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Friday, March 19, 2021

My Favorite Things

Hello, dear friends.  I hope that you had a good week.  Ours was very busy between furniture shopping and ordering.  We also made a trip back to Corsicana for the Mister's second vaccine. The weather was gorgeous yesterday, and we spent a delightful afternoon in our old/new hometown, McKinney. 

Today, we have a special guest.  My #1, who is our NYC girl, put together a list of her favorite things.  She has a knack for finding the best buys.


My sister introduced me to these, and I am hooked. They help clean your face SO well, and there is something nice about them being black, so they stay nice even after a ton of use.

Definitely an investment, but they are so worth it. These are incredibly soft, make your makeup go on smoothly, and don’t eat up foundation/product. I personally have the Oval 7 size, which is the perfect tool for applying foundation. 

I have tried EVERY kind of tanning product - all the trendy stuff - and I always come back to these that I have been using since I was 16. I love that they consistently leave the right amount of color, and it’s not orange or streaky. 

My sister also got me hooked on this cleanser. It is SO gentle and hydrating and perfect to double cleanse and truly get all of your makeup off.

I love to dermaplane once every two weeks — it takes the peach fuzz and dead skin off of my face, making my skin feel smoother, and my makeup adheres to my face longer.

My hair falls out like crazy, so my brushes always have tons of hair in them. This has been the best to clean all of them quickly & easily!

This is a heat protectant and cuts your blow-dry time in half! Plus, it smells incredible. 

This is the strongest purple shampoo I have ever tried (it will literally tint your hands if you leave on a minute too long). Makes blonde super vibrant and is at a great price point. 

I have a lot of really fine hair that typically slips out of ponytails — these keep my hair in place all day long. 

I will never quit Olaplex shampoo (and conditioner). It makes my hair grow so fast and so strong — plus the loveliest foaming texture.

No more tangles with this wet brush.

I am obsessed with this tumbler and have it in a few different colors. Reasons to love: holds 40 oz of water, has a straw, has a handle, comes in really cute colors, AND is dishwasher safe.

My husband loves this stuff.
So great on pizza or with a cheeseboard. 

I am terrible at drinking water, but the flavor of these makes me drink so much more. Plus, they multiply your hydration and are loaded with electrolytes. 

I put these in my smoothies every morning, and they keep you so full (and are super creamy & delicious).

Literally love this salt on EVERYTHING.

We keep it in this condiment holder.

Such a great price and they look so beautiful! I always lose my earrings, so these are perfect for me.

I have been living in these sweaters since November and have them in 7 colors. It's a dupe for the pricey Free People version, and personally, I think these are more comfortable and a better fit. I love the length with leggings.

Looks exactly like the trendy expensive beaded bracelets, but at a way better price. 

There is nothing better than a super comfy t-shirt to lay around at home in or go on a walk. These are so comfortable and only $10 — I bought a ton last summer, and they wash beautifully.



A must-have for every lamp in the house! My Mom says she looks ten years younger in a dimly lit room.


I will never buy another brand of lighter again!

Works so well, and it charges through a USB.


I love throwing these in dresser drawers and closets — they make everything smell so fresh.

I just bought this wallpaper to do a little accent wall, so we will see how it goes! Peel and stick is the best if you don’t want to fully commit to the permanence of a real wallpaper.

We got these recently for a dinner party, and they are really pretty.

I hate traveling with tons of disorganized cords. I also can't stand it when cords are disorganized under a cabinet, desk, etc. These keep them grouped together and organized!

We have a few of these cables around our apartment, and they are so convenient. The length is especially great when traveling, and you don’t know how far the plug is from the bed!

These are a must-have if you are on your devices all the time. My eyes use to burn at the end of the workday, and now they don’t. I like these bundled packs for all of the different color options (and because I lose them). 

Ring lights are such a game-changer when you are on Zoom calls all the time! You look more polished on camera; plus, it’s great for when you’re doing your makeup.

I am very partial to these pens — I am an office supply queen and have tried every kind of pen, which is the best of the best. A gel-type pen that is a little bolder (bold point is key).

Super functional, and I liked this color because it looks polished & clean.

Just SO much fun with friends. Great to add into stockings, Easter baskets, etc.

Thanks, #1.
Job well done!


I just ordered this.
I'll keep you posted.

My favorite blush of all time.
I blush asking for it by name. 

Until next time...

Please say hello to a personal friend of mine, Elizabeth, who is royalty in our blog world.  She writes the fabulous blog,  The Vintage Contessa, and is Instafamous and known as contessa_and_her_pig.

BANKSY is a 4-year-old TEACUP PIG.
HE WAS TO GROW TO BE 35 pounds!
AT 130 pounds we stopped being able to weigh him!
MY guess is he is around 160 pounds now.

He eats twice a day a third of a cup of teacup piggy pellets and a fruit or vegetable.
With water added.

THAT’s IT!!!!!!!
NOT an EXPENSIVE animal to maintain and gives so much JOY!

PS. VERY CLEAN. Dislikes water and MUD!

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  1. Just bought a pair of blue light blocking glasses. I have yet to receive --but I am hopeful.

  2. I am buying every single beauty product recommended. If I could look one tenth as beautiful as #1, I would be happy.

    No wine recommendations or alcohol related items?

    xoxoxo Annie G

  3. I love Platinum Blow-Dry Spray and the hair ties!! I used to make elastic hair ties and now I love the spiral hair ties


  4. Good grief, there's a cart full of these that I want. Love her finds. And, am so excited about your house and can't wait to see it. Happy weekend!

  5. Always fun and, as usual, I am going back to check out a couple of things! Love Banksy, the pig!! Happy weekend! xo

  6. That pig...oh my! I loved reading your daughter's top picks. I'm going to check out the blue light glasses for all my screen time! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. This was so much fun!! Love seeing what your daughter is loving. Hopefully you can talk her into doing more of these in the future; I found some great things I want to try out!

  8. So many terrific ideas from your daughter - it's fun to get a different generation's perspective on Amazon favorites. I definitely will investigate some products and forward your post to my daughter.
    Banksy in the limelight!!

  9. I just put in an order online at Old Navy yesterday; they have so many cute spring things on sale right now it was hard to pick and choose.

  10. Great products! I see a couple I have to have, the blow dry product and the pens. Thanks #1, I see you have a bit of your mom's humor, LOL. A good thing!!!!! Have a wonderful weekend......

  11. BANKSY wishes to THANK EVERYONE involved with his FEATURE!
    Today he is hiding under the kitchen table as its NOT SPRING FEVER YET HERE IN CALIFORNIA on THIS FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!

  12. Gosh you daughter is pretty, and what great finds. McKinney! You must have been happy there before or you wouldn’t have chosen to go back. I am original from Sherman and always went through McKinney on the way to Dallas. I remember it being such a small place, but I am sure it isn’t anymore and it’s such a nice close proximity to Dallas. I was shocked to see Elizabeth’s Banksy!I have known those two for quite sometime. They are both unique individuals. Enjoy this glorious weather Katie...and keep posting...Janey

  13. HI Katie, Elizabeth told me about your blog. Great ideas from your daughter. I need all of it! Great to see Banksy here. He really is the loveliest guy and he loves like royalty with her! Fun blog. I follow you on Instagram too. Kim

  14. #1's recommendation for the gold hoops...link was for plain gold. They arrived today...plain gold and the tiniest earrings ever....I don't think I could even get them in my ear lobe...definitely going back...sure don't want the cz version if they are that tiny. Nice try!

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  16. How fun!! I love invisibobbles because I have really thick hair. I need to look into that brush cleaner too. #happynow


  17. Oh my gosh such a wonderful surprise to see Banksy here!!!


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