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Thursday, October 17, 2013

For all My Girlfriends... This One's For You...

As I contemplate leaving Texas for Massachusetts (actually, spell- check corrected me on the spelling of my new home state), I find myself becoming very melancholy.  I have loved every minute of living in the great state of Texas.  I have made so many wonderful friends - some still residing here and some that have gone on to live in other places.  

I also think of my life-long friends that I consider to be one of my greatest treasures.  Yes Sista, you are included!  I look forward to spending time with you in person now that I am going to hang my hat on the East Coast.  And to my two nearest and dearest in Illinois - I raise my glass to you as well.   And last but certainly not least - this is for my blog buddies who take the time to read my silly ramblings and leave encouraging comments.  I hope to meet you in person someday.

One of my favorite books is The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan.  I have written a blog about this incredible book in the past.  I came across this video on Kelly's facebook page (yeah, I'm her "friend") and I thought it was very fitting at this time of transition to pay tribute to you - my dear friends who have helped and encouraged me through my life.

I raise my glass to you, dear friends.

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Katie- It sounds like you are very content with your decision to move. That is a big move but I know you will handle it easily. God bless you and I hope it all goes smoothly for you- xo Diana

  2. May the wind be at your back. Looking forward to reading about your adventures in the East Coast. Give 'em hell!

  3. Incredibly moving video....unfortunately I did not reach for the waterproof mascara today. Thank you for sharing...I am going to pass it on to my girl friends.

    Good luck with your move...I was actually just thinking about you and your move today...I was thinking about how I will probably be leaving Richmond when my youngest reach college if I ever want to actually live with my husband again, and while that is still quite a few years away, I thought moving to be both exciting and scary at the same time. That made me think of you and your move and I imagine you feel similar about your move at times...but you will handle it with both grace and humor :) Looking forward to hearing about your new adventures!

  4. All good moves come with some emotion attached, and thats a good things, it means you had good times and good friends there.....and its a great excuse for them to come visit you in your new home and you them! Wishing you luck, smooth sailing and a few glasses of wine as you forge ahead with the big move!

  5. change is scary for sure but change is good. we all look forward to hearing stories of your new adventures in Massachusetts.


  6. You will be going from one great state to another!! It will be a new adventure and with a good glass of wine and that adorable dog anything will be possible!
    Good Luck,

  7. Katie,
    As a new reader I've been enjoying 'meeting' you. As a South Shore resident, I look forward to the possibility of MEETING you - small world and all.
    Best of luck in this new journey and Welcome to Massachusetts!

    1. We just bought a house on the South shore. We will be neighbors!!

  8. I lived in Brookline, a Boston suburb, and loved many things about it. Bring your best and you will do fine. Thank heaven you have your wonderful husband to share the experience with.

  9. Ah, you made me cry...what a wonderful tribute.

  10. Hi Katie! What a warm and fuzzy (or fizzy!) post. Clearly you have made some wonderful friends in Texas. Congrats on your big move and the new adventures ahead. I just added your blog to my sidebar to be sure to keep in touch with all of your new adventures.
    Cheers to you!
    xx, Heather

  11. I have no idea how she could get through reading those beautiful words without crying because I certainly could not as I was listening! Best of luck with your move to MA (the cheater's way to spell your new state's name). I know we will cross paths on one of my trips to visit my kids. Thanks for the reminder for all of us to cherish all of our friends: those we see often, those that live far away and those we only know virtually. All of our friends make our lives richer and deserve to be celebrated!

  12. We hope to sell our home and move out of state. I am a California girl/woman but look forward to new experiences out of state and closer to my son and his family in WA. Blessings to you as you go and get established...


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