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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Hostess with the Mostess Gifts


Hello, dear friends.  How was your weekend?  We had a good one.  Friday night, we met some friends at our village wine bar.  Saturday, we caught up on some errands and enjoyed a lovely lunch at one of my favorite spots, Brio.  Sunday, was Holy Sheet Day! so I caught up on laundry and all my Bravo shows.

The dynamic duo is back together in all their glory.  My #2 accepted an assignment in Boston, so we will see a lot more of Chowdah.  Millie couldn't be happier; Chowdah not so much.

We are coming into the season of entertaining and socializing.  If you have been invited to spend the weekend or attend a summer party, and you can't think of a hostess gift, this post is for you.

I have the hand soap and lotion duo in a couple of our bathrooms.  They make a good presentation, and they all smell delish.

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you are familiar with my old trick.  
I like to wrap a pretty dish towel around a bottle of wine.
Two gifts in one!

If you have the time, a personalized gift is a thoughtful one.

A set of cotton napkins is also a nice gift.
I have these in red and navy.

These disposable placemats make a great gift, especially during the summer.
There are plenty of ways to customize, as well.

On Sale!

When we are asked to bring a dish, I always gift the platter.
That way, the Mister doesn't have to make the walk of shame with a half-eaten appetizer.  It also makes it easier to make an Irish exit.

Great deal on two of these.

I am always on the lookout for platters with handles.
They are much easier to maneuver when walking into a party.

When the Mister is unavailable, I have brought one of these trays and filled it up with nuts and sweets.  

Fill this cute little cloche with your famous kitchen sink cookies.
You'll be the first on the invite list for the next party.

If the host has included children, fill one of these with candy, sit back, and watch the kids go bonkers.

The easiest way to the host's heart is through their cherished furbaby.
If you're coming to my house, forget the treats.
Just fill it with Prozac.

This little number keeps the wine chilled for six hours!
I've never seen a bottle of wine last that long, but whatever.

If you need your wine chilled in a hurry, these wands are the answer to your prayers.
They are sold in pairs and make a great gift. 


An ice bucket is always a nice gift.
Love this one!

On sale!

The Mister and I have these and love them!

If you aren't traveling far, fill the pitcher with fresh flowers.

An ice tea brewer is also a nice gift in the summertime. 

Or maybe the hosts prefer iced coffee.

Clever idea.

These are pretty and a great deal.

For the hostess with a green thumb.

On sale!
Fill the frame with a picture of you and watch the host squirm when he opens it.

Present a pretty plant in an even prettier pot.

Last, but not least, instead of being the entertainment, why not bring it!

Until next time...

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  1. These are all such great hostess ideas. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of dog duo photos! :)

  2. Katie,
    I always get great ideas from your blog! I am already dreading your annual summer hiatus! Kim

  3. Katie, these are wonderful ideas. Looking forward to seeing your office and the rest of your home or neighborhood strolls. Perhaps you can grace us readers with a monthly post during the Summer months about what you’re watching or priming?? Love all that you share with us. A big fan!

  4. You get back down south and both those girls move north. Don't they understand that is not how it works? Pooh. I will happy to see Chowdah again and I know the two of them will keep things hopping.

  5. Thanks Katie, lots of very cute ideas!!

  6. More fun things to explore! Thanks for the links, Katie!! Have fun with the pups! xo

  7. Cute and useful ideas! But what is an "Irish exit" ??

  8. These are great gift ideas. More than a few of them might end up as gifts for me. Haha.
    Karen B.

  9. Love the tea towel around the bottle idea. I might try that in future. Some really nice ideas here I wouldn't mind myself!

  10. The gingham, the trays, the pitchers, the napkins, the candles…the LOVE

  11. Katie, I am not sure why or where my comments go. Hopefully you will not have 5. In any case, so happy to see these two back together. Good luck to No. 2. Maybe sometime soon everyone will be back in TX. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of these gift ideas. The candles, trays, hand soap. I would love to give or to receive them all. Thank you for sharing.
    Pinecones and Acorns


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