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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Three Guesses Where I Am Today

Hello dear friends.  Guess where I am today.  I'm visiting one of my favorite people in the whole world.

I'll give you three hints.

1. She is the Queen of Blue and White.

2.  Her taste is positively exquisite.

3. She lives in this gorgeous humble abode.

You got it!

I am over visiting 



The Enchanted Home

Come on over!

Lord Teddy
Master of 
The Enchanted Home

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Bonjour Katie! I enjoyed a lot reading your post on The Enchanted Home. I've noticed that you look exactly the same as a few years ago when your lovely daughters were little. Bravo!

  2. ha, cute Katie!! So happy you were part of my post, your humor gave me a great and much needed laugh this morning...thanks again!

  3. I'm popping my pearls on now and will be over in two shakes of a lamb's tail.

  4. Katie, love that you remain true to yourself! Same at Elegant Tina's as here at home! Bet you will get legions of new fans! Heading out to find that perfect tie for the Mister for you!!

  5. What a great post! I've been trying to decide what to get our neighbors for Christmas and the planners are perfect. I was so happy to see you chose Kathy Matteo's version of "Mary Did You Know". That song brings tears to my eyes and her version is the best. I even play her "Good News" album in the summer.

  6. Katie, What a truly delightful post!! Your family photos are such a joy to look at! Is that Gypsy in the photo? I am looking forward to this years holiday picture with Chowdah & Chili. Off to see Santa ...or sometime this weekend. Do you have a message you want me to relay to him ; ). Miss you ....we need to "talk" soon. xoxo, Dawn

  7. Merry Christmas Katie! Thank you for choosing Kathy Matteo's version of "Mary Did You Know" as your favorite Christmas song! It made me shed "happy tears" as soon as it started playing. I immediately requested my children begin working on it to play a duet for Christmas Eve (piano and guitar) Thanks!!


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