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Friday, October 28, 2016

A Perfect Day on Nantucket

Hello, dear friends.  TGIF.  It has been a good week in Preppy Emptynesterville.  We are one week closer to having the election in our rear view mirror, and our #2 received a job offer for June.  She will be relocating to HOTlanta.  So, if any of you dear readers live in the area and can give us the 4-1-1, it would be much appreciated.

A few weeks ago, the Mister and I spent a beautiful warm September day in Nantucket.  I went to a book signing at Mitchell's, and we got our share of shopping and lunching in for the day.  

I think that Nantucket is at its best in the Spring and the early Autumn.  The island is not crowded, and you can get into the better restaurants without the wait.

And there are great sales going on.

One of my favorite shops on the island is Nantucket Monogram.  

Brooke is an absolute doll.  Notice the store address.  Who wouldn't want to work on Easy Street? 

Good news for you lucky Connecticut friends - Brooke just opened a shop in New Canaan at 1 Morse Court.  

If you need shower or wedding gifts, this is the place to look.

Brooke made sure that I took pics of these two books that were written by her dear friends.

Both books are positively beautiful.

We stopped into a few antique stores.  

I took these pics for all of my friends who love blue and white.
Your welcome.

The Mister and I enjoyed a fabulous lunch at The Boarding House.

We enjoyed the entertainment, as well.

Both of our girls are Shark Week Freaks!

We did some more shopping.  
Love these bags!

And we stopped by a farmer's market.
Even the veggies are prettier on Nantucket!

And the Mister can never go anywhere without tasting the sweets.

Until next time...

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  1. You two have all the fun!!! MY Mister and I are headed to the Cape for the weekend - to the Chatham Bars Inn for a week event (for me - he is tagging along). Any suggestions? After reading this, I am tempted to detour to ACK on the way home - I miss it! What fun thing do you have planned for this weekend? Whatever it is, have fun! xoxo

  2. Katie, Nantucket is on my bucket list. Thanks for the heads up about fall being a good time to visit. I went to school in Atlanta but it has been many moons ago. My youngest son lives in Canton as his wife works for LG in Alpharetta and he is getting his PhD at Georgia State. I think Atlanta is a great place for young people...lots to see and do And the Eateries...oh my many places so little time. I am sure Amanda at Dixie Delight can give you the 411!! I love reading her posts about Hotlanta.

  3. Yay on your daughter's job offer! Another place to visit too :-)

  4. You just made me want to go there even more!

  5. Thanks for my morning visit to my favorite island. We've vacationed on Nantucket multiple times, always in early June or September. No crowds! Morning walks on the beach ~ heaven! Congratulations to #2 for the summer job. Atlanta will be a fun place for you and the Mister to visit. '-)

  6. Congratulations to your daughter! I am sure that she will love Atlanta. There are tons of bloggers that live there so I am sure they can off suggestions.

    Love Nantucket! Such a great place to relax.

    Have a great weekend.

  7. What a splendid trip! And it reminds me of my summer day there, though probably much nicer with fewer people. I remember Brooke's shop -- it was lovely! Oh, so many of the spots there just capture my heart and imagination!

    Have a splendid weekend, Katie! (Though you may have to go some to top this one!)

  8. I wonder if the shop owner would mind if I just moved into that room of blue and white porcelain? Seriously, just a little corner of that little slice of heaven is all I would need. Congratulations to your #2 on her new job; I am sure she will love Atlanta. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Wow -- so pretty there! You do have all the fun with the Mister! Congrats to your #2 on the job in ATL! Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Ahhh I love this!!! How beautiful it all is.

  11. OMGosh, Katie. I got so many pop-ups here today-two of them are right across your page and won't x out--just thought I would tell you for what it's worth.
    Sounds like a perfect Nantucket day to me...from shopping to lunch!!
    Congrats to your daughter. I do not like HOTLANTA in the summer! Nosireebob! But- your daughter is YOUNG and she will acclimate! xo Diana

  12. You always visit the most interesting places. Beautiful photos!

  13. There is nothing like the islands in the spring and fall....I want to move back to the Cape so badly!! Looks like you had a wonderful day! Isn't it great that your daughter got a job - another place to travel!!

  14. Congratulations on #2's Atlanta job. I agree with the reader who suggested that you contact Amanda at Dixie Delights. She knows everything about Atlanta (and Disney World). I love the Nantucket bags! And I'm not a blue and white decorator, but that antiques shop was incredible! Thanks for the beautiful pics.

  15. Congrats to your daughter! She will love Atlanta. Lots to do. Restaurants, night life, antiques, etc. You will love the antiquing there! So many antiques, so little time!

  16. I haven't been to Nantucket in years. I would love to make a fall trip next year. Thanks for letting us tag along!!

  17. Katie, First of all, congrats on # 2's job in Atlanta! It's such a relief for mom and dad to know they have successfully launched the kids into the world for summer or permanent jobs. And I'm so excited that Nantucket Monogram has come to my town of New Canaan! She is having an opening celebration later today and if my bulbs are all safely in the ground I will go. (we already had snow flurries this week!) You can be sure that I will be doing some serious Christmas shopping there! Have a great weekend. Linda

  18. This is simply put- a perfect day!!' Shopping, good food. A book signing, blue and white. No crowds topped off with a stop at a bakery? Sheer perfection- I could use a day like that๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š enjoy your weekend!!

  19. You are fortunate to be sufficiently close to Nantucket for a day trip. I've never been there during the busy season; that's for younger people with more patience and less time.

  20. Congrats to your number 2! Nantucket looks perfectly beautiful. Martha's Vineyard is the furthest off the coast we've ventured. Will have to do Nantucket, soon. Thanks for the tour.

  21. Perfect day! Gorgeous pictures! I love your style, Katie.

  22. How great to be so close to Nantucket! I'm going to get there one day and your recommendations are perfect!


  23. The more time you spend in Nantucket the more likely it is that your pal, Elin, will feature you as a character in one of her novels. I would be first in line at that book signing!

  24. Katie,
    Your trip to Nantucket looks like it was a very relaxing, fun day. Visiting Nantucket is on my list of places to go.

    Congratulations to your #2 on the job in Atlanta. It's wonderful to have a job so far in the future.

    Thanks for sharing at Monday Social.


  25. That looks like a trip full of eye candy! Thank you for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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