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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Prime Time


Hello, dear friends.  Happy New Year!  I hope you are well and had an enjoyable time over the holidays.  We took a little getaway to Mexico.  Not to worry, I took lots of pics which I can't wait to bore you with share with you.  We all came out at the end healthy, which was my Christmas wish.

Over the weekend, our #2 and her beau came for lunch.  At the last minute, #2 had to back out of going to Mexico with us, which is a long story.  I will share details with you at a later date.  Nothing happens in this family without a dash of drama.  

Anywho, the Mister's appetizers were inspired by the fabulous food that we devoured in Mexico.  He told our #2 that since she couldn't go to Mexico, he would bring a taste of it to her. 

Every evening, our hotel served cucumber with Tajin with our cocktails.  
Btw... I picked up that cute little blue and white number at the market in Mexico.  They had so many beautiful pottery pieces that were dirt cheap.

The Mister also served Burrata with 24-hour Tomatoes 
on Smoked Almond Habanero and Roasted Red Pepper Molcajete, and topped off with Cilantro Oil and Pepitas.

And lastly, tuna and salmon ceviche with avocado salsa.
Grilled Avacado, Radish, Cucumber, Cilantro, Pickled Onions, and Chili Oil.

The entree included Sous Vide Filet Mignon topped with torched Danish Blue.  It was served with Ancho Pumpkin and Marscapone Puree and Arugula Salad, Blistered Cherry Tomatoes, and Pistachio Oil.

The Mister's scrumptious meal was topped off with Peach Hand Pies with Whipped Cream Quenelle, Cashew Ice Cream, and Butter Caramel.

The garnish consisted of an Almond Crush Pocky.

And now it's time to hop back on the Weight Watchers train.

As you well know, it is the first Tuesday of the month, and that means Tanya over at The Other Side of the Road is hosting her Prime Purchases link party.  If you are a first-timer, it is where bloggers share their monthly purchases from Amazon. I have found some great stuff through other bloggers.

Today, I share my buys as well as the Mister's.  When my #2 told me that she was on a reorganization kick and ordered some great items, I asked her to send me the links.

One of my resolutions is to lift weights and do crunches every day.
I hate to brag, but I'm killing it.
It's January 4th, and I've only skipped three days.

My beloved Bose glasses gave out after three years.  I ordered another pair, but they changed the design and were way too big for my head.  The Mister did some research and recommended these to me.  They are pricier, but they come with a built-in camera, and I opted for the progressive lenses.  The sound quality is as good as Bose.
So far, I am very pleased.

My monthly arsenal of puppy bribes.

The worst part of my walks with Millie is putting on her harness.  She thinks it's tickle-time and fights me every step of the way.  By the time I get the darn thing on, I am soaked in sweat, and I am panting like I just ran a marathon.  I saw an ad for this harness, and it has made such a difference.  It's a two-step process and also has three side rings for leash attachment.
It's a Christmas miracle.

Now I feel like I'm in complete control.

Jenna Bush talked about this reasonably-priced face oil. Typically, I have combination skin.  But lately, I have noticed that it is a lot dryer.  I use very little of this on my dry spots, and it does the trick.  An added benefit is that it fades scars.

I also ordered this, which hasn't arrived yet.
I'll keep you posted.

The weather has been very mild until the past couple of days.
I ordered a couple of lightweight sweaters, and this was one of them.
Sidenote:  I haven't been able to tuck my sweater into my jeans in forty years. 

These definitely cut down on my hair-drying time.

A popular beauty Instagrammer recommended this dermaplane tool, and it works so much better than the ones you use by hand. 

I also tried this motorized makeup brush which also worked well.

My #2 inspired me to reorganize my drawers.

December was the best month for getting deals on Kindle and Audible books.

Katie's weakness is cosmetics; mine is chargers. 

I needed a table to put my suitcase on for packing.
This worked out perfectly.

Yup, I got one of these too.
Katie has not stopped making fun of me.
I think she's just jealous.

Katie is in charge of feeding Millie.
I'm in charge of spoiling her.

Another spoiler.
I better watch out.
Katie's beginning to get jealous.

That's why I'm her favorite.

We had to stack up before traveling. 

These stackable wine racks are great.
Looks like I need to replenish our stock of vino.
That's what the holidays will do to you.

These faucet protectors arrived just in the nick of time.
We've had a couple of days of below-freezing temps.

These keep my ears warm on walks with Katie.

When I saw that I could use this for sous vide, I had to have one. 
Katie gave me one a few years ago, and I returned it because I thought it was just a fad. 
Just goes to show you how much I know.
Btw... Katie reminds me of that every time I use it.

Replenishing the supply.

I like to use these as a garnish.

I bought this for Katie because she likes to write her passwords on tiny pieces of paper, inside books, on menus, junk mail, her hand, and just about anywhere that she can never find them.
And then she blames me!
Update: she has yet to use it.

That's all for now, folks!

Until next time...

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  1. I have those drawer dividers. I got them at the Container Store. They work great. Now after 3 yrs they move around a bit but still do the job!

  2. I wish the bio oil was fragrance free because I would buy it by the gallon. Some great finds, Katie. Happy New Year. xo Laura

  3. So glad you had a great get away in Mexico. I love the pottery you picked up there. The concern I have was when you said it was so inexpensive. Does it say "Lead Free"? All pottery sold in Mexico is suppose to have a lead free glaze, but there is no control to any that is sold. It is estimated that over 50% of Mexican pottery sold there contains lead. Acidic foods can quickly pull lead from a glaze. I hope yours says Lead Free...it's so pretty.

    1. Great question. Yes, the particular booth had all lead-free pottery and it was written on the bottom of the pieces. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog, jjf.

  4. You always find the best memes to go with your posts! I can't wait to hear more about your trip!

  5. Hi Katie,

    Happy new year! Trip to Mexico sounds delightful. We ran off to 30A in Florida the first.
    week of Dec. weather was warm and we stayed right on the water.
    I use a table when I am packing too. Mine is oblong. So happy to hear that I am not the only one that doesn’t tuck my shirt! I am a Virgo so any organizing thing is a treat for me, good choices.One of the gifts I got was a labeling machine. I am having so much fun!
    Stay warm! Janey

  6. Great post. Thanks. I especially like your recommendations for books

  7. The Mister seems to have really kicked his cooking up a notch since moving to Tx! Incredible looking dishes. I can't wait to hear about Mexico and too bad that Daughter #2 couldn't come along. Love all your finds, as usual! Thanks so much for linking up and happy new year!

  8. Cant wait to hear and see more about your Mexico trip. Hoping you will also share the recipes from the delicious dishes your husband whipped up.

    1. Rosa... which ones are you interested in? He reads my comments.

    2. Me too! I’d love a few of the easier ones 😉. All of your picks are inspiring. Thanks Katie’s family!!

  9. The Joyride harness is the best - I got one for my Libby when I adopted her. Each time I take her to the groomer or the vet someone mentions how easy it was to put on her.
    Wishing you a very happy new year!!!

    1. It is THE BEST! We must have tried at least 8 different brands. Happy New Year, Maureen.

  10. Happy New Year, Katie. Wow, that food looks amazing! I certainly am looking forward to reading about your trip. In the meantime, I will be shopping Amazon…

  11. Well, good grief, saw 2-3 things that I'm feeling the need to get. Good to have you back from the holidays and I can't wait to hear about your trip. Blessings abundant!

  12. I will check out the Insta-Pot cookbooks you listed. My #2 gave me an Insta-Pot (apparently she didn't get the memo that, as an empty-nester, I stopped cooking).

  13. Does the Mister comes up with all his delectable creations himself?? Everything you post always looks better than most of the food I eat in nice restaurants (pre-pandemic).

  14. Hi Katie !!
    Blessings in the New Year !!Mexico!!??! wow I can;t even leave the neighborhood , hahah!
    Your hubby cooking is amazing , my hubby can't even get a scoop of Ice Cream, he said it tastes better when I get it for him !? You know I don't believe that one !!

  15. Oh my gosh, it took me forever to get past all that yummy looking food at the beginning! These are always fun and I have actually been thinking about an over-the-door organizer so am off to check out the one you posted. Happy new year! xo

  16. I knew YOU bought that blue and white in MEXICO before I read it!I ADORE MEXICO!
    Can't remember the last time I was there.........
    I bought a couple of your recommendations before XMAS and was VERY PLEASED!DOn't ask me what they were!!!!
    Lately the brain is going FAST!

  17. Happy New Year, Katie! Wonderful blog, chock full of good stuff as usual. I'm always so pleased to see you pop up in my email because I know you'll make me laugh at least once, usually more. Susan in AZ

  18. Oh wow, Millie is certainly growing big so fast! Love the blue and white pottery brought back from Mexico. The Mister's taste of Mexico looks delicious. I always love to try to prepare foods from different cultures after travels, looks like Mister nailed it! Thanks for sharing great ideas you've found at Amazon. Love your humor, cracks me up. Happy New Year!

  19. I just found Pocky recently. It's great stuff! I love so much about this post, the earmuffs; those faucet protectors look really easy to use; the drawer organizers... and that suitcase table! Such a great idea for a guest room.

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