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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Summer Reads


I hope that this post finds you well.  Not too much new around here.  We I have been glued to the TV coverage from the UK.  I think that I know more about the Queen than she knew about herself.  I was in awe of the respect and reverence that the mourners displayed.  Can you imagine standing in line for 10-12 hours?

However, if I had to stay in the line queue for hours, I wouldn't mind standing behind this handsome chap.

Speaking of all things British, The Great British Bake Show is back. The regular cast of characters is in place as well as a new crew of eager, smiling bakers.  This show is a sweet treat to my eyes and ears.

Here is a rundown of my Summer reading. 

I have read all of Chanel Cleeton's books set in Cuba and America.  Every one of them is rich in detail and woven with characters that come alive on the pages.


I loved Julie Clark's first thriller and this was just as good.

My favorite book of the Summer.  Although the book centers around the world's best tennis player, it is much more than tennis.  Carrie Soto Is Back highlights the special bond and love between a father and daughter. Also, added to the mix is a sweet romance with a very handsome fellow player.

I was so excited to get an advance copy of this.  Jodi Picoult is one of my favorite authors.  She did not let me down with this one.  The story revolves around a mother whose teen son is accused of murder.
It is coming out in October.

The book begins with a murder.  The scene of the crime is the magnificent Boston Public Library. It kept me guessing throughout the pages.
If you live in the Boston area, you will get a kick out of the hotspots mentioned.

I was thrilled to get an advance copy of this book written by one of my favorite authors.  The book tells the story of two "happily" married couples and the secrets they keep.  

Light, entertaining read about a woman bodyguard working for a movie star.
It sounds hokey but I thought it was sweet. 

I have read almost all of Elin Hilderbrand's books, and this is one of her best. The story takes place in a hotel in rough shape. A new owner steps in and it becomes the jewel of the island.
I have had the pleasure of meeting Elin a couple of times.  You can read about it here and here


A beautiful story about a friendship between two women throughout their lives. I enjoyed the characters so much that I was sad when I finished the last page.

A teen from an affluent family is accused of rape.
The family is chock full of juicy secrets.

This is the story about a Mommy Blogger whose assistant goes missing.
I'm not going to let Millie read this one.

I thoroughly enjoyed B.A. Paris' first book, Behind Closed Doors.
I did not care for her last one. 
The author is back in true form. The Prisoner is a rollercoaster of a ride.  
Fasten your seatbelts.  
It comes out on Nov. 1st.  

This story is loosely based on the Jon Benet Ramsey case.
A very entertaining read with some clever twists. 


Six friends agree to go away for the weekend to celebrate a birthday.  The last person to arrive comes late because he has a body in the trunk.
I could tell you what happened but then I would have to kill you.

What if JFK jr. and Carolyn had survived the plane crash?
Giffen takes on that question with her own scenario.
Fun read.

This fictionalized account of the Jackie/Jack courtship is told by her close friend and confidante, Lem Billings.  This one is pure entertainment.

Another author that never lets me down.  This novel begins in the 1950s in the theater district.  The story follows two women, an actress, and a writer, and their strong bond of friendship through the years.  

This stand-alone novel is the sequel to The Family Upstairs.  If you enjoyed the first one you will like this one.

A solid thriller about a father who takes his two young daughters camping and comes home with only one.

Another decent thriller about a happily married woman whose life is wonderful until a TV researcher knocks on her door.

A well-told story about a woman who is engaged to a widower that comes with some extra baggage.

Lots of suspense but went off the deep end at the conclusion.

All is well in a newlywed's life until a loser of an ex-boyfriend shows up to upend her world.

This book received fabulous reviews.
It centers around three people who design video games and become very successful. 
To me, it was too much game talk and not enough story.

A family saga with not one likable character in the bunch.

It was my own fault for downloading this one.
I don't care for time travel books.
Most people loved it.

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  1. I will be adding these to my reading list. I've read books by Taylor Jenkins Reid and I can't wait to read Carrie Soto is Back.

  2. Thanks for sharing your list. Adding some to my TBR list. m in HI

  3. Good grief, Katie, you are a walking library with all those books! And fun to check out GBBO again. I've missed it!


  5. Always love a good To Read list! Thank you!! AND who is that man????!!!!

  6. Love your commentary, as always! WIll definitely have to check some of these out. Thanks! đŸ’›

  7. Read most of these from Netgalley…my daughter loves Katherine Center as do I…daughter just sent a picture of them together..although I read electronically for Netgalley, and daughter does also, publishers and authors send her the real books..contact her for book tours. Can’t get into Hildebrand…

  8. Oh I see soo many good books to add to my reading list! I just picked up Meant to be today.

  9. Thank you for all the recommendations. Your "not my cup of tea" books were DNF for me.

  10. PS. Do you get the advance books through Netgalley? I need to work on that.

  11. Katie, so many great books! I have to be honest, I don't like scary books so I will be skipping those.
    I too was glued to the tv and if I could have I would have waited in line to see the Queen one last time. She was an amazing woman and will be missed.
    Have a great week.

  12. This was a GREAT review!!! Thank you for taking the time.
    I want to be able to read this much in one season :)

  13. 'thank you Katie! You had a productive summer!

  14. He is pretty cute! Where did you find that picture???
    Love your blog. Our tastes are so similar.

  15. Katie,
    Your booklist always has winning titles. Thank you for this. I'm happy to see you restricting Millie's books to just those appropriate to her. Haha.
    Karen B.

  16. HI Katie! I love your book suggestions. I am reading (listening) to THE MAID. My favorite photo is the last one in your post. Too cute! Happy Friday friend, M! xo laura


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