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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sweet Graduation Treats

In honor of my #1 nef's graduation, Sista and her Mista is hosting a dessert party after  the graduation lunch given by his school.  
Since I will be her #1 assistant, I took the liberty to research Pinterest and some other sights in a quest to find the most incredible graduation desserts.
It's a tough job... but somebody's got to do it! 

Doesn't Martha live in Connecticut?  I bet she would be more than happy to stop over and help us out!

OMG... these look good.  How many WW points do you think this little beauty has??

Double threat!!!



share dessert
How many points do you think all four of these have???

Cute... but ours would never look this good.


Light bulb moment!

Maybe we could just buy these... 

Let's scratch this one - too healthy.


I bet I can figure out how to make these.  A few may be missing the peanut butter cup tho....

Triple threat!

I know I'm going to have sweet dreams tonight...

celebrations for home
So darling.

Crissy's Crafts blogspot


Sista, considering our history of baking together, I will be sporting a new accessory in the kitchen to keep my girlish figure in tact.

You haven't seen me for awhile, Sista, but this really is me.  Guess the botox is paying off.

Hope y'all have a very sweet day!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Dessert is always easy! Great ideas. We had Tex Mex (since Katie was heading to Texas) and also a chocolate fountain along with a candy bar (all in her college colors). The kids loved it!! There are pics on my blog.

  2. These ideas are adorable! I had a huge dessert table for both my daughter's grad parties - the biggest hit with the kids were the giant rice krispie squares and a slushie machine :-)

  3. Wherever Sista lives run don't walk to the best bakery! Have fun...always

  4. Love all your cute cupcake inspiration! But I am craving a sweet treat;)

  5. I think anything with a mini Reese's is fabulous. Having bags of mini Reese's in the house - DANGER! DANGER!


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