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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Day with Dude

For anyone who has not read my blog for very long, let me introduce one of my oldest and dearest buddies, Dude.  She is not only a great friend, but also a contributor to this blog.  She is my living-on-the-edge fashion correspondent as well as my never-say-die paparazzi on the beat.  You can learn more about her here, here, here, and here.

Last time I visited with Dude in person was five years ago when we enjoyed a delightful lunch at the Bryant Park Grill in NYC.  Our good friend, Mary H. joined us and we shared lots of laughs and old stories.

Last week, Dude came to spend the night in our new home.  We used to call it a sleep over.  We met for lunch first at one of my favorite restaurants called The Rustic Kitchen.  It was a positively gorgeous day so we ate lunch al fresco.

Who knew that we sported the same sunglasses?  And we do the same "chin thing" in pictures... hmmm, I wonder why..

After lunch we decided to burn some calories and do some retail therapy.  Don't make fun of Dude's short, chubby legs.  She's very sensitive about shortcoming.

I asked the sales lady for the highest pair of heels in the shop so Dude can experience what it feels like to be a tall, supermodel like me.

Some lady photo bombed our selfie!!

Dude getting a makeover!  

I told the make up artist to give Dude very dramatic smoky eyes.  Unfortunately, the idea was vetoed by Dude.

Dude brought me a beautiful hostess gift of two gorgeous coffee table books by Mar Jennings, a darling votive, and an ice scraper.  Hope I won't be using the scraper for a very long time!

Before we knew it, it was 5:00 somewhere!  

We read our high school magazine from top to bottom.  We love reading about people who are much more successful than us! 

Why is everyone so darn accomplished and skinny?

Chowdah giving his Auntie Dude a little lovin.' 

Dude has avoided joining Facebook forever.  I got her signed up and I think she kind of likes it!  Dude has 12 friends already!

The Mister bragging about his Mrs. again!

I had a great time with my ol' buddy.  
My Dad used to say if you had enough good friends to fill one hand, you were very fortunate in life.  Dude definitely is on that hand.  Won't tell you which finger, tho!

2 supermodel trophy wives livin' the dream.

Dude and Moi
Convent of the Sacred Heart

Hope you reach out to an old friend today!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. I love the little adventures you have with Dude! So wonderful to have true friends!

  2. Heard there had been Super Star sightings in the area! Now I know who they were. (Thanks for today's laugh.)

  3. Everything looks perfect, especially the shoe shopping and happy hour. It's so great you are close to your old friends now!

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful time with Dude!

  5. Love hearing about you and Dude's escapades! LOL So fun getting to hang out with dear old friends.

  6. Close friends truly are a treasure. :) I am glad you and Dude had time together.

    1. They are a treasure, Pamela. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

  7. Bonjour Katie. I agree with your Dad. I spent the afternoon with 5 friends and it was really nice. It's the end of the school year (I hate this period), my younger daughter is waiting for the results of the baccalauréat. We have just learned that she will study in Versailles next year so... I'll be a (preppy? yes!) empty nester. No words in French to translate this.
    I read very very few blogs, I hope you don't mind I read yours even if we don't know each other. Caroline

    1. Caroline.... Welcome!! Congrats to your daughter. So exciting. Congrats on joining the empty nester club!

  8. I think I want to call my own Dude right now! (Making note of the genius chin pose!)

  9. There's just something special about life long friendships coming out of an all girls Catholic High School! Glad your #1 and #2 will enjoy the same.

  10. I love the saying, "It takes a long time to grow old friends." Relationships like this are a precious commodity. Of course new friends are fabulous, too! I'm looking forward to seeing you next week!

  11. Ellen O'Rourke WatsonJune 25, 2014 at 3:28 PM

    Hi Katie !
    How wonderful to have a friend like Dude ! My sweet Irish Mother use to say the same thing as your Dad " If you can count your friends on one hand,you are blessed" Continued good times with Dude ! You both seem so fun !!

  12. isn't true friendship the best? Looks like a perfect day - hope your weekend is the same!!


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