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Friday, October 26, 2018

Star Gazing & TV Talk

Hello, dear friends.  I hope that you are enjoying your week. Today's post is all about my favorite hobby - watching television.  There are a lot of new shows and new seasons of old shows ripping up the airwaves. 
Boy, am I ever happy that we are done with the reruns.  Now if we could get rid of the plethora of political ads, life would be rosy.

Talk about dream jobs.  The above photo is of One Gun Ranch in Malibu.  Last weekend my #1 daughter and a few of her associates planned a dinner there for Fossil's new spokesperson, Mandy Moore, star of This Is Us.  It was attended by about twenty Influencers.  If you're wondering what an Influencer is, it is a fashion/decorating blogger/Instagrammer that have more than a zillion followers.

Note to self:  next gig in my next life.

Here are some pics that my girl sent me of her evening. 

My #1 said that the grounds were gorgeous and the table setting was magazine worthy.

My daughter asked Mandy's manager if Chrissy Metz was available to come as well.  Sure enough, she came!  My #1 said that Chrissy was very sweet.  She was a lot like her character, Kate. 

My girl said that Mandy Moore is not only drop-dead gorgeous but gracious, as well.  She stayed longer than expected and seemed to enjoy herself.  Mandy gave my girl a hug and told her that she is delighted to be representing Fossil and thanked her for the fabulous evening.

I'm not sure what biodynamic food is, but here is their cookbook.


We are watching the latest season of The Durells and loving every minute of it.
Stay tuned for my upcoming post on Corfu.

This is the final season for A Place To Call Home.  
I'm so sorry to see this one go. 

The only word for this show is painful.
Bring back The Chew.

Just when I was starting to get used to Megyn and her show, it's time to say bye-bye.  Obviously, she had a real problem with foot-in-the-mouth disease.

I think this season of RHOC is lame.
And not just because Shannon and Tamra featured boots for most of it.

I haven't watched a medical drama since I gave up on Grey's Anatomy in its third season.  I decided to give New Amsterdam a try.  Ryan Eggold, formally of Black List, lights up the screen with his stunning looks and charismatic delivery.  No pun intended.  
This is one of my two favorite new shows.

A Million Little Things is my second new favorite show.  Great characters and storylines.  It is being compared to The Big Chill, but I think that it's better.

One of the things about This Is Us that keeps me coming back for more is the fact that each episode delves into a character's history. The last one that I watched went back in time to show glimpses of Jack's childhood and relationship with his father.  If you haven't seen it, make sure you have tissues within reach.

I love Murphy.
I hate the laugh track.

I haven't had a chance to watch this one yet.
Has anyone seen it?
What's the verdict? 

What have you been watching these days?

Until next time...

Well - NYT

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  1. Just caught up on Real Housewives OC. My daughter and I just had a long discussion on how Tamra is the worst friend ever. I get that Shannon is exhausting, but when she read Eddie's text - how mean. New girls - meh. I'm down to the OC, BH and NY, but I'm not sure if I can stomach NY for much longer.

  2. What a cool event for your daughter!! The setting is beautiful and maybe we all need to learn what biodynamic means. I can't keep up!

    TV is less than exciting to me these days. I am over all the dramas. Yes, I'm not even watching This Is Us regularly this year. Hunting for something funny to watch.

  3. Back to the Chew for me too...ugh. And MK..What.A.Shame, lol. You know how I feel about that. But the best part of this post is #1’s gracious hostess skills with the lovely actresses! Such a cool experience! Happy Weekend!

  4. Had high hopes for the Romanoffs, since I’m a big Mad Men fan.
    Episode 1 had great storyline and treat to watch.
    Episode 2 not as great but just thought it was sophomore episode, so I tried Episode 3.
    Absolutely no storyline.
    Let me know if any of you watch Ep 4, I can’t make myself watch.

  5. I do not watch much tv any more....but I have heard both This is Us and A Million Little Things compared to thirtysomething, which is one of amy alll time favorites. I loved St Elsewhere and it reminded me so much of the hospital where I trained that I thought they must have secret cameras I was not aware of!! Big Bang and Young Sheldon are my new favs and I will admit to be a Making Of a DCC fan( Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders). The only housewife show I watch these days is the NYC crowd. It is a love hate relationship.lol

  6. Those pictures of Mandy are awesome!!! I love that show!!! Have a great weekend!

  7. I liked the first two episodes of the Romanoffs but I haven't watched the others yet. I am not feeling it for A Million Little Things --too derivative of This Is Us and about people I don't care about. The characters in New Amsterdam are well-formed. I want to know more about them.

  8. What a great job is right! And you get the inside scoop. I may have to try some of the shows you mentioned. I watch The Voice Monday and Tuesday, This is Us Tuesday after the Voice. Manifest is a new FABULOUS show that is on at 10 pm Monday night. I am in bed by then so I watch it on demand! Wednesday is Survivor (I am a huge fan) and that is it for the week. Nothing else interests me. Shark Tank once in awhile, The Carbonaro Effect is good too. Of course HGTV and the Food Network. Am I boring?! I never did get into any of the doctor or cop shows.

  9. Wow, quite the event! And, always enjoy your favorite TV shows as I'm not much of a TV buff but a couple of these stirred my interest. I gave up This Is Us last season and it just had way too much drama for me. :o)) Have yourself a great weekend!

    1. Oh dear I am so dull, I really hardly experiment at all in TV and I am super super critical. Love historical dramas mostly - have you seen Peaky Blinders?

  10. I just discovered The Durrells. I think I'm watching the final season, so now I want go back and watch the earlier episodes. I'm enjoying it very much! -Jenn

  11. This is Us, New Amsterdam and A Million Little Things are three of my favorites as well! They are SO good! We're also getting into Manifest. I watch that one carefully because it could really spiral into something bizarre but so far it's been really good. Your daughter's job sounds exciting and that location was stunning!

  12. The funniest show I have watched this Fall is the Cool Kids. Great to see actors that have not been on TV for sometime.

  13. We love the Durrells of Corfu and also A Place To Call Home. There are so many British shows that we love. We also watch Poldark and love it. I have never missed an episode of Grey's Anatomy. We enjoy New Amsterdam, The Resident, The Good Doctor, and all three Chicago shows... Med, PD, and Fire. TV addicts is what we are.

  14. Wow - Mandy Moore...what fun! I am glad to hear she is sweet in person. Don't you just love A Million Little Things? I also started watching Manifest. Pretty interesting concept but I am afraid once the novelty wears off, I might lose interest...but so far so good. I am the only person on the planet who doesn't watch This is Us. I have never seen one episode but I know if I decide to binge watch it, I will be hooked and crying along with the rest of America....we'll see! Enjoy your weekend!

  15. The party looked like an amazing event. I saw some of #1's posts on IG. I'm in the dark about all of these shows. Believe it or not, we don't even turn our TV on. I'll watch the new season of Victoria, but that's it.

  16. What fun your #1 must be having! As for new TV, I can't really get into New Amsterdam but I'm trying (a little too slow). Started watching the Rookie (Nathan Fillion) and seem to like (for now). Really like the Resident (season 2) and the Good Dr still.
    Have a great weekend.

  17. RHOC's Vicky looks different each season. I wouldn't want to be on that show with (younger) Tamara setting the bar for looks.
    And wow Candace Bergen sure looks different from the movie she was in last summer.
    I was just getting used to Meghan Kelly's show too... bye.
    Poldark's new season just started - I enjoy it - but I have to listen very carefully to understand what they are saying (and that's a bit annoying).

  18. My daughter and family vacation a couple weeks in Maui every summer and love it. Son, DIL and two other couples will be escaping the Indiana winter for a week there late January, so I will tell them about the The Gun Ranch. My granddaughter assists an "Influencer" in Dallas and loves the work. I think that would be a great 2nd life for sure. We are into adventure and less drama so record all the NCIS shows, FBI, Seal Team, The Good Doctor and Bull. Also have a few Hallmark movies thrown in. But, This Is Us is our grown kids favorite show.

  19. I don't usually like medical drama's either Katie but I have been tempted by New Amsterdam. I have recorded a million little things but haven't gotten to it. Kudos to your cute daughter...you must be so proud!

  20. This Is Us is my favorite show. I never miss it!

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. I love the Durrells and my good friend just told me about a new series on Netflix called the Bodyguard. The British important person being guarded is the mom in the Durrells. (not sure of her real name or which "important" role she plays on the new series). The Mister likes Lethal Weapon, and I confess I like it too. Brandon is high on my list for the acting and comedy.
    I always enjoy your lists---books, movies and t.v. Your daughter looked like she could be one of the "Influencer" famous people! Karen

  23. I loved watching the Durrell's, have never seen an episode of real housewives though #inspirememonday@_karendennis

  24. Romanoff's is on my to-watch list. I'll have to give New Amsterdam and Million Little Things a try. So far I'm only watching This is Us, after finishing up Killing Eve. What an amazing opportunity for Daughter #1. If that is her career, maybe there will be more star sightings in her future (and yours by living vicariously!)

  25. OMG! How fun for daughter #1! I had to do a five step program a few years ago of the real housewivees. I am down to RHOC. I don't need to see Tamra's boobs again. I get a little creeped out thinking the crew enjoys it more than the audience. I am obsessed with Jeff Lewis; it's been very slow this season.

    Leaving for Florence this week! Downloading Grace & Frankie for the flights.
    Love this post and reviews. xo laura

  26. PS I will feature this post next monday. Planning ahead. laura


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