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Sunday, October 2, 2016

A Perfect Day with My Pals in Plymouth

Hello, dear friends.  Good morning.  It has been pretty wet and dreary around here, but I promised myself I would not complain because we have had a beautiful Spring and picture perfect Summer.  And as everyone says, we need the rain.

Although it was cloudy and raw outside, I had sunshine in my heart on Friday.  A few of my book club buds and I were supposed to go on one of the lady's boat, but due to the strong winds, we decided to take a pass.  Instead, we decided to visit another book club bud, Renee, in her new shop.  

Renee's shop is in the charming town of Plymouth, home of the rock.  

Renee's shop, Upscale ReSail, is just steps away from the water.  
Love the name and signage. 

This is adorable Renee.  

Renee sells space in her shop to crafters and people who want to sell their gently used clothes and home goods.  A lot of the garments still have the price tags on.  She just sold a gorgeous champagne colored Kate Spade skirt and a lot of Ralph Lauren items.

Aren't these note cards adorable? 

What a way to bring a bottle of wine to the hostess in style -  wrapped in a faux fur!

This sweet bag reminds me of my little grandma.  She had one just like it.

One of the renters makes these earrings from paint swatches. 

I couldn't leave without picking up this scarf and darling pitcher.

The rain held off, so we walked to a new restaurant in town that has received rave reviews.

As you can see, Plymouth is chock full of New England charm.  Next time I bring the Mister, I have a feeling that this bakery will be his first stop.

The Tasty lived up to its reviews.  It is small and intimate and has a great selection of Mediterranean food.  We all ordered different entrees and everyone was very pleased and stuffed by the time we left.

I had a wonderful day and feel blessed to be part of this book club filled with fabulous, fun ladies.

If you visit Plymouth, stop by Upscale ReSail and tell Renee that Katie sent you.

Until next time...

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. What a fun ladies day! Plymouth looks so charming, and the "resail" shop is such a cool idea. Boston and Maine might be on our summer vacation list for next summer, so I love seeing posts like this! Have a great sunday!

  2. Sounds like a fun day Katie. I have two friends that I eat lunch with every Thursday and we have been doing this for about 20 years now. We are always on the look out for a new place. I love Resale shops...treasure troves for sure!!

  3. What a great little such with such a catchy name!

  4. Your friend's shop looks fantastic. I like used items shops that take the time to create nice displays. -Jenn

  5. Darling shop! And I love the scarf you picked out.

  6. What a lovely little shop and how creative those little earrings are! Looks like you had a really wonderful day out!


  7. Oh, what a fun time and those earrings were just too cute! What a clever idea. Have a wonderful new week!

  8. The one day it rains in the last month and you had plans to be out on a boat - Murphy's Law. The resale shop and restaurant was a great Plan B. I wish the resale shop was closer to me; I am always cleaning out my closets.

  9. Well, next time I'm lucky enough to get to MA, I'm adding Plymouth and Renee's wonderful shop to my list. Very clever, the name, the sign and wonderful inventory. Gee, when I went there before I just went to the Colony. (I was younger then!) Now I want to see the shop! GREAT day out!

  10. Renee is adorable and so is her shop. That sign and play on words is so clever. I would have scooped up that needlepoint bag. I'm gathering vintage needlepoint these days for a project that is brewing in my mind. ;-)
    You book club ladies have more fun together, and I love to get a peek of your adventures. Glad your area is getting the needed rain. We had a good rain while I was in KC, but it has been gorgeous since. Perfect fall temps. You need to visit Texas.

  11. That looks like a fun shop! I love that area. There's so much to see and do and fun places to eat. We need to take a trip out East again. Is that THE rock or a paperweight? :-)

  12. You and your book club have the most fun! What an adorable shop! Making a list of all the places to visit when I get out East some day! Have a great week!

  13. I went to Plymouth years ago and was shocked that the rock wasn't as big as it was on Schoolhouse Rock! Your friend's shop is adorable. I wish it had been there years ago for me to see in person! Thanks for the virtual shopping fix!

  14. Plymouth is now definitely on my list of towns to visit when we do a New England trip. What a fun day!

  15. You are so fun! Dying to be a part of one of your outings!! xoxoKristy

  16. Renee does indeed look adorable, Sis. And I am beyond delighted to see that the book club ladies appear to be as tall as us. Or are they kneeling?

  17. Renee does indeed look adorable, Sis. And I am beyond delighted to see that the book club ladies appear to be as tall as us. Or are they kneeling?

  18. Looks like you made some Plymouth lemonade out of the rainy day. I love that scarf! Perhaps we should meet in Plymouth for lunch next time?

  19. My parents almost bought a house on the Cape called Blue Blinds! The shutters had to remain painted blue for all eternity.


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