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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Who Needs TMZ When I've Got Dude

I have a BIG announcement.  My East Coast Correspondent, Dude, has been promoted to Chief Celebrity Reporter/ Paparazzi Photographer for Preppy Empty Nester.  

I can hear the roar of your applause now...

Seems my buddy Dude was strolling along in Soho last Saturday and spotted the one and only Kelly Ripa and her handsome (just ask him) husband Mark Consuelos struttin' their stuff.  Being the super ambitious reporter that Dude is, she followed them for several blocks and reported they did not speak one word to each other.

The girl on the phone is reporting the sighting but my girl, Dude GOT THERE FIRST!  

The past four pics were shot by Dude.  The next couple were included in a gossip rag on the Internet.  Dude got their first!!  Thus, the promotion.

Talk show host Kelly Ripa and husband Mark Consuelos spent yesterday (September 29, 2013) shopping and eating at Cafe Gitane with their kids MichaelLola and Joaquin in New York City. Mark Consuelos is just so darn handsome. Yes, I’m jealous of Kelly Ripa.
Her attractive family wasn’t the only thing that was noticed during the family outing. Kelly was rocking some very fancy and sparkly shoes. Her $515 Miu Miu gold glitter and suede ankle boots were something to behold. Not everyone can pull them off. I’m not even sure if Kelly Ripa pulled them off?


The Mister probably wouldn't talk to me much either if I spent $515 on goofy shoes like that.  Then again, if I brought home a paycheck equivalent to Kelly's, he probably wouldn't mind...


Another big scoop ala Dude... Frank Gifford aka Mr. Kathie Lee at the Giants Game.

Hope tomorrow feels like a Friday!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Bet you're looking forward to living within reasonable driving distance of Dude! Just think of all the escapades you can go on together.

  2. Ha! Those booties are gosh awful!! I am sure someone could take a pair of boots found at Goodwill, sprinkle with Martha Stewarts glitter and come up with the same thing for $5!!!

  3. Katie, as always, you crack me up. Terrible, ridiculous shoes! She's lucky she didn't break an ankle!

  4. How does she walk in those things?

  5. Dudes has earned her paycheck! Iam impressed. Not so impressed however with the Dorothy on steroid shoes:) Sorry, just not getting them and on her teeny tiny little frame, its just not working, maybe on Beyonce? Now Mark on the other hand is just fine! Fun post....who needs talk TV when we have you and Dude!!
    PS Working on responding to those questions and will do a post on it hopefully this weekend!

  6. Dude is really on top of things, but those are the ugliest shoes I think I have ever seen. xo Laura

  7. Hi Katie! I'm just catching up my fave blogs are a crazy week and a bit of surgery. All is well here. No wonder 'Dude' got a promotion. These are fab shots of Kelly and Mark. Those shoes...I've seen them in all the mags-definitely a statement piece.
    Kelly and Michael crack me up.
    Happy weekend! Heather xx (Ps-loved the pearls in your other post! Classic and chic!)

  8. Way to go Dude! Totally deserved the promotion!!!

  9. The dude is seriously on her game! Pictures of Kelly Ripa always make me want to go to the gym.

  10. Someone should tell Kelly they look like clown shoes. Remember, the emperor proudly wore his clothes until the child pointed out he wasn't really wearing any. Maybe Mark was hoping no one would recognize him if he kept quiet.

  11. Congratulation to Dude! A very well deserved promotion, indeed. I do like Kelly and Mark but do NOT love those shoes. Just because you CAN do something (like buy these awful $515 shoes) doesn't mean you should! (PS, I also love that you referenced TMZ.)

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