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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Bringing Sexy Back in Hodgepodge

Hello, dear friends.  I hope that you are having a good week.  There's no earth-shattering news to report from around here with the exception of bitter temps expected for the weekend.

You know the drill... if it's Wednesday it's time for Hodgepodge.

1.  In a rut, in a jam, in the groove, out of synch, off balance, out of touch... which saying best fits some area of your life currently (or recently)?  Explain.

Nothing currently describes my life right now.
However, in the blink of an eye, you will find me knee-deep in the bowels of my winter rut. 

2.  What is it about somebody else's style of work (coworker/employee/shared volunteer project/household chore) that makes you crazy?  Why?

Lets put it this way.  
The Mister and I have different styles when it comes to keeping house.

The Mister's mantra is: 
a place for everything and everything in its place.

My mantra is: 
dig in - it's in there someplace.

3.  What's a tradition that always makes you feel at home?

It is more of a ritual than a tradition.
Every evening, the Mister and I enjoy a glass of vino in the sunroom while watching the Evening News and snuggling with our two rascals.  

And as if you think that's exciting - listen to this.  
We then have dinner in the kitchen while watching our favorite show, Chronicle.

Yup, we're bringing sexy back.

4.  A favorite song with a girl's name in the title or lyrics?


Any reason why this is a particular favorite?

You need to ask?

5. Share a favorite quote, verse, or saying relating to gratitude or thanksgiving.

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

A couple of years ago I joined a needlepoint group.  They are all friends of my buddy, Anne's and a delightful bunch.  Well, I haven't gone in awhile and bought this project two years ago.  It's one of two luggage tags that were to be stocking stuffers for my girls for Christmas... 2015.  

Tomorrow I am going to the first lunch of the season.
I hope nobody asks to see my progress.

Until next time...

We're in good shape if the burglar is a squirrel.

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

I'm Katie. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am an empty nester meandering through my middle-aged years while entangled in the never-ending process of renovating an antique home on the South Shore of Massachusetts. I love to write about books, movies, TV, celebrities, decorating, and weekend adventures. My favorite writing material is derived from my family: the Mister, my girls, #1 and #2, and my two untrainable, rambunctious pups, Chowdah and Chili.


  1. Oh boy, your mister is one organized guy!! By taking a peek in that drawer, perhaps your new mantra could be, "A girl can never have too many reading glasses!" ;) I hear our temperatures are supposed to drop by this weekend, too, with a hint of the "s" word! -Jenn

  2. I think it shows God has a sense of humor. Most successful marriages are true that "opposites attract." I am more the organized one trying to get my hubby to put things back. After 33 years, I am pretty sure he is not about to start now:) I love your evening ritual and your quote! Of course, I love the song "Sandy" from Grease, but I like "K-K-K-Katie" too.
    Always fun to read Katie.

  3. Katie,

    Oh bother, old man winter is not too far away! We usually do not worry so much about the snow. However, black ice is another story. I hate frigid conditions. Cold I can tolerant when it stays above freezing but anything less goes straight to the bones. I prefer order to chaos in my home but this place is so small that everything winds up an utter mess and difficult to find anything when I need it because it's stuffed here and there and everywhere. Remembering where something is is a nightmare! One day, I'll have my dream home with everything in its proper place. :) I'm so glad you stand well protected against the evil squirrels lurking just outside your door. Those guys are really nutty! lol Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  4. Hahahaha! We're in good shape if the burgler is a squirrel, too. I'm right in between you and the Mister on #2. I think it's because the man here is the WORST about throwing everything everywhere and never finding anything. If I'm somewhat organized, I can make comments about his lack of that skill. Ha! Have a wonderful day!

  5. Katie...I am with you about the housekeeping. I am not a stickler for knowing where every item in my house is located but I have a general idea. Love the Luggage Tag! You can get it done for this year. I am starting a stitching group here in our town home community.

  6. knee-deep in the bowels of my winter rut. ... that sentence made me laugh.

    OHHH - I havent needlepointed in the longest time.I've been feeling the call to pull out all my stuff again!

    Oh man... my husband is 1000% opposite yours. He pulls things out of its place & has no clue where he got it from to even THINK about putting it back :) haha

  7. I'd love to say that I'm organized like your Mister, but... Anyway, your evening routine sounds familiar, except we don't have the two cute pups! Our kittens aren't to the snuggly stage yet. Love the animation of you and Bernie. LOL

  8. Yes, my mister is like your mister and I'm right with you on the organization - always a work in progress...Happy Wednesday, my friend!

  9. Your sexy sounds like ours...change the show choice and we are all set! Thanks for the chuckles of the day as always.

  10. Your sexy is about as sexy as it gets around here in the evenings as well. I am the one with the colors organized, but Hubby tries because he knows it makes me happy. Now how much sexier can that be! So enjoyed the song video.

  11. Your mister and mine are cut from the same cloth. Does he want to organize that drawer for you? I have a friend redoing a gorgeous home on the Cape Ann coast. You might enjoy following along on the progress...the cottage is called Stonebridge and she's on Insta as stoneridgecottage...her blog is willowdecor.blogspot.

  12. LOL- At the hubby. I am the organized one in this house and MyHero couldn't find his ***** (fill in you own choice word) if it wasn't attached somehow....let's say buttons to his shirt...for niceties sake.

    Love your answers and you are doing SUCH a good job of bringing sexy back! lol xo Diana

  13. I can totally relate to the everything in it's place rule....I say this all the time to my family! My husband is definitely not on the same wave length. haha

  14. My husband is also an organized guy - he can find any tool or item of clothing in seconds, whereas I have a drawer that looks quite like yours (but I know exactly what's in there. Once, when we were dating, I got mad at him and messed up his neat sock drawer, tossing them all about, he was all a twitter when he saw it...lol Get stitching, girl, you can have that finished by Christmas!!

  15. I'm still laughing about knee-deep in the bowels of my winter rut . . .wonderful choice of words!

  16. I used to love needlepoint. Now, sadly, I think the internet has taken it's place! I love that quote about gratitude. I wish we'd get a little cool air down here, but I sure don't envy your long winter! Hang in there!

  17. I sure enjoyed your HP today and loved the barbershop harmony of your favorite song. I couldn't find a song anywhere about Terri. :(

  18. My hubby would definitely tell you I am the OCD one ;-) Squirrels don't stand a chance around our house, but they like to try. I was just thinking the other day about needle work. I used to cross stitch years ago.

  19. Your evening routine sounds strangely familiar.... Thanks for making me laugh. :)

  20. In my family, I am the organizer and typically I organize my husbands things as well. As for your needlepoint, it is beautiful! I hope you finish it I think your girls would love it. I do not have the patience for that although I always wanted to learn.

    Have a great week!

  21. I'm an avid Needlepointer and you are very lucky to have several wonderful shops within an easy drive for you. My husband is from Wellesley and they are first on my list when we visit his family each year!

  22. Well, that was fun. I enjoyed reading your hodgepodge. Your hubby is very tidy for sure. Your evenings sound relaxing. Hope your week is going well!

  23. You sexy Bage-a-Tollas got it going on! Sounds like me and my Mister. Some may find our rituals mundane but we find them grand...and sexy, lol! Love the magnet quote!

  24. your project reminds me......I have been trying to get a cookbook together of all my fave recipes for my kids for years now. One yr I even had the binder made with our pic on the front of it..and that pic is before any of them had children. So at least 7 yrs ago. This yr I am bound and determined to do it so I've been trying to dig in and organize and HAND WRITE recipe cards for their book. Worse than going thru family pics, I tell ya. But don't you cherish anything hand written from your mom??? So, no judging from here on unfinished projects.....I get it!!!!!

  25. I started to learn needlepoint several years ago and loved it. Now I'm old and can't see crud. Dang. Life is rough. Needlepoint onward!

  26. I love your catch all drawer! You had me really laughing with your photos of Mister's organization. My husband is a close second. And my needlepoint project probably dates back 15 years--maybe more. I don't even remember what it was or where it is! There are more important things--like Candy Crush.

  27. I'm laughing through your entire post. I am a neat freak and hubby is terrible. Still, one of my daughters is a total slob and her guy keeps the apartment spic and span and does laundry. Men have come a long way, although it's definitely too late for me.

    You have a good relationship, watching TV together, and all of the things I see you doing together. So fab!


    1. We have a good relationship when it comes to TV as long as HE is in charge of the clicker. Did I mention that along with that he is a control freak?

  28. the winter rut! you are so funny! My mister operates under the delusion that he is very organized. It works for him.

  29. What a great singular sensation of a barber shop quartet! Laughed out loud at your individual styles of organization. Love the nightly ritual with the pups...and bringin' sexy back. Ugh....cold snap here this weekend too. Dreading....

  30. My husband is a neat freak too, it's a two edged sword! If it's 5pm I better have a glass of wine and the news on or I'm cranky! We are having a cold snap too, high 58 today, you would laugh to see Southerners so bundled up!

  31. I haven't needlepointed in ages. I think the Chuck-and-Di wedding sampler killed my eyes! (And it never got done -- I keep trying to figure out how to make Christmas ornaments out of it. But you sort of make me want to pick it up again. On bigger canvas than 22.

  32. SUCH a fun blog post today, Katie! I loved it all, especially the guy singing with himself the Katie song (and I watched some of his others, too -- how CLEVER!!!).

  33. My husband's things are all over, I'm the neat one. But, he can find anything in all that stuff in a NY minute! Your evening rituals sound familiar but it's not every night and we donn't have two cuties to keep us company. Love your stylish reading glasses...............


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