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Friday, March 21, 2014

Dining Al fresco

Happy Friday, y'all!  So does anybody know when Spring actually arrives on the East Coast?  Rumor has it that bitter temps are on their way back and that much detested 4 letter word has even been whispered.  Say it ain't so!!

So rather worry about the future, I have decided to jump head first into my little dream world of Pinterest.  I hope you join me while I enjoy dinner al Fresco.  By the way, I got so carried away in my fantasy, I had to cut this into two posts.

Love the intimacy of this space.

Love the setting but what really speaks to me is that delicious bread in the middle of the table.

Jessicas Photo
Candles and flowers do the trick for me every time!

Two words:  casual elegance.

Be still my heart!


I can almost smell the salt air.

I've got to find out who lives here and make friends with them pronto!

It's amazing. 



I love the name of this website.  Thanks to this freezing winter, I'm carrying a lot more junk in my trunk.

Calgon... take me away!!

Hope your weekend is filled with warmth and sunshine!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Be still, my heart! I would take any of the above today or tonight, but my heart is feeling and hearing the ocean's waves.

  2. Oh my word, what a sight for sore eyes after being out all day going non stop....perfect post to settle down to with my coffee, what a virtual getaway. Cant decide which is my fave, the Tuscan looking setting, oceanfront or the farm....they are all simply magical and wonderful. With possible snow in the forecast its anyone's guess if spring is actually going to come or not!! Enjoy your weekend....

  3. Spring takes a while. We've had snow on my SIL's birthday--April 10. Thanks for the lovely pictures though. Do people really put farm tables and chairs out on their lawns? It seems like a lot of trouble to get the table out of the house!

  4. Hi Katie,
    What beautiful tablets, all of them! It really does make one long for balmy weather!

  5. So pretty! We ate almost every meal al fresco when we were in California and it was lovely...have a fabulous weekend! xoxo

  6. Katie,
    what beautiful images, makes me long for warm , sunny weather! Can't pick a favorite, loved them all! We had our 1 day of good weather today, back to rain tomorrow and a drop in the temps, makes me want to get under the covers and stay there!!

  7. They are all pretty, Katie. I would love to be at any one of them! xo Diana

  8. I tried to pick a favorite, but couldn't decide! So much prettiness :-)

  9. Katie, so enjoyed the post. I believe you and I are cut from the same cloth. Our homes are our havens and our families are our joy. If you're ever in central new jersey, we'll have to meet for brioche, coffee, and a tour of home goods. All good wishes to you and yours, cathy.

  10. Hi Katie, hahahah....yes, when does Spring arrive around here? Looks like April from the weather reports....and then we will go straight to Summer.

  11. How lovely would it to be able to eat outdoors!! We wont be enjoying that for a few weeks I fear! I love the images..stay warm!

  12. I cannot WAIT for those warmer evenings to kick in so we can enjoy eating outdoors. We have a wonderful area heater that helps with the transitions from seasons:) Beautiful images Katie!

  13. Be still my heart, All of these settings are fabulous and make me swoon. Warm evening a lovely meal outside is heavenly. Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. Cuz, I love them all. One of the beach scenes reminded me when we were kids spending the summer at Fairfield Beach. Weather is awesome right now in Florida. Come take a break from the cold.

  15. I just want to take a trip and dine in each and every one of these places. I can't wait for dinner outside. xo Laura


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