have snow here! Yes It is May 21st! Are you watching Candy?

  12. Katie, my husband semi-retired this past December. It will take more than a summer to train your Mister. So many wonderful links to explore…Enjoy your summer!

  13. What a great post, Katie. I'm in the South Island, New Zealand so was delighted to read about the special UK wedding of one of our beautiful young women. The photos were amazing and the wine choices (NZ wines) spot on! I arrange family & corporate groups into NZ so the link to the NZ holiday ideas was so lovely. We're relieved that the hiatus is nearly over and we are slowly welcoming visitors back. Have a wonderful summer break and thank you for your blog. You are fabulous, your humour cracks me up and I always enjoy reading what you have to say. xx

  14. I will miss you this summer but understand you will have your hands full - ha!! Happy retirement to the mister!

  15. Oh, Preppy Empty Nester ... I hate this time of year. Hiatus time, that is. You will be sorely missed. Congrats to the Mister on his second retirement. Wishing you the best summer and looking forward to September's room reveals. xo

    1. Anonymous aka Juliet who apparently can no longer comment via Google account or URL anymore. ;-(

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  17. Can’t wait for the office reveal pics! Lori


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