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Monday, May 6, 2013

Dining Around the World al fresco

Last week, there were a couple of days that were rainy and unseasonably cold.  So instead of feeling sorry for myself (which is my favorite sport), I pinned lots of beautiful photos, ate a pint of ice cream and polished off a jar of jiffy smooth (crunchy is too many calories).
Hope you enjoy these beautiful images as much as I did pinning them!

Cliffside cafe in Gourdon, France
Gypsy Purple Travels
As beautiful as this is, my palms are sweaty from looking at the height.

Rest Romance, Venice 

Sarlat, France

Cafe Italiano

Cannes, France

Swedish Roof Garden

Mykonos, Greece


and speaking of Italy...

 Would not mind having a cocktail or two at this little bungalow of George's...

I would be in heaven here.  No one loves gyros more than me!!


Bet you can't guess where this is located....

Necker Island
Live Journal
Looks like a blogger's Paradise!

Rayavadee - The Land of the Princess
Sounds like my kind of place!

It wouldn't even bother me that the chairs were uncomfortable in this gorgeous spot!

Bonsoir, mon amis!
(I didn't take 10 years of French 1 for nothing!)

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Calgon take me away...oh, and throw in the crunchy, calories and all! LOL

  2. I enjoyed seeing these pretty spots - I love outside dining more than anything :-)

  3. How nice to travel the world from the comfort of my chair.

  4. Beautiful images! I was in Paris last year and I'm anxious to go back.

  5. LOVE this post.I kept thinking thats where I would want to be until I scrolled to the next picture...they are ALL amazing. I would so love to be in Europe right this minute,I would tell my husband its important business all in the name of "investigative research" to see which country offers the best al fresco dining, care to join me? :)

  6. These are all gorgeous! Have you been to the steak place on the McKinney sqaure? I was looking around and thinking that might be a great spot for our next meal together! Markus is excited to meet the Mister!

  7. Incredible Katy. I do enjoy Al Fresco dining and your post has some gorgeous settings. One can dream. Thank you again for your prayers and sweet words. xo Linda

  8. So beautiful ... would love to visit.


  9. I so love en plein air dining!!!! As most life path 5's are.. Lol


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