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Monday, December 4, 2017

The Concord Holiday House Tour

Hello, dear friends.  I hope that you all had a great weekend.  Mine was fantastic!  If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I have an affinity for Home and Showhouse Tours.  Saturday, I ventured out to one of my favorite towns, Concord with my friend Linda. We then met the original Sudbury Sweetheart, Mary to take in the Holiday Home Tour.  
Believe me, it did not disappoint.  

Not only did I get to see some gorgeous homes, but I also made some new friends along the way.  This is Tina from Tina Labadini Designs

Tina invented the Doggy Ditty which is a handy bag to hold all the necessities you need to walk a dog - phone, bags, etc.  The crossover strap doubles as a leash.

A great idea for a stocking stuffer for the dog lover in your life.  

Tina also carries 100% cotton flour sack towels that are so darling and well priced.

Next stop was a favorite store of mine, Sara Campbell.

The store was decked out in all its glory.  I approached the pretty lady on the right and asked if I could take a few photos to share with you.  To my surprise, Kellie told me that she reads my blog!  She could not have been lovelier and her fellow sales associate, Nancy was as well. 

As I oohed and aahed my way through the racks of exquisite clothing and accessories, Kellie told me a little about the background of the company that owns her store.  Sara Campbell is the designer, founder, and the CEO of her Boston-based corporation which has many locations.  Sara is also a well-known and admired philanthropist.

Sarah Campbell not only has divine merchandise but it also is equipped with comfortable seating for the impatient man in your life.  And the best part of all is it is well-stocked with fuel for the busy shopper.

It was a thrill to meet my sweet reader, Kellie and future reader, Nancy.

My two partners in crime, Mary, and Linda as we begin our tour. 

Concord was dressed in luscious shades of deep reds and greens.
It looked like a movie set.

Another prospective friend...
great figure but no personality.

Our next stop was the charming Hawthorne Inn.  The Inn is a mixture of chic furnishings and warm, welcoming color.  The ladies and I fell head-over-heels in love with the wallpaper used on the first floor.  

 I had the pleasure of meeting the owners, Mark and Toni.  
They could not have been nicer.
The tour specified that photos were not allowed. 
One of the docents allowed me to take this one.

The pics below are from the Inn's website.  
They also have photos of their stunning guest rooms online.

The Inn is positively pristine as well as spacious. 

If you travel to Massachusetts, I highly recommend stopping by for a night or two in Concord and staying at The Hawthorne Inn for a taste of genuine New England charm and hospitality. 

We hopped in the car and went off to visit our first antique home.

Between you and me, this house was my favorite.  
It also featured stunning wallpaper and had a great floor plan.

This home was beautifully decorated with a fabulous kitchen.

The Mister would have loved this barn!

When I got home, I told the Mister that he needed to find me a big rock and a sled.  Isn't this adorable?

This house was built in the 1970's and featured an open floor plan.  Lovely accessories from all over the world, as well as a magnificent fireplace, are the things that I remember most.  

You could tell that the luxurious kitchen and adjoining space are the heart of this engaging home.  Great place to have a party, too.

Next stop was the Barrett Farm House which is a public building and dates back to 1705.  The best part of this stop was this magnificently adorned door and the fact that we didn't have to slip on the awkward booties. 

  The thing that I remember the most about this particular antique home is the exquisite large dining room decorated in a tantalizing toile.  This home is located within walking distance of town.  The ladies and I chatted about how much fun it would be to be accessible to Concord.

Our last stop was lunch at The Colonial Inn which was very busy but managed to deliver stellar service and delicious food.

Until next time...

Last week, I ran into the Dollar Store and guess what I picked up!
I wouldn't dare buy one for Chili -  she would take off one of my fingers.  That girl is not too keen on accessories.
But Chowdah rocks 'em.
Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Feel free to contact me through comments and email. I love to hear from my readers!


  1. Wow! I wish you had been allowed to take photos! It looks like you had a wonderful time and all of the houses look so beautiful.

  2. That looks like fun! I love the traditional look.

  3. I was beginning to wonder if you would ever stop shopping and get on the home tour! (I would have had a tough decision!). Beautiful homes -- wish you could have photographed inside, but it makes a lot of sense. Very festive! Fa la la!

  4. Chowdah is the cutest elf ever! Yes, can I order me up a big rock and sled? How I love that! What a divine day you had!

  5. I am sure the tour was so much fun. I love going on home tours and that one would have definitely been a favorite for me I am quite sure.
    You know I wish Bass Pro Shop and stores like that would put some comfortable seating for the ladies. All of my shops have seating so Hubby can relax while I look. I swear to him that Bass Pro Shop has nothing new every time I patiently wait for far too long for a simple fishing lure.

  6. I love home tours too! Thanks for taking us along!!

  7. I pretty much live for house tours! Glad you had fun and I am loving Chowdah's new hat!

  8. Katie, You might really enjoy the Christmas House Tour in Essex, CT this weekend. Look it up - It's fantastic! Only happens every other year and Essex is just amazing :)

    1. Lauren... Essex is such a beautiful town. My parents used to take us for brunch every once in awhile to the Griswold Inn. Unfortunately, my timing is off for this weekend. I would have loved to have gone. Your pooch is adorable in your profile pic. Looks a little bit like my Chili, only better groomed. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog!

  9. Too bad we couldn't see inside the houses! I love that same one you do, that is a great style of house.

  10. Oh- What a fun tour. My girls and I do this every Christmas and do the Breath of Christmas walk---but this year we varied and I drove down to IN and went with my daughter to what they called The Holiday Home Tour. Honestly, I wanted to ask for my money back it was so awful. lol Glad yours was a success. xo Diana

  11. I've been on two holiday homes tours over the past seven days, Sis. Volunteered the first Saturday at one of the houses and then toured the other four the next day, and then did the second tour yesterday. Have to say it is a HOOT being on the other side and listening to people's comments as they tour through the house.

  12. I love house walks, Katie. Your tours and gorgeous photos had me wondering if real people actually live in these homes!!

    The Hawthorne Inn is beautiful. We try to stay at inns as much as possible when we travel. I truly think wallpaper is making a big comeback. I'd love to do one wall in a bathroom or bedroom. It's not fun to remove, but it has a huge place in design.

    I'm going to check out the doggy/bag/leash. My Abby lives downtown in an apartment, and has to walk Squall 5 times a day--she would love this. Thanks so much! And thanks for your visit today-you always make me smile!


  13. As I've said before, you always do the most fun outings. Beautiful pictures of what I know was so much fun. I guess Miss Daisy did make the trip. :o)) Love the rock and the sled, how cleaver! Always fun to stop by.

  14. Oh, how I would love to peek inside those homes! They are so beautiful on the outside. No such home tours around here, so thanks for taking us along! -Jenn

  15. Oh, how I would have enjoyed this home tour!! It's always fun to peek into other's homes, especially historic ones! That sled is so festive!

  16. Chowdah makes a great elf! Sadie isn't too keen on accessories either, but she has a new tartan cape! Thanks for taking us along. I love a good house tour!

  17. What a wonderful day! Love seeing your tour, and how fun to meet readers of your blog! Happy Tuesday, my friend~

  18. Your visit to Concord and the holiday house tour looked delightful. Thank you for sharing your enjoyable day with those of us who couldn't be there.
    Love Sara Campbell too!

  19. Wish we could've seen more! Still on my radar here in my own neighborhood, I could help but zoom right in on that first intersection's public works' graffiti all over that circle. Why must that continue?? It's a pet peeve of mine.

  20. Oh how I loved this tour Katie...we toured historic homes in Maine every year and they are just stunning when dressed for Christmas. All of that history is amazing to me. You must have been in heaven! Thank you for sharing today!

  21. There is nothing like Christmas in New England! Thanks for sharing with this Fl gal as I am still "glistening"! - Laurel

  22. How much fun! I bet seeing all the pretty Christmas decor put you in the holiday spirit. I enjoyed just seeing the exteriors. The homes are so charming and beautiful!

  23. What a fun outing! I know you were thrilled to meet someone who reads your blog, and that red lamp, no thank you! Holidays were made for New England~

  24. CAN YOU IMAGINE LIFE without these PUPS?!!!!!!
    TOUR looked like FUN and YOUR friends even MORE DIVINE!!!!!!!!!
    I was recognized TOO this past weekend!!THREE TIMES in THREE different places!!!!!!!!
    You might have to bring me back to earth after BEING ON THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW!!!!!

  25. Home tours, absolutely one of my favorite pastimes, especially during the holidays. I would love to visit these homes, colonials are my favorites. Thanks for taking us along....

  26. what a fun day! I've only visited MA once, but Concord was my favorite town. Chowdah looks adorable and only slightly irritated that he has to pose for a picture with that hat. :-)

  27. That sounds like such a fun tour!

  28. I want to go! Thanks for sharing at Best of the Weekend!


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