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Monday, September 19, 2016

A Word from Chowdah & Chili

Hi Everybody!

Our Mom isn't home right now.
She is over at her friend, Emily's.  
Emily writes the blog Simply a Rough Draft
Go on over and read her no-holds-barred, up close and personal interview.

Tell her to come home soon.  
We wanna play ball.

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Heading over to check it out! Have a great day Chili and Chowder.

    1. Just read your interview! I absolutely think you need to be on the Today show with Hoda and Kathy Lee! I would love to see that!

      Always nice o learn more about one of my favorite bloggers!

    2. I'm off and running. See you over at Emily's.

  2. Great interview! So fun to read your answers and learn a bit more about you! I would also pick Hoda and Kathy Lee! Have a great week!

  3. Hey guys, please tell Sis that I adored the interview. Her answers were Spot On and once again, I am stunned by yet another similarity. Where do I shop for clothes and why there? Check out her answers to that question. I'd say the very same.

    Happy digging and ball chasing.

  4. Oh boy, you two must be having lots of "fun" while mom is away. xo Laura

  5. Hello Hooligans (your Mom and Dad's terms of affection)

    I hope you wished your Mom Happy Anniversary and Cheers years of entertaining us.
    Echoing Kelly, happy digging.


  6. O.K., I'm going to go check it out. What smart dogs you are! -Jenn

  7. Okay, I'm on my way. Be sure to be naughty while she's gone. :-)

  8. Okay, back from 'Simply A Rough Draft.' As usual, enjoyed your answers, and especially the one about cleaning on Saturday. LOL Always fun to read your blog.

  9. Loved it! It was fun to see two of my favorite bloggers in one space. Have a great week!

  10. Loved reading the post! I wish my go-to-man cooked...
    Enjoy your week!

  11. Hello cuties! Be angels while Mom is away!


  12. Chili and Chowdah, you two certainly have a way with words. Our Kai can't even speak when spoken to..Hope mom gets home soon..Happy Weekend..


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