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Monday, March 10, 2014

Room Reveal ala Gypsy

Good morning, folks.  I'm here reporting in on another Room Reveal.  I'm hiding here because Mom has been locked in her office working her fingers to the bone on the sewing machine.  Doesn't sound like it's going too well.  I didn't know Mom knew so many 4-letter words!  Guess she's forgotten her new Lenten mantra..."Let It Go."  The last straw was when she called Dad at work and asked him to hang some of the curtain rods crooked so her valances won't look so uneven.  

The Room Reveal today is centered around the butler's pantry.  No, we don't have a butler, although I wouldn't mind my water bowl refreshed several times a day.  But for some reason, this is what they call the little room with loads of storage connected to the kitchen and the dining room. 

This is how it looked when the old former owners lived here.

Before all of Mom's Homegoods stuff.

And now for how it looks today...

Mom decided to go with the same blue as in the dining room 'cause it's her favorite color in the whole world!!

These cabinets have plenty of room for all of Mom's roosters.

This little hide away has plenty of room for all of Dad's cutting boards.  He loves cutting boards as much as Mom loves her roosters!

This sink is really, really old and doesn't work.  Dad says he's going to get a plumber to fix it.

Mom says not to bother to fix it.  Just fill it with ice and keep wine and beer cold in it for parties.  I think Mom is just sick and tired of having workmen in her house.

Here's one of Mom's valances. She tells everyone not to look too closely at her handy work.

That's it for our tour, folks.  
Now it's time for my nap!

Hope your day is filled with treats!

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Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Gorgeous!!!! I love what you have tell that mom of yours she did a fabulous job and has earned a well deserved backrub and bottle (oops I mean glass) of wine:)

  2. you had me at blue and white :) simply beautiful!

  3. WAIT!!!!! I think I hear ANGELS singing. Or is that just in my mind. No matter because that BUTLER, I mean the MISTER, has on nifty place to uncork those bottles and chop away, if you decide to use the sink. Absolutely beautiful Katie and the valance it the perfect touch. Please thank your Secretary Gypsy for a wonderful post. R

  4. That kitten is beyond adorable!!! And the dog is pretty cute too:)

    Love how you transformed the room with the blue paint and the open shelves, and the new chandelier that has more crystals!

    I couldn't tell the valances were uneven.
    Am liking your ice in the sink concept - you crack me up with your dry humor - I hate having workmen in the house too!

    It's a beautiful butler's pantry now! Great imagination/vision in transforming it.

  5. What a beautiful butler's pantry!

  6. We are having serious cook's envy over here!! What a fabulous space and it is beautifully decorated! Loving the blue color you have chosen.

  7. Gorgeous!!! Love the way you arranged your shelves and your valance looks great!!! The blue is just stunning....absolutely love it!!! Jealous of all of the storage ;)

  8. So jealous of your space ! I think have a hoarding problem with anything to do with platters, plates and bowls !

  9. Ahhhh...what a gorgeous room! I would LOVE a butler's pantry!!

    Have a lovely week! xoxo

  10. Gypsy, could you please drag me in to see your Mom's home in person? Haven't seen a thing I don't LOVE! BTW which is her favorite HomeGoods?

    1. Hi Denise! I am starting to fall in love with the one in Plymouth because of the parking. Exit 14 is great but the parking lot is treacherous. Have a great week!

    2. Ooohhhhh!!! There is a tremendous chance our paths will cross! See you when the sun is shining and the temps are decidedly higher.

  11. That room looks awesome & I love that blue paint! Karen

  12. Looks great Katie! I like those open shelves and the chandelier is gorgeous. Blue .. can't go wrong with that. I admire your sticking-to-it with all that sewing.. I would not have the patience. xxL

  13. Katie, what a happy room to go into, I bet you love standing in there looking at all your pretties.

  14. Very jealous you wouldn't let me see the 'before' in real life. The sista gets to see.....what's wrong with me?
    Things are shaping up amazingly. Absolutely gorgeous. Remember, my room should be next....needs to be complete by June....moving in for the summer.

  15. It looks beautiful! Rooster decor and blue and white! All my fav decorating looks! Your curtains are lovely.

  16. Love it, the chandelier adds that special sparkle with the lovely blue back round! I enjoyed such lovely weather away in London of all places and now back to the deep freeze!!

  17. what blue did you use on the walls?


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