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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Alfred Hitchcock Presents/Saturday 9

Hello, dear friends.  I am reporting to you smack dab in the middle of our first Nor'easter of the season. 

I have spent most of the morning coaxing our diva of a Maltipoo, Chili, outside to take care of business.  She does not like to get her hair wet.  Speaking of hair, her stylist canceled on us this week.  
Can you blame her? 

Her brother, Chowdah, on the other hand, loves rain because he is a huge fan of mud and could play in it for days.

My struggles are real, people.  Anyway, I had so much fun linking up last week with Sam and the Saturday 9 crowd that I decided to make an encore appearance.  If you are a blogger - join in.  If you are a wonderful reader, leave a comment with your answers.  I love reading them.  Have pity on me.  Have I mentioned the Nor'easter?

1.  The master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, was born in England.  Name another pop culture contribution England has made.

Bond, James Bond.
The Mister's Idol is the first thing that comes to mind.

2. This week's song is recognized as the theme to Hitchcock's long-running TV Show, but "Funeral March for a Marionette" is a classic piece written for piano in the late 1870s by Charles Gounod.  Do you often listen to classical music?

I don't listen to classical piano music.  Don't judge.  However, I am a fan of Jim Brickman's so you can usually hear plenty of piano throughout the house Brickman-style on my Sonos.  If you haven't heard of him, you can listen to a sample here.

3.  Janet Leigh's shower scene in Hitchcock's Psycho is considered one of the scariest sequences ever filmed.  What's the most frightening movie you've ever seen?

The Mister and I went to see Silence of the Lambs when we were dating.  I was scared, but not nearly as much as the Mister who spent most of the movie squeezing his eyes shut and practically sitting on my lap.  Definitely not 007 behavior. 

Needless to say, that was the first and last scary movie that we have seen as a couple.

4. Hitchcock admitted that he never trusted birds, and he took that fear and turned it into the movie, The Birds.  Is there a member of the animal kingdom that gives you "the creeps."

I've never warmed up to sloths.
Especially the one who goes to my nail salon and never shuts up.

5.   Halloween will soon be upon us.  Will you carve a jack o'lantern this year?


I will not carve a pumpkin for fear of being apprehended for pumpkin abuse.

6. What candy will trick or treaters get at your house?

I have a whole new game plan for this Halloween.  I usually don't buy my candy until minutes before the first Halloweener rings the bell.  That way, I escape the embarrassment of greeting the trick-or-treaters with chocolate smeared on my chin and the news that I inhaled all of our treats.  They are never happy with my very fair alternative - an expired can of soup or green beans.

No sirree... it's a whole new ball game.   This year I plan on purchasing bags of candy that I hate.
We'll see how that works.
Unfortunately, I am gifted with very adaptable taste buds so my hopes are not high.

7. When you went trick or treating, did you prefer fantasy costumes (like a storybook character) or scary ones (like a monster)?

I preferred TV Characters which is not a surprise to anyone who knows me.

When I was about 8 years old, I dressed up as my idol and style icon, Sr. Bertrille.

As an adult, I dressed as Martha Stewart leaving jail in a poncho and ankle monitor.

Easiest costume in the world.
Even Martha would be proud.

8.  Which candy was your favorite?  


It's a tie.

And this would be an appreciated bonus!

Which one were you disappointed to find in your trick or treat bag?

A box of "nature's candy" could throw me into tears for days.

9.  Which do you find scarier - cemeteries or haunted houses?

This contraption is a lot scarier.
Especially the day after Halloween.
Anybody know the calorie count on a box of Good & Plenty? 

Until next time...

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Feel free to contact me through comments and email. I love to hear from my readers!


  1. Poncho + ankle monitor = BRILLIANT!

    I loved reading about The Mister's reaction to Hannibal Lector.

  2. Oh Katie! Your answers are so funny. I love sloths by the way. Not human ones though.
    I loved Silence of the Lambs, I actually wanted to be a profiler for a while...CRAZY! That movie was never scary to me. However, now a days.. I do not watch that stuff! Loved yoru answers so much! Have a great weekend!


  3. I am still scarred by Silence of the Lambs. I truly wish I could undo seeing it!!!!! It was the VERY last time my husband talked me into a scary movie. He knows now to not even try.
    I am definitely going to try your idea of buying candy I hate this year. Genius Katie!
    I am not particularly fond of haunted houses. There was the one in my hometown when I was a teen. Off we go down the road to see it when out of the woods pops a man with a gun pointed at us. I guess a neighbor had enough of kids driving down the dirt road because it was supposed to be abandoned. I can tell you my friend's driving skills with a stick shift backing up no less should have qualified him for some kind of race car driving. Still seems like yesterday. AS for the days, that scale haunts me more.

  4. I just posted a very blurry Halloween costume a few years back of me and my mister.
    I could inhale Reese's everyday! Chocolate & peanut butter! Of course, Twix, Mounds Almond Joy. laura

  5. Not a fan of scary movies. The Birds is so scary... I don’t like birds. Also, The original Frankenstein, I saw it when I was around 10, and had a nightmare of being pulled into the lab. I was sleeping on a cot and woke up off the end of the cot! Both of these were in black and white...

  6. Your answers are priceless!

    I'll be getting the Nor'Easter tomorrow (I'm in Northern Maine). Blah! I'm not ready for winter weather!

  7. Katie, you need to come to my house...full size Reeses Cup bars will be given out here. I guess since we live in a Senior community we do not get a lot of trick or treaters but the ones that come will find it worth the while.

  8. Love your blog Katie!
    Love Hitchcock movies, don’t like the gory, slasher types though, pass. Hubby and I watched Hocus Pocas last night! That shows you my level of frieght movies!
    When we eere kids we went to the attic and found stuff to dress up with, could be a hobo, clown, little bow beep, whatever was there, fun !
    I too try to keep candy out of house until last minute. Not much luck this year, drat. Yes the scale is THE scariest thing hands down!

  9. No scary movies for me. I'm afraid I still have visions of all the Hitchcock shows we watched in my youth, not to mention, Pysco!!! No pumpkin carving here, unless the squirrels get to my porch decorations. As far Halloween treats, candy corn has been banned since the early stash has been depleated. Only Sadie's candy corn squeaky toy remains!

  10. I always buy the Smarties but I also eat them. At least they're not chocolate, I tell myself.

  11. This was so much fun!! I'll have the giggles for the rest of the night!

  12. Silence of the Lambs is the scariest movie I've ever seen also. My roommate & I saw it at a 10pm showing (when I could stay awake that late!) not really knowing what it was about. We were so scared, we slept with our bedroom doors open & the kitchen lights on for at least a week!

  13. Oh, you are funny! I love Brickman and Reese's too, and we also have the nun getup in common. I can remember one of my older sisters making my habit out of towels and ropes, lol. The Exorcist definitely scared me, but Silence of the Lambs did too. Anything Hitchcock did was scary, probably because it was black & white TV. Poor Chili....I think she's embarrassed because she needs her hair did. And no, no cut up pumpkins here. In fact, I'm turning the lights out at 7 (1 hr), and locking the gate. Then we're splitting the basket of candies between us.

  14. A lazy Sunday morning and another fun blog from you, although I have no idea what 'Saturday 9' means. Hitchcock's 'The Birds' followed quite closely on Daphne DuMaurier's short story 'The Birds'. He did magnificently with her novel 'Rebecca' also. I nominate 'The Babadook' for a terrifying film. Very, very scary. You have my sympathy on the snow.

  15. LOL- I always have such fun reading your answers! I do like a good, scary movie (as long as it is a mental type of thriller and not a blood bath! I have a full collection of Hitchcock's movies. He was a master, wasn't he? I also love Rod Serling's Twilight Zone.

    Have a Spooky Sunday- xo Diana

  16. Your pups crack me up. Mine are the same, one loves to flop in the puddle the other wont leave the house.

    I love Milk Duds! As for getting candy you hate, don't do it! You will be disappointed that you are left with and and an't give it away

    Have a great day KAtie.

  17. You sure nailed that scale thing!!! Wow!
    Your pups look a lot like mine- they are Chonzers (Bichon Schnauzer).
    Love your blog :)

  18. Great, entertaining answers! And, I would have said Silence of the Lambs as well. Gracious, had me reeling for days. I had the Gran girls Friday night and part of yesterday and just couldn't get around to participating this week. It's always such fun.

  19. I enjoyed your answers quite a bit! You know, I forgot all about James Bond!
    These questions are a lot of fun, something to blog about and certainly a great way to get to know other bloggers.
    Down here in NJ, the Nor'Easter was a bit of a dud though the wind was formidable.

  20. Katie, you are always good for morning laughs. I love classical music, actually I pretty much love all genres of music with the exception of rap. Jim Brickman can certainly tickle the ivories. We live so far out in the country we never have any littles for Halloween. At least, I am not tempted by left over candy! Have a great week!

  21. I love your pop culture question - that could elicit an essay type response or a really good debate on Britain vs American pop culture contributions - did pop music come from you, or us? Or both? Love it. Sports has to be us ;) Did you really dress as Martha Stewart in jail break mode?! Hilarious! I LOVE sloths by the way - I am jealous of their lifestyle.

  22. The movie that still scares me to this day was The Birds, Alfred Hitchcock was a master! I don't get many trick or treaters, we used to give toothbrushes {my husband the dentist} and that was popular with parents and calorie free! I did buy a little bag of Snickers, and taste tested them, you know for safety...

  23. Silence of the Lambs is probably one of the last scary movies I saw too. Loved them in my teens though! I can totally see you dressed up as Martha Stewart. And she does fabulous costumes every year too.


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