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Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Couple of Books & A Few TV Shows

Hello dear friends.  It's a gorgeous day here on the South Shore.  I went out for a nice long wun (20 minute walk & a 20 second run) this morning and even met a few very nice neighbors.  I think I'm going to like it here.

I haven't done a post on my favorite books and TV shows lately.  The television season is almost over so if something piques your interest, you can probably catch the reruns this summer.   By the way... I love that word summer.  Can't wait until it makes an appearance. 

I have not read this book yet but my Texas book club chose it for last month.   I wrote them a note and asked how they liked it.  Apparently, they loved it.  It was a quick read and a great story.  The ladies also recommended that the reader has tissue handy for the end of the book.

Thanks, girls, for your review and I miss you a lot. 

As you know, I love Kelly Corrigan and her books.  Glitter and Glue reads quickly and would make a great Mothers Day present.

Sista has been bugging telling me to get Netflix and watch this incredible series.  We have gotten Netflix a few times but we always end up cancelling it because we don't use it.  Then I found that I could watch House of Cards on Amazon Prime.  Who knew?  It only has season 1, though.  I am waiting breathlessly for them to get Season 2.

Believe me, I hate to admit it when Sista is right, but she was dead on with this one.  The premise of the show revolves around a  conniving Congressman (is there any other kind?) Frank,  and his wife, Claire, who heads a non-profit agency.  The Congressman is a schemer and is driven by revenge and ambition.  His wife is not oblivious to his antics and shares many of his character flaws.  By the way,  Robin Wright Penn seems to grow taller and skinnier in every episode.  That woman looks like she is about 9 feet tall by the end of the first season!  

What draws me to this show is not the intricacies of the politics, but the real star of this show is the complexity and mystery of the marriage between Claire and Frank.

I highly recommend House of Cards only if you have some extra time on your hands.  The Mister and I could not resist the urge to binge watch this scrumptious series.

I loved Connie Britton in Friday Night Lights.  But there is no question about it - Nashville is her crowning glory.  Hayden Panettiere plays the cunning antagonist with such style that she makes being bad look so darn good.

I am not a big fan of country music but I am definitely becoming one thanks to this show.  I even bought a Nashville cd.  The music  and acting make me look forward to hump day every week! 

Oh Olivia... I want your fabulous clothes, accessories, and it wouldn't hurt if I had two powerful, gorgeous men fighting over me either.  Don't worry Mister, I'm still yours.

This show centers around Olivia, who owns a crisis management company in DC.  

 There's never a dull moment in this show.  If you are looking for escapism, this is the show for you.

Blacklist centers around a former government agent and the FBI's most wanted fugitive, Red, who turns himself in to the authorities.  He agrees to work with the FBI in capturing criminals on one condition - he works with a beautiful FBI rookie, Elizabeth. By the way, Elizabeth is so darn pretty and bears an uncanny resemblance to an American Girl doll.

Don't miss this show just for the pure pleasure of watching James Spader play such a creepy, strangely psycho kind of nice guy. 

Anyone who watches The Good Wife knows that they lost one of their main characters.  Not in real life, on the show.  What a shocker!  I had no idea.  

To be honest, I think that the writers made a huge mistake by killing off the most likable character in the show.  I'm not so sure the show will survive Will's demise.  

But what do I know?  I'm no screenwriter.  I'm just a hot, empty nester, trophy wife.

What was your favorite show this season?

Hope your day lacks drama!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

I'm Katie. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am an empty nester meandering through my middle-aged years while entangled in the never-ending process of renovating an antique home on the South Shore of Massachusetts. I love to write about books, movies, TV, celebrities, decorating, and weekend adventures. My favorite writing material is derived from my family: the Mister, my girls, #1 and #2, and my two untrainable, rambunctious pups, Chowdah and Chili.


  1. haven't seen house of cards but now i will especially since its on prime. thanks for that heads up! you hit a bunch of my favorites...scandal, black list are definites, Nashville and the good wife are great too. if you have not seen homeland from showtime find it now! it is definitely one to suck you in and make you want to sit down and watch every episode immediately. being a teen in the 80's i love the goldbergs...its a blast from the past every Wednesday night (or is it Tuesday? my mind is a sieve, thankfully my DVR works unlike my brain).

  2. I loved House of Cards too. Their marriage is facinating and I love when Frank winks or speaks to the camera. I need to give Scandel another try because I do love the writing on Grey's so much. Happy Thursday Katie :-)

  3. I am laughing because that dog looks exactly like my friends French Mastiff named Caesar and she has that photo on her facebook!! Love it!

  4. You are just going to love season 2 of "House of Cards"! There was some big silly lawsuit in Baltimore over the filming of "House of Cards". I really hope it does not get in the way of filming season 3!!!!

  5. That picture is a riot! I read Orphan Train, and really liked it, and will now add Glittter and glue to my list....sounds like a book I would love. Not so into any TV shows, its a combination of being overwhelmed with how many there are and not feeling like i have the time or commitment to watching and keeping up with them! Sounds crazy but its true.....have watched Nashville and Revenge a few times though...does that count!

  6. Hi Katie!
    That picture of the dog is hysterical!

    Orphan Train was a wonderfully written book, very sad, and very worth reading. My heart went out to them.

    Loved the shows you recommended. I'm going to go buy the DVD's if I can for House of Cards, the Blacklist, Nashville and Scandal - thanks for the heads up!

  7. I love TV and I do not care.....I do not care. Oh it's not like I sit during the day and watch TV with the laptop in front of me. You can't see me right now can you? Since I made a news years resolution not to watch or read anything Kardashian and
    The Housewives from wherever get on my nerves so the new shows du jour are CHRISLEY KNOWS BEST AND SOUTHERN CHARM.... that dad on Chrisley Knows Best is psycho and I love it. Southern Charm is about spoiled rich brats and one old guy...ALWAYS WATCH THE VOICE BECAUSE I ADORE ADAM AND MIRANDA LAMBERT'S HUSBAND. r.

    1. New Year resolution...not news years...BAD GRAMMAR MUCH.

  8. LOL- As long as you have Netflix watch Call The Midwife. You will LOVE this series- I am betting on it! Love James Spader but haven't had the opportunity to watch more than a couple of the shows. I loved him on Boston Legal.

    I picked up Orphan Train but haven't had a chance to read it yet with the new baby in the house. My daughter read it and loved it.

    Hope you have a great rest of the week- xo Diana

  9. Will have to add those to the stack of books I need to read! TV...let's see...hubby and I love Hell's Kitchen and Bones.

  10. Katie,
    you hit on all my favorite TV shows except I haven't seen house of cards. Of course, love Nashville, how could I not! This may be weird, but my favorite show I'm on pins and needles with every week is......The Walking Dead!! I know it's a "bit" gory, but once you get past that, the character's stories are all mesmerizing, the relationships they have with each other, what they have to do to survive and the choices they have to make are heart stopping, the kicker is you never know who's going to make it and who won't. Can't wait for the new season to start, sadly, it'll be a while.
    PS. For a minute there, I wondered where you got that pic of me on the couch, then I put my glasses on and realized it wasn't me after all! thank goodness, that was scary!!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I too love all those TV shows and based on your list, think you'll also like Suits on USA and Parenthood on NBC

  13. Thanks for the book recommendations...I need a good one! We are loving House of Cards - currently half way through the second season. Have a fabulous weekend!! xoxo

  14. Your book club and mine have read some of the same books. We are reading Kelly Corrigan's right now for next week :) I am hooked on the Naked and Afraid- something about those survival shows just reel me in. We are also watching The Voice right now and my favorite show is probably Parenthood and The Big Bang Theory :)

  15. I have just discovered House of Cards, too. I absolutely love it! I think Netflix has 2 seasons available. I've also heard great things about The Blacklist but I haven't seen it yet. Game of Thrones started last week. I'm obsessed with that one.

  16. Hello there
    I thought I would just say hi to you from across the big pond, every time I read your blog I am guaranteed to smile...the doggy photo is a riot, he's hilarious!
    I watch ( and love) almost the same tv shows! The Good Wife was my huge favourite ( many a re-run watched late at night) However, its being hotly followed by Nashville, they are both on Thursday evenings. I completely agree that the great acting and lovely music are making me into a country music fan.... Ill now have to look out for House of Cards...
    Have a lovely weekend, sending best wishes

    1. Hello to you, Sweet Sally! Thank you so much for reading my blog across the pond. I'm sure you will love House of Cards - Sounds like we have the same great taste!! Have a lovely weekend!

  17. Your Blog is wonderful! Can I follow on Facbook? You crack me up and I love your photos of the dogs
    Kathryn @ Dean@deansupholstery.com

    1. Thank you so much Kathryn. You can follow me on facebook. I have a button on top of my blog. Have a great weekend!

  18. LOVE House of Cards! My husband and I just starting watching it earlier this month and are close to the end of Season 2. I admire your restraint in not renewing your Netflix for this.


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