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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

An Easter Bunny Tale & 3 Winners

Hello Dear Friends...

Thank you for the great response to my last post.  I am delighted to announce the 3 winners of this fabulous serum:

Congratulations to:

Sandy from You May Be Wandering

Wanda from Queenies Little Kingdom

Annette@ Way too many cats

I have forwarded your information to Pamela and she will be in touch with you.

And for you ladies who did not win, Pamela is running her special for awhile longer on Amazon.

This week is a busy one.  Looks like the kitchen will finally be winding down this week.  A good thing since we are having family over for Easter.

I am enjoying every minute of having my #2 home for the week.  We have done lots of shopping and lunching at Whole Foods, her very favorite place in the entire world.

I wrote and posted this Easter tale last year.  I also have a couple of other re-posts planned for this week from last year because I will be busy with #2 and I am getting lazy in my old age.

You probably haven't read these posts because this time last year I only had about 4 readers.  That is... if the Mister and the girls remembered to read it.


Once upon a time, there was an aging, single, future empty nester who still lived at home with her parents after college.  Her Sista came home from college for Easter Break.  The sistas were not close growing up (sista always stole poor future preppy empty nester's thunder) but they were beginning to build a bond now that they didn't see each other as much.  Their bond was built on the foundation of the two things they had in common: their childhood and making fun of their parents.

Easter Saturday afternoon had been spent making the ritual "bunny cake" for their nuclear family of four.  Anyone who has made this classic cake knows the drill: two layer cake - one layer for the face and the second layer for the ears and bow tie.  Their Mama was very pleased with the girls as she watched them make the cake and she was especially proud to see very little frosting swiping in the process.

  Their Mama always watched the girls' weight and offered "helpful nutritional substitutes" when she felt either one of the girls were carrying a few extra lbs.  Whenever she caught one of them red-handed with a fork full of Pepperidge Farm cake from the freezer, or Sara Lee brownie frosting on their chins,  she always managed to  shake her head, and utter a few tsk, tsk, tsks...   

Sista had just turned 18 (drinking age in the stone age) and so she and future preppy empty nester decided to skip family cross examination "what are you going to do with the rest of your life" dinner and meet some friends at one of their favorite haunts at Fairfield Beach, the Nautilus, or the "Naut" as the cool people called it. The "Naut" was your classic beach bar - no atmosphere and cheap drinks. 

Future preppy empty nester and Sista had a great time catching up with old friends.  They sat with their old buddy Dude, who was working at Saks as a personal shopper and dressing Dustin Hoffman for Tootsie.  BTW... Dude said he was a really nice guy. What a great night.

They arrived home at around 1AM and eyed that gorgeous bunny cake.  Sista asked future preppy empty nester if she thought the left ear looked bigger than the right ear.  She had not agreed with Sista on much in the past,  but on this point, she concurred.  Obviously, they had to make that left ear smaller. They owed it to their parents to present a cake that was worthy of them.  They decided to get the knife out of the drawer and trim that unsightly ear.  They then looked at their masterpiece and realized the right ear looked huge... practically grotesque.  

How could they ever present that sloppy looking cake to their wonderful parents? 


Before we they knew it, both ears were missing from their beloved bunny cake, and frosting hung from their chins when they discovered  their dear Mama was standing behind them with that "guilty as charged" tsk..tsk...sound. 

This is what they thought they looked like...

But in reality, this is probably a closer representation of that fateful evening.

Two hours later, sometime around 3:30 AM, future preppy empty nester and Sista were finishing off frosting another layer of cake... soon to be known as the ears and the bow tie.

Four hours later, Mama woke her girls up for 11AM Easter Mass.  When they questioned why they had to get up so early, Mama responded they needed extra time in the shower to  get the frosting off their faces...

The names in this story have been changed to protect the not so innocent.

Hope your day is filled with lots of frosting!

Been there, done that...
Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Love it!! That would be our girls decorating their gingerbread houses as Christmas time. Enjoy having your girl home!!!

  2. So excited for the winners! I look forward to getting them their product. Thank you again for such a fabulous review & blog post of Day by Day Beauty's Vitamin C Serum.

  3. So happy for the winners....not really I'm very competitive and wrinkled. Seriously I hope we get their feedback. I will be buying the product. Amazon's reviews were great also. Have a wonderful Easter and as always xoxo R

  4. OMG you do make me LOL!
    Have a great week with #2,

  5. LOL- TOO funny. Congrats to the winners, too! xo Diana

  6. Hilarious...that last picture well lets just say it has given me new found vigor and motivation for my current diet:) Congrats to those 3 lucky winners!

  7. Hilarious! Love the story! Your number 2 and my number 2 would get along well! I think my girl is the only college student that can spend $200 + at Whole Foods for the week....and she's only shopping for herself. I guess we should be happy they are healthy! ;)


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