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Friday, May 6, 2022

Reading, Writing, & Listening

Hello, dear friends.  I hope this post finds you well.  We've had a lot of rain here in North Texas.  Our hydrangeas look like they are enjoying it, though.

I had a busy week.  My neighbor took me out to lunch to celebrate my birthday.  We went to Pei Wei, which I hadn't been to in ten years.  I love their Asian Chopped Chicken salad, and it was just as good as I remembered it.

I also met my new buddy, Maureen for a fun lunch.  She is the author of  The Life Flip and a riot to hang out with. After lunch, I had an appointment to have my roots done.

I can't believe they have a picture of me on their walls!

My # 2 picked up Chowdah last night.
Look how high Millie can jump!!  

Someone was very sad when Chowdah left.
But there is good news on the horizon!

The New Yorkers are popping in for the weekend!

This is another one of Anne Tyler's character-driven books centering around the Garrett family.  Anne Tyler has a way of roping the reader in with a warm grip.  You can't help cozying up to every character, warts and all. 

Let's just put it this way... 15 pages into this book, I downloaded three of the most recent Lisa Scottoline books.  This story was a rollercoaster ride.   I couldn't put it down.

This book was written with the blood, sweat, and tears of a mother who tirelessly fought the challenges of the medical world and education system in search of the best care for her beloved son, Jonathon. 
I am proud to call her my friend.


This was my first Riley Sager novel.  It kept me guessing throughout the pages.  I took a half-star off because the ending went off the rails.

This is such a fun novel about and father and daughter who go on a cruise together that was originally booked for the father and his late wife.  

This is a solid thriller revolving around two women and a baby.  

This murder mystery was packed with lots of twists and turns, and I enjoyed every one of them. 

I don't know how I missed reading this wonderful story about another Irish family in Boston.  It was released in 2007 but is still relevant.

I am halfway through this delightful novel centering around another  Irish family who owns a restaurant in Oak Park, IL.

We finished Ozark.
Although it was dark, it was very entertaining.

Stellar acting and great script; the perfect combo for must-see TV!

This was written and stars Amy Schumer.
If you are a fan of Schumer's, you will love it.
If not, you probably won't change your mind.

A fast-moving, engrossing story with beautiful people.
How can you not watch?

This show just keeps getting better and better.
I hope it never goes off the air.

The Flight Attendant is a light-hearted romp with a girl who has her head in the clouds.

I equate watching Julia to eating an endless hot fudge sundae.
It is sweet, rich, and oh so yummy.

Our friend Larry recommended this documentary to us.
If the story was written as fiction, no one would ever believe it.
This is not to be missed if you are a fan of 20/20 and Dateline like me.

My Sista kept hounding me to watch this movie. Now I get it.

It goes into my Top 5 list of all-time.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Until next time...


Lots of furniture and rugs on sale!

I ordered a mirror from Serena and Lilly in March.
They kept delaying delivery, so I canceled that one and ordered this one.  It's expected within a couple of days.

I ordered this for a June party.
It's back-ordered but should arrive in time.

I have this one in the guest room and love it.

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  1. As usual, I added several books to my TBR. So nice that you had so many 5 star reads this time around. I'm putting Coda at the top of my watch list. Thanks - have a wonderful visit with your daughter!

  2. I loved Anatomy Of A Scandal. I haven't started watching the final season of Ozark yet. Happy belated birthday and Happy Mother's Day. xo Laura

  3. I loved Coda, and I continue to love Call the Midwife. If Midwife ever ends I will surely go into mourning. Have a great Mother's Day weekend!

  4. We are loving Julia and The Flight Attendant! Those books all sound fantastic.

  5. I thought Bad Vegan was about veganism, not a scandal. Definitely adding to my to-watch list! Have you watched The Thing About Pam? That's another scandalous, true-crime mini-series that I watched recently and really enjoyed (there's a Dateline about that one too)!

  6. Loved Lisa Scottolines new book too. Been a fan since the begining. Happy B Day and Mothers Day.

  7. I have the first blue and white rug in my living room. I love it.


  8. Katie, thanks for all the great recommendations! Sounds like you will have a wonderful Mother's Day with the kids all there!! Have fun!! xo

  9. Hi Katie, Have a wonderful time with NYC daughter and Adorable J. Just finished Ozark. Did you watch the 30 minute recap? Enjoying the flight attendant. And you know she is dating wendy's brother (ben) from Ozarks in real life. Just bought the audible to the book the what happened to... book.

  10. I loved Coda because I grew up on Boston’s North Shore…and they even featured my old high school. And…I had a close friend who was a CODA..we used to want to have sleepovers at her house! Thanks for the book lists.

  11. Watched The Bird Catcher on Amazon Prime and loved it. I believe you would too. It is a moving story about a young Jewish girl who is forced to hide on a German occupied farm in Norway.

  12. So many GREAT recommendations here!! Idk if I have enough time in May to get to them all???
    Have a great weekend with your New Yorkers:)

  13. I Love CODA! My daughter’s high school prom date was an extra in CODA! He’s the tallest kid in the school choir and sang “Happy Birthday.” I wanted to watch it again when we flew to visit the daughter in England (her semester abroad). Crying (trying to cry quietly) on an overnight flight, with a mask on, is very difficult. I was a mess.

  14. Love all the suggestions! Could you tell me where your sisal rug in your great room is from?


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