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Friday, February 5, 2016

Valentine Gift Ideas for your Mister

Hello, dear friends.  TGIF!  Yesterday, I had a delightful lunch with a lovely lady named Annie.  I am so fortunate to meet so many great people through this blog.  

I am sitting here writing to you at the beginning of a winter storm watch.  We are expecting six to eight inches of the white stuff by 3 PM.   

It has only just begun...

Somebody got a little too excited about the impending storm and is spending some quiet time repenting for teasing his little sister.

I have put together a few suggestions for a Valentine gift for the man in your life.  I have already surprised my man with my gift.  Let me give you a hint.

Yup, I really did it this time.  I am pretty sure he loved his gift because when I showed him the tickets he lost all color in his face and became speechless!! 

What hot-blooded middle-aged man wouldn't love to spend a couple of hours with his hot wife listening to Oliver Barrett IV and Jenny Cavilleri reading love letters to each other?  

So, since I have hit a home run with my gift for the Mister, I have put some suggestions together for you. 

Love means never having to say thank you.

 Mark & Graham is one of my favorite sites for gifts.  The items are of the highest quality and they offer free monogramming and gift wrapping.

To the pool owner, a floating speaker might be just the thing to put a smile on his face.  Girl not included.

If you have teens, this breathometer might come in handy.

For the man who has everything ... a 26 pocket travel vest.  Allow extra time when traveling because your valentine may be spending some extra quality time with an overly friendly TSA agent.

A must for the thirsty golfer.  


For the guy who has ticket stubs littering his closet floor, stuffed in his pockets, and decorating his sink, this ticket stub organizer is the perfect gift.  I have a sneaking suspicion your man will be as grateful for this gift as my guy was about the theater tickets.


If your Mister likes his stubs organized, he is sure to be delighted with this charging station.  

Password Vault
Sharper Image

 I need this more than the Mister.


We Met Here Crossword Puzzle is a truly romantic gift to remind him where it all started.  I wouldn't recommend this though if you have toddlers.


NASA Space DIY Electronics Kit  is the perfect gift if your man is a brainiac. 


If your man likes to sink his teeth into an intriguing spy novel, the Mister just finished this one and loved it. 

Fire Stick
For the guy who wants to broaden his horizons in the TV world. 

Vacuum Grooming Kit

Five words:  
No hair in the sink!


A great gift for a James Bond wannabe.

The Gift Tree
A manly grooming gift. It may also give him a hint if you need any painting done around the house.

The Bro Basket
One macho gift after another in this masculine crate.

busted tees

If you're angry with your man for some reason, give him this t-shirt and tell him he has to wear it to his next company function.  Then sit back and enjoy the show!

If you really want to give your man the ultimate gift, tell him to relax and not worry about shopping for your Valentines Day gift.

You took care of it. 

Until next time...

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Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

I'm Katie. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am an empty nester meandering through my middle-aged years while entangled in the never-ending process of renovating an antique home on the South Shore of Massachusetts. I love to write about books, movies, TV, celebrities, decorating, and weekend adventures. My favorite writing material is derived from my family: the Mister, my girls, #1 and #2, and my two untrainable, rambunctious pups, Chowdah and Chili.


  1. First time hearing of that play - how fabulous! I just watched Love Story on Netflix and it still charms me and makes me cry.

  2. Oh my, my hubby so needs that password keeper! Hope you stay warm this weekend.

  3. I can see why your husband is so excited about his gift! I cannot see how any man would not love that. So many other interesting gifts! Have a great weekend, be safe in the snow!

  4. Wow -- great tips for gifts -- thank you!! He would love that vest and really needs the password keeper -- I need that too! We had that storm at the beginning of the week -- sorry it got sent your way -- we're still digging out of 7-8 inches of snow and I'm praying for a warmup! Have a great weekend!

  5. You crack me up - and I love your dog! This is one of the best guy-gift lists I have seen. I think I actually might use some of these. I have been planning on surprising my husband with a couples cooking class but instead of paying the money and taking the chance he will hate it, I am just going to make a copy of the schedule and let him choose which class. Stay safe in the snow. We woke up to snow here in New Jersey...just and inch or two and I think it already stopped.
    Enjoy your weekend! - Shelley

    1. I did this one year and it was fabulous! We lucked out that our classmates also appreciated (more) wine with dinner and all the husbands did a dash to the liquor store right before class.

  6. Valentine's Day is next weekend - yikes! Thank you for the reminder and good gift ideas.

  7. ARE you telling me ALLIE and her side kick are doing a PLAY in NEW YORK????FOR REAL.............
    I may have to fly EAST !!As I follow REBECCA on instagram and she sings for the MET and has promised me a back stage TOUR!PLUS< THIS...........then there is YOU and the MISTER!
    OH MY GOSH..................I better go google LOVE LETTERS!

  8. I saw Love Letters years ago with Matthew Broderick and Helen Hunt. Bring your hankie. I agree with Elizabeth and Calypso, this is a spectacular list for men. Hope Chow and Chili enjoy the snow. Annie

  9. holy cow. this is the best gift giving list ever. especially the last one ;) its the gift list that keeps on giving.

  10. These are all great! And the last one...for sure! sheila

  11. Love your gift ideas and all your commentary too. I had never heard of Mark and Graham, so now I have a new shopping website to check out! Have a great weekend!

  12. I love your last tip best of all! But I'm considering getting that ticket stub organizer for Mr. C. I'm sure he's wondering where to put all the ticket stubs he's accumulated. LOL Have a great weekend. Time's up on Chowdah's time out. That dog should be so grateful that he has a huge fan out here in Wisconsin! Does he appreciate me?? Little sisters can be a pain. ;-)

  13. My husband needs that password keeper. If I had a dollar for every time I answered the question, "what's my password", I would buy my own treat in the blue box!

  14. Know Mister loves his gift and I'm loving all of your picks - especially Mark and Graham! Happy weekend!

  15. My Prince says the best musical of all time is "The Blues Brothers". Love your picks; however, this year I am getting an autographed St. Louis Cardinal #13 jersey framed for the hubs. Practical and something to hang in his Man room. :) Thinking of you in the cold and snow as it will be in the mid 50's here in the Dallas area.

  16. Hilarious. And great ideas. I clicked through to the Mark and Graham website and, oh my, it's a winner! Thanks for the tip.

  17. Well. My lovely wife forwarded this blog for decorating ideas. Yes, some males (straight) have an eye. Here is the secret of Valentine's Day- all we want to unwrap is YOU!!! Make that memorable and we'll remember (and cherish) for years. An organizer?? Just shoot me now!


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