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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


A couple of weeks ago, the Mister and I hopped into our preppy empty nester mobile and headed to Falmouth.  For those of you who are not from the East Coast, I am including a geography lesson in this post.  OK ... don't yawn yet.

We stopped in town and had lunch at an inn.  Falmouth is a quintessential charming New England town.  Not only does it have great shopping, you can also catch a ferry to Martha's Vineyard.  If you're a little more adventurous, whale watching is also available.  I would love to do that.  The season begins in the beginning of May.  Hopefully, it will be above 60 by then...

The town reminds me of a setting of  a romance novel.

We strolled into the Osborn & Rugh Gallery.   

It is owned by this lovely lady, Hillary Osborn and her husband, who is also an artist, Doug Rugh.

Hillary was so sweet.  She and her husband are so talented.  I loved everything in there.

Hillary's concentration is on landscapes and her husband's is on portraiture.

That painting of those beautiful little girls was done by Doug and is of their daughters a few years ago. 

Hillary was positively lovely.  If you ever go to Falmouth, stop in and meet her.  The paintings in her gallery are breathtaking.

We then took a stroll down the street and stopped into some cute shops.

The Mister eyed his next stop right away. 

Nobody loves cookies more than my Mister.

I wonder how many carbs this shop houses...

What town in Massachusetts doesn't have an Irish pub?

It would be kind of hard to eat in a Mexican restaurant anywhere else after living in Texas.  

And by the way, another fabulous Homegoods in Falmouth.

Happy Hump Day!

Mister Chowdah recharging.
Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. I've actually been to Falmouth! We went there to catch the ferry to Martha's Vineyard and it was all so beautiful. What a nice day trip for you. You are fortunate to be so close!

  2. What a quaint little town. I miss the northeast coast!! Living vicariously through you. Chowdah is so precious!!

  3. What a fun day and I have been right there, Katie. The girls and I took a summer trip and went all the way to Provincetown. How lovely that you could do this for the day. LOVE the picture of Chowdah- "recharging". lol xo Diana

  4. How fun to explore all those lovely New England towns - pretty photos :-)

  5. Beautiful pictures - you will have a great time this summer exploring!

  6. What a lovely town! Hope the puppy is behavin!!

  7. I have been there!! So quintessential New England.....your pictures are beautiful, they should use this post for their tourism campaign! You crack me up how no matter where you always find the nearest Home Goods....your husband is a good man:)

  8. Katie,
    what a beautiful town! Looks like you had a fun day! Chowdah is adorable, looks like such a sweet boy! Glad he finally made it all the way onto his comfy bed! Those pics of him cracked me up! Went back to catch up, sorry to hear about Gypsy. Hopefully the pupster will bring back that "doggy joy" the way only they can!

  9. Katie, I LOVE Falmouth! My aunt used to live there. You've captured it beautifully with your pictures. I miss Massachusetts...but not the water temps! Chowdah looks like he's figured out how to fit on his bed, pretty quickly!

  10. Only you would find a homegoods on vacation, they should make you their official mascot. Chowdah is so cute, but I think he is just resting up for his next round of mischief.....

  11. Love Falmouth! I vacation at the Cape and we always drive to Falmouth for a day trip.Another great destination on the Cape is Mashpee Commons.Lots of shops.

  12. Yes! this lil southern gal and one of my gal pals from WA state met up last Sept for a girl's trip to Cape Cod. We stayed in chatham in a windmill apt! Rented a car and visited every town and every lighthouse on the cape!! SOOOOO much fun altho we did get into just a wee bit of trouble...heheheheh...the gin drinks up there are "wicked good"!!!!!
    Such a gorgeous part of the country. Our fave was Nantucket....awesome shopping! Didn't get to stop in Falmouth to look around after the day trip to the Vineyard, Hmmmmmm,....sounds like we may need to go again!!

  13. Ha! .. and you found the Home Goods! ;) Beautiful spot Katie and your pictures are wonderful! I think I am the only one that has not been here #feelingoutoftheloop

  14. Love the Cape off season!

  15. Thanks for all the pictures and names I have never been east except I did do to OHIO once as a child
    I like the picture of Mister Chowdah , how cute since I am a lover of dogs

    I just found your blog out surfing around blogland


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