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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Over the Top

I spent my precious time last night in search of over the top Halloween decorations.  I should have been purging my old outdated make up and "miracle" creams  that held nothing but empty promises.  We're making the big move in 13 days and only have two more trash days left.  I have a sneaking suspicion a lot of our old junk that should be thrown away in Texas will be headed for a new life in Massachusetts.  Don't tell the Mister... I told him everything was under control.

Of all the states we have lived in, Texas, by far does everything in a big way.  I don't know whether any of these homes are in Texas, but I think they could be... 

Here is what I came up with in my search.  I don't have any idea where these homes are located.  The last address they had was Googleland.

Now there's a party waiting to happen!!  Who needs guests when you have so many hosts!

Is this the same Auntie Em that lived in Kansas??

I want to meet the mother who had enough patience to carve all these pumpkins with her kids!  Every time we attempted to carve pumpkins somebody ended up in tears.

There is NO way I would let my girls trick-or-treat at this humble abode.  I wouldn't even care if they gave out the large size Snickers!

How long do you think it took this guy to set up this menagerie?

Hope this isn't my new neighbor in MA!!  I can just hear my realtor.... your new neighbor is dying to meet you!

This photo must have been taken in Texas.  Everybody except us seems to travel around in golf carts.  Actually, the ladies kind of look familiar. I think they were the ones on the hcg diet.   

Great looking couple.

A lot of work went into this one. 

I wanna hang out with this lady!

Hope your Halloween is only filled with treats!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Those are all great, Katie...some are even ghoulish! lol xo Diana

  2. OMG! Some people really go all out. Ok, the garage door thing is just gross!!!

  3. Ick on the garage door. I pass a house on the way downtown that has not left one square inch of uncovered space on their front lawn. I think they need a Halloween 12 step program. xo Laura

  4. These are too funny!! Thank goodness we don't have any like that near us!

    Good luck with the final steps in the process of moving! xoxo

  5. So crazy!! Those are too funny, but I think I will stick to pumpkins and mums!!

  6. You know I love Halloween - now I know why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Okay you are holding all the (stuff) close to the vest. So dying to know where what and what everything will look like. Will miss you here in Texas. It is like you are my neighbor. You have done so much so quick and haven't lost your cool at all. No venting, no hysteria==nothing. You are AMAZIN'

  8. Those really are some over the top Halloween houses. Good luck on your move...such an exciting busy time! Happy Halloween!

  9. I'm from the UK, so Halloween is not such a big thing over here - although beginning to catch on and I don't want to seem like a prissy party pooper but it seems like such a huge amount of actual food being wasted. I was just interested to know if this view is ever expressed in the US? It must be something that as I get older (maybe wiser!) I start to think about things like this and the over use of energy with excessive Christmas lights (which is a problem here in the UK). Best wishes for your coming move.

  10. Oh this is too long does it take these people to do this? I would guess weeks!!!!! I am not a big fan of Halloween, though when my kids were younger we had fun going through all the pomp and circumstance. That last picture is just too cute for words. Can't believe you are moving in 13 days....WOW that came upon you fast, huh? Moving onto bigger and better things!

  11. Hi Katie- I live in Massachusetts- about 45 minutes outside of Boston. Where are you moving to? Elle


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