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Friday, December 1, 2017

TTT/ Driving Miss Daisy

Hi, Everybody!  I'm baaaack!  To refresh your memory, I am Mom's MacKenzie-Childs Tote, otherwise known as Miss Daisy.   Last time we got together was September.  Boy, three months sure flew by!

Poor Mom had a terrible week. Dad was out of town on business and every time he travels, something breaks.  She finally got her Photoshop up and running and the next thing we know, our Internet hit the bricks.  For two very long days, Mom was beside herself.  The guys finally came today and told her it was fixed and left.  Mom was so excited and made herself a steaming cup of her favorite tea.  She sat down at her computer, and the next thing I heard was a loud wail.  It wasn't fixed.  So then she had to call Xfinity back, press a lot of buttons, and answer the same questions she answered the day before.  The guys came back, finally fixed it, and the rest is history. 

These past few months have been an adventure for me.  And one of the best parts of it was meeting some of my Tote Sistas in real life. 

In September, Big Sis #1 and Adorable Jonathon came home for a visit.  They both love the water and wanted to spend as much time around it as possible.  This is AJ holding me when we had lunch waterside in Scituate.

The next day, we took the ferry to Martha's Vineyard
Not to worry, we didn't take this boat.

In September, Mom brought me to a luncheon at her sweet Cousin Louise's beautiful home.  I also got to meet Mom's friend, darling Doris.  

One day,  we met Mom's friend,  Kathy in Framingham and checked out the new Home Sense.

Mom was in her glory!

One picture-perfect Saturday, Mom and Dad took me to the Cape, and we shopped at Brewster General Store.  They have lots of cute things, and the staff was so nice.
They kind of talk funny though, they say stuff like Brewstah.

After browsing, we had lunch at the Chatham Bars Inn.
I had the best seat in the house.

Mom was very excited for October to roll around.  We headed to NYC to meet up with Big Sis #1 and also have lunch with her Traveling Tote friends.

They met at The Russian Tea Room. Mom had a great time chatting it up with all her fellow Toters.  This video highlights all of their fun escapades.

I got to ride in my first pedicab that weekend.  You can't see me because Mom was holding on to me so tight. 

Stop over and see what the other Travelling Tote ladies have been up to these past three months.

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Also, Patti at Pandora's Box is sponsoring the giveaway.  Leave a comment and you will be entered into the drawing.

Until we meet again...


Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. This is cute....who knew a tote cold have such an adventurous life!! Love it and hope your holidays are off to a merry start:)

  2. Miss Daisy had some great adventures these past few months, and I can see where she was feeling the love from AJ. ;) All those photos from fall are already making me wish for better weather, and the bad stuff hasn't even hit. That photo in the train station just about sums up the way I picture winter months (although Miss Daisy certainly brightens the mood).
    Glad to hear your internet is working again. There's nothing worse than the feeling of being disconnected. It's a pathetic reality of how much we depend on the vapor connectivity we all live with cyberspace.
    Happy weekend, happy holidays!

  3. You and Miss Daisy are having WAY too much fun! How I would love to be a stowaway on all those adventures (OK, especially the NY meet-up and the Vineyard!). Couldn't be better!

  4. Whew, I'm exhausted at all the traveling and fun you've had Katie! So happy you Miss Daisy were able to meet us in NY, so great to meet you!!!! Look forward to reunions in the future. Have a wonderful weekend. Miss Courtney says hello to Miss Daisy.................

  5. Well. Miss Daisy certainly enjoys her travels! NYC was fun!! I love seeing photos of the Cape and it makes me homesick! Happy Travels!

  6. I know you have lived many places, but you really do live in a lively area now. So many pretty and interesting places to visit!

  7. Miss Daisy has quite a way with words, Katie, just like her mama! Your life seems to be a constant adventure, with those two sweet furry faces always nearby. I am so sorry I missed all the NYC fun, I would never have the courage to take a pedi-cab! Love your photos of the beautiful cape! Have a very Merry December, full of only good adventures!

  8. Miss Daisy leads an exciting life for sure!! Sorry about your internet woes...they can really ruin your day!!

  9. May I say you, Miss Daisy, look just perfect at the new Home Store. And you know black and white, mixed with any color, is always our jam!-Laurel

  10. Well, you and Miss Daisy get to go to some of my favorite destinations! The photo on the water in Chatham could be a painting. I'm just a tad envious that you can hop in the car and enjoy the Cape anytime your heart desires.
    Loved getting to see you again in NYC. I hope the December trip to TX allows for a quick hello. I know you have a busy schedule. Let's talk!
    Merry, Merry to you and the mister, #1 and #2, and those cute fur friends. I'm crushing over the photo of Jackson. How adorable!

  11. That Daisy gets around! I'm jealous of her adventures!

  12. That was a fun jaunt with Miss Daisy! Nice to see her again!

  13. Miss Daisy is quite the jet setter! Everytime my Mr. travels, something breaks too. Have a beautiful, relaxing weekend!

  14. Miss Daisy is busy! I've enjoyed reading about your adventures in NYC. Daisy had a great view at lunch. I'm so happy to be a party of the group! The Countess de Monet and I will be gong on our first adventure tomorrow. It should be fun!

    I hope you have a great weekend!


  15. What an enjoyable and fun read! I think I need a traveling tote!

  16. Miss Daisy is tagging along on your enjoyable adventures. This girl gets around more than I do! So enjoyable.

    1. I can only comment as Anonymous - not as Maxine.

  17. Has Miss Daisy been following me? I've been to most of the places she visited - but not the Russian Tea Room - darn.
    Have an enjoyable weekend!

  18. My but Miss Daisy is a big girl! I didn't realize this until you put her in the HomeSense carriage! You are a gorgeous, tiny trophy wife. Don't know how you find the strength to tote her around. Isn't the Russian Tea Room a hoot! So fun. And I frequently fantasize about having our daughter's wedding at the Chatham Bars Inn. Fantasize is the operative word here; she's not even engaged.

    So sorry for your internet troubles. As always love your wit and humor!

  19. Sooooo happy you and Miss Daisy were able to meet us in NYC -- so great to finally meet you!!!! You have me and Miss Aurora longing for a return trip to the Cape! Happy holidays to you, Miss Daisy and Ray and your family. Glad your internet troubles have been fixed. I have no patience for that!

    YOU ARE WAY BEHIND!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. So excited to be a part of this fun group! I love Driving Miss Daisy - especially the pedicab! What fun you and she have had. The trip looked glorious and so much fun! Looking forward to more fun adventures!

  22. Wow, you and Miss Daisy had some much fun. I can't believe you all were brave enough to ride the pedicab. It was so nice to meet you in person. I am looking forward to more fun in the future. So glad your internet woes are behind you. I, too suffered an outage. Happy holidays to you and your family.

  23. Hi Miss Daisy, I can see that you are as much of a flirt with the guys as my Miss Poppy and Miss Rosie are! AJ is so cute and good natured to indulge you! Please tell your Mom how much I enjoyed meeting her in NYC and that I'm looking forward to some days in Boston and on the Cape with her too. You are unlikely, however, to find me in one of those pedicabs in Manhattan! I get enough thrills going in a regular cab there! :) Hope you have a wonderful day. Linda


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