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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Our Weekend with Kate the Great

Hello, dear friends.  I hope that you enjoyed your weekend.  I sure did.  My old college buddy, Kate the Great joined us from the Windy City for a couple of days.  I have done a couple of posts on my friend which you can find here and here.

Chili held watch while Chowdah enjoyed every minute of Summer camp.

Everyone had their chores to take care of in preparation for the royal visit.  This photo shows the Mister preparing to water the window boxes on the second floor with his super-duper James Bond watering pole.

Nobody loves a gadget more than my Mister.  

I was put in charge of flowers

and snacks.

We picked Kate the Great up at the airport around two.  Before we knew it, it was cocktail hour and time for Kate to open her birthday gifts.  KTG was surprised to learn that she was the subject of an unauthorized biography.   

Appetizers included Naan with Shitake Mushrooms, pancetta, and peppadew peppers and...

...Naan with whipped lemon ricotta and cherry tomato salsa. 

The entree of the evening was oven roasted swordfish with lobstah gremolata and remoulade sauce over asparagus wrapped in serrano ham.

And raspberry pannacotta for dessert.

A good night had by all.

The next morning I was on breakfast duty and served fresh fruit, yogurt, and semihomemade muffins.
I had to take a nap after putting this over-the-top meal together.

We then made our annual stop at The Festival of the Arts.

The stunning historic homes were accessorized with patriotic trimmings as well as blooming gardens.  

Next stop was the beautiful Chatham Bars Inn for lunch.

You can't beat the view!

The food was absolutely delicious.
The Mister and KTG ordered fish and chips which took the classic dish to a whole new level.
The desserts weren't so bad either.

We lucked out with another picture-perfect day.

I had to drag Miss Daisy away!

That evening, the Mister prepared a yellow beet and peach salsa with Wisconsin blue cheese, local honey, and chives and tuna tartar with sesame oil, fresh parsley, and lemon and green onion.

They were accompanied by a Clooney staple - homemade Naan. 

And last but not least, lobster rolls on buttered brioche.
We couldn't let KTG go back to Chi-Town without experiencing a lobstah roll! 

Our Secret Service detail on duty.

One of the first things on my to-do list this morning is to call 

The second thing on my list is to call my old buddy, KTG and ask her when she's coming back.

Until next time...

Special thanks to all the brave men and women in the military as well as their families who have made the ultimate sacrifices for our country.
Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. I just love seeing what your "chef" has prepared :-)

  2. Looks like a fun weekend! It's always nice to catch up with old friends!
    Enjoy your week!

  3. I was reading and looking at all those beautiful dishes and I am really and truly going back to Weight Watchers tomorrow for my first meeting. But oh, Brioche Lobster Rolls! Just kill me now!
    Have a great day!

  4. How in the world could Kate leave, the food, the hospitality, the private security guys know how to make a gal feel welcome! xo

  5. Once again I will say, How do you stay so slim with all that yummy food Katie??? So glad you had fun with your can tell that you all love each other to bits. And who does the patriotic holidays better than New England? Happy Summer.

  6. I'll have one of those lobstah rolls for lunch, please! Glad you had a fun weekend. I'm craving a trip to the Cape!!!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I've booked Burt's flight. He arrives on the 31st for 8 weeks. Sorry, it's such a short stay with you but he's bringing his still so no worries about stocking up on the booze, Sis.

  9. I would do all of your chores for that beet and peach salsa. Kate the Great looks wonderful, you are the best hosts.

    Glad someone had good weather this weekend.


  10. Looks like a fun weekend with fab weather and food. I'm all about the food : ) Our weather was abysmal but I needed a quiet weekend here so was secretly kind of glad. Still gloomy today though and now I'm officially over it. Bring on the sun!!

  11. I am TOTALLY salivating! I want to be your best friend! Oh, I love it when I see people who really love being with each other together and having the most wonderful time! And you did -- delighted for you and so happy your shared it with us!

  12. What fun, and (oh my) what food!!

  13. I think the Mister needs to write a cookbook. No joke! His food looks divine! Sounds like a near perfect holiday weekend and such a cute security guard.

  14. Oh my goodness!
    What a perfectly wonderful visit you had with your friend!!!
    I so enjoyed sharing it with you.
    My bestie is going up tomorrow!

  15. Great weekend of great friends together, great food and fun. Oh, and I love the container plantings and textiles! ;)

  16. You and your Mister have to be the world’s warmest and most welcoming hosts!! What a beautiful visit you orchestrated for your special buddy, Kate the Great!! I’m sure she loved every second of her fun-filled, gourmet-fed, New England Memorial Day Weekend!. What wonderful and thoughtful friends you are- so glad you had such a beautiful weekend together! (Jenny)

  17. What a wonderful weekend with a good friend! When on the Cape, you can't beat a visit to Chatham Bars Inn.
    The Mister has does it again. He comes up with the most delectable combinations of ingredients and flavors for each dish.

  18. What a fun weekend and all the food looks so good. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  19. What a great visit! Looks fabulous and the food - to die for!! YUM!! So nice that your good friend could come and visit you all!

  20. your husband's cooking looks amazing!! So glad you had fun with your friend!

  21. Food looks delish - how fun to have an old friend visit!! Weather has finally been nice!

  22. So much fun, she looks like she's a mischief maker just like you!!

  23. I always chuckle when you’re describing the meals...I imagine your mr sitting right beside you telling you exactly what to write! Then laughing some more because then I imagine him just saying “gimme the computer and let me write it it out!” HAHAHAHAHAHA!
    And really???? Stop it with the awesome combos of food!!!! Does he just come up with his menus all by himself or does he have some secret cookbook that you haven’t told us about yet?? I would most definitely leave an awesome tip if I could partake in his cooking ventures....hell I’d just like to be soux chef for a day!!!

  24. Back to edit: should have been ‘sous’ chef!!

  25. Have you and the Mister ever considered writing a cookbook?


  27. Just last night I saw another friend of yours from Chicago! Your weekend with KTG looked spectacular! Beautiful weather, incredible food, and best of all, special time spent with your dear pal. You can't beat that!


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