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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Pettengill Farm

Hello dear friends.  I hope this Sunday finds you well rested.  My Chowdah is on the mend, thanks to the Vet, our new bff.

A few weeks ago, the Mister and I attended a charming holiday fair at Pettengill Farm.  It is located in Salisbury, Mass., which is is north of Boston. I took so many pics, I am splitting this post into two parts.

At least I know where the potty is.

This man used old books to create safe places for valuables.  Great idea.

This lady creates blank note books out of old photos.

Texting gloves, anyone?

I wonder if the Mister wore one of these when he was a baby.

This lady sells darling kits with everything you need to make these sweet little baby caps.

I asked the Mister to pick up the bag and model it for me. He is so used to me asking, he doesn't even blink. 

Maybe Dude can do a post on 5 ways to wear your old Christmas tree.

Which way is the wine?

Enjoy the last hours of your weekend!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. What fun..I love things like that and how lucky you are that the mister is just a good and willing sport!
    So happy Chowdah is doing well and back in business. Stay warm:)

  2. Seriously, you two always do the most fun things! I wish my mister was such a good sport!! I am happy to hear Mr. Chowdah is feeling his old (young) self again! xoxo

  3. Trying to read label on knitted baby hat kits. They are so adorable. Is there a website listed? Can't quite make out the label. Tried goggling a few options..no luck. Looked like great fun! I,m a new followerer....enjoy your blog!

  4. The Mister really is a good sport. Doesn't look as if he's really enjoying himself (maybe he doesn't feel that's his color) but he gets an A+ for effort!

    1. That is the Mister's "I'm hungry" look. He found the cookies soon after. Have a great week. BRRRRRR - are you in Florida yet?

    2. He is easily satisfied in the food dept. BRRRRRR indeed! Here till the beginning of January. Somehow decorating a palm tree doesn't appeal to me - yet.

  5. That bib is too much! Next fall I'm going to invite myself along on a couple of your trips to these wonderful shows. But please don't ask me to deck myself in a Christmas tree skirt! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!

  6. I've been waiting to read about your last holiday fair. Pettengill Farm - looks quite different from the average holiday fair - all in a good way. I'm going to have to find Salisbury, MA on a map!

    1. It's definitely worth the trip! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  7. What a delightful fair, can't wait to see the rest of it. I talked to a friend this weekend and her dog is kinda like Chowdah - he ate an entire collar. The vet did an x-ray and she said you could see the whole collar - buckle and all. He, like Chow, has survived. Just thought you might want to know you're not alone! Have a great week!

  8. Isn't it wonderful to visit all the local holiday craft fairs? What treasures they hold! I so love that you take pictures and share with all of your fans! There is no place more beautiful than New England. So happy to hear your precious Chowdah is better....just love the pups!!! Y'all have a good week up there!!!

  9. I am still roaring over the Christmas tree skirt post.
    Thanks for taking us with you on all your escapades!
    What fun you and the Mister have and happy to hear that things are better with Chowdah.

  10. This looks like a great fair...the baby caps ADORABLE...I am in no rush to have a grandchild, but I will definitely need to look this lady up. BTW still planning to send you a photo of me in my skirt...still getting ready to decorate the tree. Just dragged it off the porch.


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