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Friday, January 21, 2022

The Friday Files

Hello, dear friends.  I hope you had a good week.  
All is well around here.  
We've been dealing with freezing temps but no snow.

Our girl, Millie, has quite the green paw.  She has been helping us by pulling out all the dead flowers in our little garden.  She then likes to bring them into the house to show me what a good job she's been doing.  She is off to camp today to work off some of her youthful exuberance.

Has anyone read this?  
I started it yesterday, and I'm really enjoying it. 

These gorgeous images of designer Philip Mitchell's breathtaking seaside cottage.  More of its beauty can be found here.

Don't miss the rest of this Atlanta historic home which went through a recent renovation by two talented designers.

I could use that ladder in my kitchen.

I have plenty of cabinet space but I can only reach ten percent of it.

Do you relish old homes?

Are you looking for a deal?  

How would you like to own a mansion in New York for under a million?

Last but not least, any questions? 

You can find the answer right here.

Are you looking to take your cooking up a notch?

Here are 75 simple and cheap ways to do it.

Need to spice up your weekly menu?
Here are some healthy Mediterranean recipes that will do the trick.

Here is a list of all the essentials you need to have in your pantry.

Have you had bacon jam?

I haven't tried it yet,  but it sounds right up my alley.

Now you know what the Mister will be doing this weekend.

Need some bedroom inspiration?
You can find plenty here.

Does this lovely lady look familiar?

I have had had a copy on my coffee table for years.
It also makes a great hostess gift.

Read about her life now and her newfound hobby.

Are you storing your photos in the right place?
Find out here.

A preppy buddy of mine sent me a note that Jack Rogers released their exclusive dog collection.  I don't think that I can live without these.

Here is a list of the most anticipated TV shows of 2022.

The above photos represent the ones that I am the most excited about.

Do these items look familiar?

You would get a kick out of this article if you answered yes.

If you answered no, you are too young to read my blog.

Do you have a Gen Z-er in the family?

Here's a guide that will help you understand each other. 

Until next time...

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  1. Millie girl, lol I am always up for house tours. The recipes look delicious. How cute are those doggie sandals? Happy weekend.

  2. I remember loving Frances Schultz’s column in House Beautiful about Bee Cottage. So interesting reading about her new life in California! I also was fascinated with the bedroom picture of the gorgeous canopy attached to two ceiling beams… very clever!
    Love your posts!

  3. This was a great post, as always! I read that article about things you don't have in your house anymore and remembered pretty much all of them. Is it bad that I still use that same kind of peeler? Enjoy your weekend! -Jenn

  4. Yes to bacon jam!!! Anything that has bacon jam on a menu is what I will order and haven't gone wrong yet. Those sandals are adorable - think I might need them as well.

  5. I just got The Maid on audio and can't wait to start it. Have a good weekend and stay warm.

  6. From my perspective this has been your best Friday post ever! I loved the cooking tips most of all, and have updated my slang. Gotta keep up! Have a great weekend xxoo

  7. Your Millie is four-star adorable and thanks for the cooking tips. Can't wait to see the Scandal!

  8. LOL! Good thing I recognize those items then.

  9. Oh, how I love these Friday files! I just brushed up on the Gen Z slang. What's funny is when I use one of those terms and then have to have class for Mr. P. And those familiar items from the house 30 yrs ago? I jus them to the antique mall booths now, lol. Gonna go check out the houses next. Have a great weekend.

  10. Love bacon jam. Try Terrapin Farms Hot Pepper Bacon Jam. I make a grilled pimento cheese and ham sandwich with the bacon jam. So delicious.

  11. I've been hearing and seeing a lot about The Naid lately. Looking forward to finding out what you thought about it.

  12. I still have a clock radio just like that one !!!!! AND I've already ordered the poodle sandles! AND just started reading The Maid...theyre making it into a movie too!!

  13. Bacon jam sounds so good! I must look for it. Beautiful homes and yes to old mansions (or chateaus!) You always find the most beautiful homes to share! Happy weekend, Katie! xo

  14. Always full of fun stuff on Fridays! Bacon Jam is wonderful, here's a link for my recipe: https://thepaintedapron.com/2015/06/14/secret-recipe-club-maple-bourbon-bacon-jam-crostini-with-pimento-cheese-and-praline-pecans/ I have a crock pot like the one you showed that is over 30 years old and still works like a charm! Have a great weekend Katie!

  15. Millie is just too cute! Shared the pantry staples on my FB page!
    That list of shows and please make the K family stop. I mean why don't they start a show with middle age empty nesters who will provide endless commercials for Progressive. It's chilly here too! Of course, Chloe and Elliott are outside lounging in the snow #berners

  16. I keep going back to all those toilets...why would anyone want that many in one room!

  17. I think that's the exact clock radio I used to own!... Millie is so adorable - love that innocent look! Great bunch of inspiration! Enjoy your weekend!

    Just started using EUCERIN last two days and what a difference!!!

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