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Monday, February 15, 2016

Just Curious...

Hello, dear friends.  I think that I mentioned that I've had trouble falling asleep at night.  While I am laying in bed wide awake, I have a tendency to go over things that peak my curiosity.  These are some of the things that have been weighing on my mind.  

Does Oprah really eat bread every day and still manage to lose weight?

How happy do you think she is on the campaign trail?

Does Carly really think she looks better in the after picture?

When candidates drop out of a presidential race, why do they refer to it as "suspending" the campaign as opposed to "ending" the campaign?

Will Olivia and the Prez ever get married?

Is he getting bigger or is she getting smaller?

Anybody notice who was missing from Kelly's anniversary show?

How happy do you think the public was to find out that she worked out 3 times a day and got daily massages while she was in the slammer?

Will he serve time or be deported?

Why are these so darn hard to open?

Is this guy for real?

How many tv shows does this guy actually have?

For real or PR stunt?

Is the middle seat person entitled to both armrests?

Do coloring books really help to relieve stress?

Just curious.

I would love to hear your thoughts on these pressing, urgent matters.

Until next time...

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. No wonder you can't are very funny! Happy Monday!

  2. You MUST be a mind reader!! My questions/thoughts/concerns/worries exactly!!

  3. Wicked funny!
    Okay. I do think Carly's longer hair makes her look softer.
    Haven't noticed Kelly looking smaller? Is it
    even possible for her to get smaller.
    She was just in my town signing her book. And no, I did not attend it.
    Doubt her hubby will get deported but I think he should. Feel for their girls.
    Not sure about the adult coloring books. Do you have one?

    1. No I don't have a coloring book because I have 27 other projects that are half done. Have a great week!

  4. Katie...I lie awake sometimes at night thinking about crazy things, too. Like you, I wondered why Regis wasn't there for Kelly's celebration. Missed him.

  5. I think Oprah eats one bite of flavorless, sugar-free, fat-free bread every day just to trick us. I missed Kelly Ripka's anniversary show, but the other day it was on when my son walked through the room and asked what happened to "that girl's granddaddy" — meaning Regis!

  6. Katie you always bring me down to earth and make me belly laugh! I don't watch daytime tv but I do know Oprah has a piece of the action in WW. All of your political observations are on point and hilarious!! I would love to have you to dinner and just listen to you!!

  7. Dogs relieve stress more than anything else. Who can look at a dog and not smile? No one.
    And, Mrs. Trump...I think she's happy if he's happy. She's Eastern European and not as self-centered as most of us American women (me, included). Anyway, she's having a great ride...I hope she enjoys it as HE may be out next President. I worry about all kinds of things too, it's part of being a woman. Get some meds.

  8. Just stopping by to say hello and wishing you a happy Valentine's Day - gee I love your mind when you can't sleep - I ask those same questions.

  9. always!!! I always find a laundry list of things that keep me up at night. Have a terrific week! xoxo

  10. Very funny....hum I wonder too about Melania, neither look happy. But notice they have the exact same expression! You would think that Teresa would crawl into a hole and go away but instead shes out doing press tours, huh??? I like you, think about all kinds of random things in the middle of the night..glad I have company:)

  11. Thoughts to ponder.....Oprah does not practice her "preachings"....obscene to say "I eat bread" and make millions! Kella Ripa looks like she is 12.....I love Regis! The campaign trail is just have to shake your head and laugh at all your questions!

  12. Katie, you are so funny! You always make me laugh!

  13. I think they "suspend" campaign until all bills are paid off and all donations are cashed. Once the books are in order, it can be tied up. I wish Trump would suspend his! I watched Kelly on One Life to Live when I was young and she was a teen! She's aged much better than I. :(

  14. Sleeping problems... ugh.
    Sure Oprah is eating bread every day - one small piece, savoring it crumb by crumb.
    Kelly is shrinking. She needs some of Oprah's bread.
    I think that it would have been too awkward to have Regis back for Kelly's anniversary, because he was let go from the show. Same reason why Ann Curry won't be back for Matt Lauer's anniversary celebration.
    I have to use a rubber jar opener to open those darn med bottles.
    I don't understand why Steve Harvey is so popular.
    I always wonder how much money people earn for certain jobs - like how much Oprah made for her Weight Watcher's commercial? Or how much a producer on the Kelly & Michael show earns?

  15. Great things to ponder!! Oprah and her love for bread --seriously!!? Mrs. Trump does not look all that happy -- Republican contenders keep me awake too -- most are a scary group! How could Kelly not have Regis on the anniversary show and she is getting smaller and smaller??? Good luck with getting to sleep. Hope you are able to catch a nap during the day.

  16. These are excellent things to ponder, I too wonder if Oprah is really eating all that she loves and still dropping pounds this fast. Milania Trup looks like a grump. As for Kelly and Michael, they are cute and she does seem to be getting smaller all the time. Have a great day and thanks for the laughs. It always makes me smile to visit you Katie!

  17. I have the sleep thing going onto!
    But I do not READ the things you do.................OMG you are on TOP Of the WORLD!

  18. I wonder all the time...usually about silly inane stuff that irritates me to no end. Which, of course, does me no good at all. I am not an Oprah fan at all. I think Joan Rivers was less fake. Melania Trump is easily the better half of that marriage. I think he is probably a good father and husband (to her, anyway, ahem), but I think she is equally as strong and can see the bigger picture for their family than what is going on right now. I do not see her life changing a whole lot if he gets elected because she has made it crystal clear that her priority is making sure their son's life is as stable and disrupted as little as possible. I think European women have it over on us in that regard. They are able to recognize their life for what it is and go with it easier than we are in America. Let me just say it, I cannot stand Carly Fiorina or Chris Christie. I cannot. I cannot even stand to look at them. They both need to just go in a hole. Scandal is wearing me out, so I am not watching it now.

  19. I can't really imagine Melania Trump as our First Lady.
    Did not know Regis didn't show up to the Anniversary show!
    And I'll be the only one to chime in on this topic....Yes the middle person should get both armrests! The people on the aisle and the window get the extra personal space and a guaranteed armrest. The poor person in the middle needs some creature comforts. Okay clearly I'm overthinking too much too!!! :D


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