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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Gifts for People With Issues

Hello, dear friends.  I hope that you are enjoying your week.  Yesterday, I spent a good part of the day with a very nice computer geek who came to my home to rescue and recover my photos that were lost in the "cloud."  Am I the only one who is totally perplexed by this "cloud" thing? 

Adrian kept trying to patiently explain to me the inner workings of a computer and continually used the analogy of a sports car.  I finally had to explain to him as sweetly as I possibly could that I don't care about cars or computers.  I just want stuff to work.

And then I wake up to this news.
Not that I hold a grudge or anything, but Ann Curry and I are not surprised.


Last week, my friend Shelley over at Calypso in the Country wrote a fabulous post on Gift Ideas for the Hypochondriac.  This sparked a brainstorm.  People with other issues deserve Christmas presents too.

When I told the girls about this post, my #2 suggested using the title Backhanded Gifts - kind of like compliments.  I decided to go with the original title because I am a control freak.  

I'm glad I don't have any issues.


For the person who is walking around with a cracked phone screen (ahem, #1), why not stick a protective cover in their stocking?

The Fire Stick is perfect for someone who needs to be entertained and the Alexa Voice Remote adds the perfect touch for the person in the family that likes to boss everyone around.

For the annoying guy in the office who always looks like a wrinkled mess, a magnetic iron cover.  Maybe he'll get the hint and invest in an iron.

If he didn't catch the hint, how about a portable clothes steamer.  Tell him that all the cool, neat-looking guys keep them in their desks.

For the devoted unorganized runner, who can't keep track of their water bottle, iPhone and earplugs this nifty little gadget covers all the bases. 

Is your sister-in-law a crab when she doesn't get enough sleep?  
Give her the Dodow and cross your fingers that it works.

And if that doesn't do the trick, give her a neck pillow so that she can catch up on her naps during holiday gatherings.

Any germaphobes in the family?
They will jump for joy when they unwrap this toilet sterilizer. 

For the person who hates scooping hard ice cream (me), a warm scooper. 


This set is for the guy or gal that thinks that they need more spice in their life. 

For that special Mom who needs to tame her hair as well as her harried nerves, this brush would be a must-have accessory in her designer purse.

Here's a set of lenses for that person who spends more time with their iPhone than they do with their family.


This small flattering light would be a big hit with the selfie-obsessed friend or family member.

This nutcracker would be ideal for the girlfriend who considers shopping her cardio for the day.

Any relatives that are professional stalkers?
This light-up beanie would definitely be a treasured accessory.  Runners and dog walkers would like it too.

For the anxious Mom who just hired her sixth nanny, a clock radio with a hidden camera will calm her nerves if she doesn't own one of those nifty hair brushes.

For the guy who is constantly reliving his high school days, a rearview mirror with a camera.  
Or for the guy or gal who backs into things a lot.  

For the tightly-wound Class Mom searching for the perfect theme sweater for the third-grade party. 

Just tell the kids to keep their hands off your ornaments. 

The Mister Any guy would be thrilled when he sees his new macho Christmas get up.

I've already bought my seasonal sweater.
Sexy model not included on this one.

Until next time...

Glamour Mutt
Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. What or who do you think reported Matt? Can't say that I am shocked by the news. Will be interesting to see what else comes out about him. Still miss Ann Curry.

  2. Karma...on Matt..I too was an Ann fan and that was horrific how they ousted her. But let's talk about this fun you found and served on a hilarious platter for us! I am still thinking about two friends that probably need the hairbrush flask! Man this was fun!

  3. You are now our official personal shopper. So much fun and I just had to click on a few of them. But cannot believe anyone would pay $50 for that tacky ornament sweater. You keep us entertained for sure and I thank you for it.

  4. I love my magnetic iron cover and steamer....make life a little easier!.. hope you wear that sweater on christmas morn...the gils will love it, so will HE!!!

  5. Thanks for the laughs. The presents got better and better as I scrolled down. And Matt? Who knew? I join with you and Ann Curry.

  6. I laughed out loud several times over your gift suggestions -- and then promptly clicked the links! Great and fun ideas, Katie; thanks!!

  7. Ha! Well I already have the neck pillow and it's great, for someone like me who falls asleep on a long trip and whose head bobs, giving me a neck ache. It's perfect! Since you read my blog today, you must think that I need that light gadget for getting to sleep. It's like a metronome?? If that's so, my mind would be thinking music to the rhythm of the light. And if I'm waiting for the light to put me to sleep, I'd be picking up my Kindle to read something!

    Iron? What's an iron???

    Love your pic at the end. Perfect! :-)

  8. Sis, trust you've bought out the store when it comes to that nifty brush! Imagine the possibilities! Next time we're at a boxing match, I mean conference, we simply reach into our bags (Fossil of course) and pull it out, then discretely pour the contents into our purple plastic cups! And I'm also excited about the stalker beanie! Did you order any for the Portwenn gang? Goes without saying that It's a natural for Bert but I'm thinking it might also do for PC Mylow ... Hmmm ...

  9. The neck pillow-scarf thingy is something I'd really use. All day.
    Oh . . . Matt!!!

  10. You totally crack me up! I am so happy I inspired you! I think we have the same sense of humor...but of course, you are funnier! Love the gift ideas! I don't understand the cloud either. I know I have it and my photos supposedly go somewhere but that's about as much as I understand...sad. And as far as Matt goes...I think I have psychic abilities because when I watched him in that Corey Feldman interview a few weeks ago I got a weird vibe. I don't know what it was but for some reason I wasn't surprised this morning when I heard the news. Thanks again for the mention and enjoy the rest of your week!
    Cheers! - Shelley

  11. I still don't understand that cloud thing either. I wonder if that Dodow thingy works? I could certainly use that along with the neck pillow/scarf! Enjoy the rest of your week :)

  12. Yea, that neck pillow looks like a must have for sure! And, I'm going to check out a few of the others. You are so entertaining and I love it! Happy everything!

  13. Loved these ideas and am going now to check out a few of them! Thanks!!

  14. Oh, Katie! Don't get me wrong, but I am now positive I have issues. I seriously love about half, or more than half, of your gift suggestions. The iron cover, Dowdo, neck thingie and water contraption for runners. Wow, you just made my Christmas list to give to my kids. But, then again, they know how weird I am.

    Thank you!!!

  15. Katie, the gifts for people with issues is hilarious! Thank you for making me laugh as always. I LOVE Chili and Chowdah. Just seeing their precious faces makes me so happy.

  16. Some great ideas Katie....and like you, I do not understand The Cloud!! Glad for people who do understand and are willing to fix things for us un techies.

  17. Absolutely love the gifts for people with issues..thankfully I, personally need none of these gifts, but I can think of a few people on my list. Have a great week.

  18. Oh my god, I just want to armchair shop with you. What a hoot. We'd need to add Depends to the list, I'm certain. Now, can I use your brush? lol

  19. Thankfully I will not need to buy any of these items! But, what a hoot at all the "stuff" out there. Got a good laugh at that sweater, that could be dangerous to wear if there are more "Matts" out there. Fun to shop with you Katie...........

  20. YOU made a SALE!
    Can you guess which item?
    Perfect for the SITER IN LAW who works with THE ITALIAN...........
    They Leave when it's still DARK OUTSIDE!!!!!!!
    GRAZIE BELLA..............XX
    I have a new post AIRING TODAY!!!!!!!!!

  21. I will not miss Matt at all. He was one of the reasons I slowly migrated over to watching CBS Morning Show. I always thought he was a little strange after I saw him wearing a red Baywatch swimsuit for Halloween one year. Thanks for the fun ideas. I might pick up that ironing cover for myself!

  22. This is one of my all time favorite posts!! I might just need that magnetic cover - my dryer is sloped but it would work on the washer!!

  23. I might have to break my rule of not giving gifts at holiday time! I think I know someone who can use almost every suggestion. Great post. - Laurel

  24. Lots of these things don't fit me, yet I always love these posts because of how you write them! They just make me smile!

  25. Love your suggestions. I didn’t like that neck pillow jus for your information. Want the light. Did you really loose your photos in the cloud? Please say they were only misplaced because I’m using that cloud also for my photos and music. Very cute post. Thanks.

  26. You know me too well. I guess that means I have issues and everyone knows it. I need that brush...

  27. Hairbrush it is! Have you seen the purse that holds a wine bottle and has a slit where you can discreetly pour from 😂


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