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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Need Some Costume Ideas?

Good Morning, dear friends.  This a post from Halloween past.  In the event that you have a costume party tonight and are out of ideas for a costume, never fear - creative inspiration is here.  You don't have to thank me - just send me your leftover candy.

You and the hubby will be the talk of the subdivision with this gruesome twosome get-up.

You know you're at a wild party if this guy meets you at the door.

You could be that clever couple.
A salt & battery

Another clever guy.
A spice rack 

Betcha 10 bucks that he's a single Dad.

Mad at the hubby?  
Make him wear this outfit to a party.  
Then stay within earshot and listen to all the wise cracks.

Yeah, I bet these two are fun at parties, too.

Best looking babe at her water aerobics class.

No words.

This poor kid.

A costume and a teaching moment wrapped into one!

Another poor kid.

A smorgasbord of outfits!

Bet their neighbors are happy that they're moving.

There is something so wrong about this photo.

And speaking of wrong...
poor Grandma.

I'm going to make the Mister wear this if he drags me to another war movie.  

And last but not least...

a glimmer of the Mister and me last Halloween.

Until next time...

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. My favorite is the 3 headed dog. ;-)
    Will see if Sadie will wear her Halloween sweater for a photo op. Happy Halloween!

  2. You always find the best photos - and I'm delighted to see that you're now sourcing some from

  3. Oh Katie! You and the husband do make a fetching couple in those last costumes! I almost didn't recognize you without your pearls! -Jenn

  4. You certainly looked good LAST Halloween- Can't wait to see what you come up with this year! Hope you have a fun Halloween. xo Diana

  5. Oh wow, the last one with the doggie had me but I also like the outlets and plugs, and Duracell and salt. So creative! Thank you!


  6. You know what's wrong? That I think the booze and smokes family is adorable - but then again I'm from the south side of Chicago. We're classy! Happy Halloween

  7. Wow, Katie, this doesn't happen often, but I'm speechless. Wow. Linda

  8. you have such a wicked sense of humor. love it!

  9. At my husband's last job the entire office dressed up for Halloween (sooooo not his thing). Each department had a theme. His department's theme was Orange is the New Black. Neither of us had ever seen the show but I remembered reading that the setting was the very same "camp" at which Teresa Giudice spent time. Hubby dressed up as Joe Giudice (including gold chains and a visitors pass to Danbury Correctional Institution) and displayed an I ❤ NJ coffee mug and a family photo of Teresa and the girls on his desk. Happy Halloween!

  10. Oh, so much inspiration here, Katie! I love your take on these get ups. We were at a fundraising event on Saturday, old Hollywood glamour, so I think that counts as our 'dress up' event for this season. You and the mister looking fab, by the way!
    Have a great week, Katie!

  11. I follow you on IG and just have to say you are my favorite! Your dog videos especially, I can't get enough of them. As for these costume selections...the salt and battery (once you explained it, I'm a little thick apparently). p.s. I'm eightminutemile, guilty of being the first like often, as I refresh that little camera icon to see what new thing you're going to post (I show the videos to my husband and we crack up together) I'm just a little addicted teehee!

  12. If I had more than four pieces left, I'd send them your way. Biggest smiles!


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