Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Thrifty Hodgepodge

Hello, dear friends.  Hope you are having a great week.  Is it wrong for me to say that the Olympics is one week too long for my tastes?  Bring back my regularly scheduled reruns!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending the majority of the day with a 20-year-old genius at the Apple Store.  This is the place where even the most confident, well-dressed, successful business people look lost, dazed, and confused. The place is also always packed to the doors, even when the rest of the mall appears to be  a ghost town.

By the way, my 2-year-old phone couldn't be saved.  I had to bite the bullet and buy a new one.  In the process, a lot of data was lost, so if I haven't returned your phone call, don't take it personally.

1.   I read here four creative activities to try this month.  They were - calligraphy, make your own cookbook, dance or learn a new type of dance, and letter writing.  Which activity on the list appeals to you most?  Will you add it to your August?

If I wrote a cookbook, it would be the smallest book in the world.  It would probably include my recipes for chocolate milk and peanut butter and jelly.

I took calligraphy in high school and loved it.  It was one of the few classes that I got a passing grade.  

2.  Bertrand Russell is quoted as saying, 'to be without some of the things you want is an indispensable part of happiness.'  Agree or disagree?  Explain.

I can't help but think that I might be a teensy bit happier if I had a killer bod and a lickety-split metabolism.

3.  August 17th is National Thriftshop Day... are you a 'thrifter'?  If so, tell us about one of your best and favorite finds.

I love to buy old books and pretty serving ware at thrift stores.  

4.  On a scale of 1-10 (with 1 = almost none and 10 = loads), how would you rate your sense of wanderlust?  What kicks your wanderlust into high gear?

My wanderlust freak number is fairly low.  
I am a homebody.  

It probably has to do with the fact that we have moved around so much, and I considered shorter moves really long vacations.

5.  Has life felt more like a marathon or sprint so far this month?  How so?

When my girls were young, it felt like a marathon, always trying to remember the minutia that is attached to school supplies and sports. 

I always knew I was in trouble when one of the girls would ask me after dinner if we had any poster board.  It was never a good sign.

Empternesterville, on the other hand, is more of a stroll in the park. 

6.  What do you need to get a jump on before fall officially arrives?

What can I say... I'm a few seasons behind.

7.  What's the last thing you did with friends or family where you lost track of time?

The last time I lost track of time was when I was on a solo voyage to my home-away-from-home.

This place is why I am behind in my spring cleaning. 

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I hate to air my dirty laundry, but I feel compelled to do so.  My two hoodlums decided that it would be fun to drive Mom crazy by never looking at the camera when she attempts to take a picture of them.

Those days will soon be over.  I just ordered this little jewel from Amazon.  They will be begging me to take a snapshot when they get a load of this one! 

Are you a thrifter?
What's been your gold medal of a deal?

Until next time...

See what I mean?
This is what they do when I tell them to look at the camera.
Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

I'm Katie. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am an empty nester meandering through my middle-aged years while entangled in the never-ending process of renovating an antique home on the South Shore of Massachusetts. I love to write about books, movies, TV, celebrities, decorating, and weekend adventures. My favorite writing material is derived from my family: the Mister, my girls, #1 and #2, and my two untrainable, rambunctious pups, Chowdah and Chili.


  1. I need one of the phone gadgets to snap shots of our Bella and Maddie...they never look at the camera! What a clever idea! Yes, though I have enjoyed watching the Olympics, I'm ready to move on. My MIL sent me a gift card to Home Goods for my birthday...can't wait to do a little shopping!

  2. I spend a lot of time going through the books at thrift stores. I have found some wonderful first editions, cookbooks and collectible books that way.

  3. Yay! Hodgepodge is back and so am I!!! Thanks for the morning smiles!! xoxo

  4. The perfect start to my day!

    I also love old books and have several old agriculture textbooks that belonged to my granddaddy. If I ever need to castrate something, I'll be ready!

    Happy Wednesday to you!

  5. Yeah, I was wondering why you hadn't returned my multiple phone calls. Lol I thought the dog selfie stick was a cute joke until I followed the Amazon link. Then I thought, Wow that Katie is a clever girl to replicate an Amazon page. But seriously, are you serious? I hope they sell a ton of those things. Have a great Wednesday!

  6. Oh Katie, you always make me smile! I was at a completely ghost town of a mall the other day and then, BAM, out of no where, the Apple Store was hopping! I was thankful I didn't have to go in there.
    And, I totally agree, the 8:00 pm "Do we have any poster board" question is never a good sign...especially when we live in a small town with only two stores, and if my child needs poster board, odds are 120 other students do, too! Oh the joys of parenthood!

  7. I always enjoy reading your Hodgepodge because I need the levity your provide. I so wish we had a Home Goods near us, but for some reason, the powers that be decided to skip our state completely. For some strange reason, Hubby kind of frowns on my driving three hours to Dallas just to go to Home Goods.

  8. Ahh, the after dinner casual mention of the need for poster board. That falls on my list of things I don't miss about having school aged children in the house : ) Love me some Home Goods too. I'm trying to stay away until we're in the house and I know what I 'need'. Have a great day!

  9. Lol, love your post and sense of humor :-) That tennis ball attachment is perfect! My 4 dogs hardly cooperate either when trying to take their photos, lol. ;-) My daughters iphone hasn't been responding the last few days and I'm not looking forward to purchasing a new one! But we are definitely an Apple family! Have a lovely day!


  10. Oh my goodness! That "I need a poster board, colored pencils, a castle built from popsicle sticks etc for tomorrow" routine was repeated regularly at my house. I mean do these kids take lessons in unpreparedness? If so I never paid for any. I think some of the best years of my life were spent in the school supply aisle of Target.

  11. Reading your weekly hodgepodge is a fun way to start my morning. I'm probably one of the few who wasn't glued to the Olympics. I kept up with the news, but didn't watch. Which phone did you get?
    Definitely not writing a cookbook, dancing is out, I do write letters, and have always wanted to take a calligraphy course. Perhaps this is the time! '-) I disagree with the famed philosopher. What does he know?
    More of a homebody than an adventurer, but I do love to travel to certain places. Actually thrift stores, antique shops and markets, and quality estate sales are my favorite way to spend a lazy day. August 17th, you say? Guess I better plan an outing this afternoon. That's my favorite way to loose track of time.
    Before fall I want to polish all the copper in the kitchen.

  12. I am so grateful Wednesday hodgepodge is back! Thank you, thank you! I love to go to our local Salvation Army, although they have caught on to the trend and it is now almost like going to a boutique. I have bought some really nice blue and white pieces as well as silver and ironstone. My best buys would be a blue and white happiness vase for $14.99 and vintage blue and white "Forbidden City" vase for 7.95. I could not make up my mind about a really lovely large vintage oil painting for $160 and when I went back, it was gone. My husband reminded me that I have spent more for "crap" and should have gone for it! Really, when does he ever encourage me to spend money? I would like to learn to dance. I am a homebody but I am becoming more adventurous, sort of! My husband and I spent some time this summer in his hometown in Upstate New York and I lost track of time just walking around and looking at all the gorgeous homes and thinking that if I was adventurous and I didn't hate snow, I would move there in a heartbeat. I would like to clean my windows before fall. My only is finishing her last semester of college so I am still buying school supplies. Darn it!

    1. Angie.. sounds like some great buys! That "hate snow" thing is a major drawback of living in the East. I'm with you, but not a lot I can do. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Enjoy your weekend.

  13. Just had to let you know that Kristy and I are together reading your post and you have us, as always, in stitches! So happy for a little Hodgepodge today!

  14. I love the photo of your "moving van."

  15. My husband is stuck to the Olympics. He keeps saying, "Watch this." "Watch this." I hate to tell him I'm over it because the world's fastest runners amaze him. :)

  16. Glad all is back to normal--- hodgepodge! I love your hoodlums. They look like sweeties to me. :-) sheila

  17. Indeed, we need to get back to the regularly scheduled programming. Chili and Chowdah are just the cutest!

  18. You make me smile! I think it's nice that you ask the same questions of us. I'm definitely a homebody although I travel simply so I can make my little world larger. Still, I miss my kids and pups!

    I turn on the Olympics to get my news and it's delayed so I watch. Sort of addicting! Still miss my news, as bad as it is.

    HomeGoods. Can't use the name in a sentence without begging to go!!!


  19. Katie, you always make me laugh!

    That's exactly what our apple store looks like, the inmates are not as well dressed as your's but the guards have same uniform. I was there on Tuesday with my mostly dead Mac. I feel your pain.

  20. Love the hodgepodge!! August feels like a marathon to me! Must get one of those doggie selfie things -- our Scottie won't look at the camera much either . . . except for treats.

    Also done with the Olympics -- isn't it over yet? Have a great day!

  21. My mood is always lifted after reading your hodgepodge. I am in the midst of a marathon that feels endless. Getting 5 children ready to start 3 different schools and numerous sports and extra-curriculars takes up most of my energy right now. When I lose all sense of time is when I sit down to blog and when I hold our newborn grandson.

  22. Reading this is always a fun time! I am also anxious for the Olympics to end...Bravo has been backing off a bit - thank goodness!! I want to hang out with Bethenny!!

  23. That pooch selfie thing is fantastic! If only we'd thought of that! I'm heading to Home Goods this morning so if I'm reported missing, you'll know where to find me.

  24. these are my faves...such fun. I need to check out that pet selfie, genius!! I hear yo on the Apple Store, its like going into the twilight zone for anyone over 20:) Hoping you enjoy these last few weeks of summer, crazy that we are already hearing fall murmurs, isn't it?

  25. Ha! The after dinner poster board debacle! After the 100th time of this event, we purchased a 50 pack of poster board in white AND a large multi-color pack. Those were the days... not really!


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