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Friday, September 22, 2023

That's Entertainment!

TGIF!  I hope that you had a productive week.  I am taking the Mister out for lunch today because he has finally ended his cataract journey.  He also is being recognized for being PEN's Employee of the Month for the 100th time in a row.  Mark my words... the Mister is going to be CEO of PEN's Dynasty sooner rather than later.

On Sunday, we will be celebrating my #2's thirtieth birthday.

 Where did the years go?
  I have such sweet memories of my girls growing up.  This was the year that I sent them to belly-dancing school so they could start earning college money.  I worked it out with their preschool that work comes first, and they will be there when they can.

Now I know what you're thinking... there is no way that a young thing like Katie could have two girls in their thirties. If I told you that I gave birth to my belly-dancers in my teens, would you believe it?
I'm just going to assume you do.

Here is the rundown on what kept the Mister and I entertained for the past few months.  If you have any suggestions for us, leave a comment.

This show is powerful as well as very sad.



This was one crazy story.

My non-golfer #1 told me to watch this, and I really enjoyed it.
It gives you a birds-eye view of what it's like to be a professional golfer.

We loved this show.  Everyone I know who watched this, including Sista, could not stand Kerry's dirty hair. 
It didn't bother me because I was looking at her husband. 


This one is pretty good.

This tickled my funny bone.


I wasn't crazy about Season 1, but Season 2 was very good.


Nail-biting suspense!


It's sappy, but it helps to cleanse the palate after watching some shows on Bravo.

Brit Box

We just finished this and enjoyed it.  
I am a big fan of Keeley Hawes.

Fun fact:  did you know that Keeley is married to Tom of Succession fame?
You heard it here first, folks.

Another fun fact: 
And the other star, Toby Stephens, has a very famous Mama.

Write that down. 
That is great cocktail party trivia.
You don't even have to write me a thank you note.


If you love domestic thrillers, this show is for you!
The Mister didn't like it as much because the storyline revolves around a wife who wants to kill her cheating husband.
It always bothers the Mister when I take notes.


We love this series. 


This was really fun to watch.



The Mister watched it and liked it.

 It's tense but good.


This was made a few years ago.  
It's another show about the atom bomb.
The Mister liked it more than me.

This is another series that was made a few years ago.
It's based on a true story; we thought it was really good.



We rewatched the entire series and liked it better than the second time around.

This was a second look at a true crime case of a Texas woman accused of murdering her friend.



Another series where the second season was better than the first. 

Depressing ending.


This was good.

Very good true crime.




Fasten your seatbelt; this one is a wild ride.


I read the book - the show was better.


Very funny.

A slow start but pretty good.



Fun and crazy.


I enjoy all of the Below Deck franchises, but this captain crew is my fave!

I wouldn't recommend watching the trailer if you have a weak stomach.

With the exception of a couple of the ladies, I am enjoying the new cast.
View at your own risk.

Last week I told you that I ordered these pants.  They arrived, and they are a soft spandex and fit like a glove.  And the best part is they come in tall and petite.


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Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Feel free to contact me through comments and email. I love to hear from my readers!


  1. We really enjoyed Hijack - we watched from the beginning so had to wait until the following Tuesday for each episode, then they changed it to Wednesday. Talk about suspense!

    1. I got sweaty palms watching some of it! We need more shows like that! Have a great week!!

  2. Thanks Katie, some of these look great! We loved Bad Sisters on Apple tv, it was released last year-you may have already seen it.

  3. I'm enjoying the new season of RHONY. I was so tired of Ramona & Sonya's schtick. We've heard so many sad stories, I think they should rename it Real Housewives of Childhood Trauma.

    1. I love that!! I think you should send that to Andy. Maybe he will have you on WWHL and I could be the bartender.

  4. I think I've only watched like 3 of these! Thanks for all the suggestions.

  5. Katie, I subscribe to a lot of blogs but yours is my absolute favorite, hands down. You have a great sense of humor — I laughed out loud above when you said Mister gets nervous whenever you take notes during shows like Wilderness. Haha. I also always like the clothes you post — we have very similar tastes. Thanks for the fun blog, every time.

    1. Ellen, thank you so much for your kind words. Have a great week!

  6. Hi Katie-
    The Mister has really been such a strong & silent PEN employee. It’s so kind of you to take him to lunch! His recipes are legendary!
    I second so many of your viewing suggestions-lots of great content
    I’ll comment on one that many might pass up if they don’t golf(tennis player here).
    Full Swing an excellent watch. Even if you don’t love golf. Our son was an honour caddie for 6 yrs through college and beyond at several dream courses -he just got lucky
    But the best part is-he treated his rounds as if he’d taken patient /doctor confidentiality when retelling his father and myself about his day. Oh, the antics on the links. But he’d never disclose the person. It was all Mr. S, or Mrs. A or Judge. Let’s just say. He witnessed a chucking of every club out of the bag, cart wheeling into the sand trap, cart abandoning and then some. From perfectly sober, nice people. That game will challenge the most level headed.
    Precious days.
    Dallas, Tx

    1. Dana... it sounds like a show needs to be made. Real Golfers of the Southeast? You heard it here first, Andy Cohen!!!

  7. Another funny post. Wrote down many of your suggestions.
    Did you watch DopeSick on NetFlix? It was so good. Started PainKiller but could not get
    into it.

    1. Hi Melissa... I did not see DopeSick but I will put it on my watch list. Have a great week.

  8. Meant to type my name because I can only comment anonymusly. The above post was my Melissa

  9. Ohhhhh how can it already be #2's 30th Birthday??? It feels like just last year I took her to Sunny Acres for Halloween fun when she was around 4! You had just moved back to Illinois for a brief time, those were some fun days... Loved Jury Duty and thought they should have filmed several of those fake juries at the same time in different locations, I never wanted it to end. Wonder who will scoop up the main juror ~ he's too lovable to not see him again. Lots to read and watch, you never steer me wrong.Thanks Katie! KTG

    1. I remember it well and have pics in our very special photo album! Jury Duty is one of my favorite shows of the year. Have a great week, KTG!

  10. It is always fun to read your reviews! I love Virgin River... a bit sappy, yes, but I love it. Nice that your hubby is done with his cataracts. My second is scheduled for Oct. 11. Can't wait to get it all done. Happy birthday to your daughter!! Celebrate well!! xo

  11. Everyone I know watches & loves Virgin River. I think because it's normal. We thirst for normal. Wonderful & fun post...so happy that you're back. xo

  12. That is a lot of shows! Thanks for the recommendations Katie!

  13. I am loving the NY housewives - and especially Southern Charm - who would've thought Craig would end up being the sound of reason and the normal one? LOL

  14. We LOVED Night Agent and can't wait for Season 2. Now, going to check out one of the tops you listed because I need "one more" top. :o))

  15. Great recommendations on video, Katie! I don't have netflix anymore but will probably join when The Crown comes back. I did know about Maggie and Toby but not Keeley! She's a fave of mine. Happy week!

  16. If you like Nicola Walker, you’d love Last Tango in Halifax.
    Also, Peaky Blinders is a fantastic series. Cillian Murphy is amazing.


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