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Friday, March 24, 2023

The Friday Files


I hope that you had a good week.  I have been flying solo for the past couple of weeks.  The Mister had a consulting gig in New Orleans.  While he was feasting on jambalaya and gumbo, I was nursing two pups with tummy troubles.

The mission came into focus on Monday night.  Millie began Operation: Keep Mom Awake All Night at approximately 1:15AM with a loud bark and an ear-piercing whine. She proceeded to sound the alarm four more times until it was time to get up.  

I was given a night off, and Millie passed the baton to Chowdah on Wednesday night.  He took his task seriously and with a vengeance. At this point, a full night of sleep was a distant memory.

I am happy to report that Millie has fully recovered, and Chowdah is on his way.

I am featuring dark circles and a surly attitude. 
 The Mister's heart must be aflutter, knowing he is coming home to two smelly dogs and one grouch of a wife.

Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Take a look at this gorgeous home in Montecito owned by designer Suzanne Tucker.

This lovely Dallas home was designed by Jan Showers.

Check out the rest of this Lake Burton beauty.

Want to get rich?  Netflix is going to show you how.

I've got an idea - Netflix could lower its rates.

We had two beautiful lilac trees outside our kitchen window in Massachusetts.  One of the things that I miss from the old homestead.  Anyway, if you plan to plant blooming bushes, you will find a guide here.

Baking soda is not just for baking.

This story deserves a shot.

Will there be a spinoff?

How would you feel about never having to enter an airport terminal again, when traveling?

This would be me.

Have you ever heard of Giethoorn?
It is known as the Venice of the Netherlands, and it looks heavenly.

This looks cute.

I love Mafia movies.

I read the book and loved it.

I've got to run and clean the house before the Mister gets home!

J Crew is having a big sale.

Lots of colors and prints.

I ordered this one.

Half Price!

Half Price

Madewell is having a 25% off everything sale.

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  1. Sorry about the pups! Hope you get some good sleep soon. Also, would love to skip the terminal when flying!

  2. Oh my how I wish I could do a hula hoop and vacuum at the same time!!
    I don’t think I was ever coordinated to do those two at once! I say skip the cleaning & go grab a blanket & a book and read on the porch off the kitchen. Enjoy your weekend!
    m in hi.

    1. I took your suggestion and blamed the messiness on the dogs. Have a great week.

  3. Always a delightful read Katie - you always bring a smile to my face!

  4. Katie, I don’t know if you saw my stories on Instagram to see the Stella Mae was in the animal clinic ICU this week, her intestines were shot due to ingesting icemelt off the bottom of my husband‘s suitcase who had also been out of town. I hope your pups are so much better. We are still debating on our Europe trip but are supposed to leave Sunday I know she’ll be in good hands with my mama and the vet close by.

  5. Love the shirt you chose for yourself.I love these house tours. Surprised myself by loving the Montecito one the most. Showers and Whitman should've exchanged outfits for that side-by-side photo of the two of them! One of them is looking old. Love that tobacco leaf tablescape she had. Sorry to hear about the pups. Sounds like they've had what a lot of people around here have had (not us, but my poor little granddaughter can't get a break!). Have a great weekend.

  6. Haha, and I recognized that beautiful waterway in Giethoorn from one of the episodes in a previous Amazing Race. Contestants had to navigate those canals to get to the end of a day's race (referred to as the Pit Stop).

  7. Sorry to hear you're so tired and run down; though I am making a note to myself not to swap out kids for dogs when they move out! LOL.

  8. So sorry about the puppy woes! What did they have? Cute clothes today! Happy weekend Katie!

  9. Nothing wakes one up faster than the sound of a dog vomiting! Do you know about JSX airline? They are semi-private & leave from executive terminals. The great thing is that you can take your dog for free as long as it sits at your feet. The fares aren't crazy when you consider that you can get there 15 minutes before flight time & you know your luggage won't be lost!

    1. No kidding. That sound penetrates the deepest sleep!

  10. Beautiful homes and clothes! Thanks for the lovely wish lists!! Have you seen The Offer about the making of The Godfather? Such a great series and so interesting about the real mafia and the struggles getting that movie made. (And my cousin, Justin Chambers, plays Marlon Brando in it.) Glad the pups are better! Have a good weekend with the Mister home! xo

  11. Hello Girlfriend! Hub and I finally took our 30th year anniversary trip (Spain was cancelled last year due to their forest fires and World Covid-19) one year late and instead of heading east, we headed southwest….
    So we came to Cabo (hey they speak Spanish so it’s similar…right?) anyway, we are at the most amazing resort. Garza Blanca. Fab food, incredible service, the chicest and hippest rooms. Such a happy a beautiful place. First time in 15 years that I put an “out of office” on my email and I must tell you it is very freeing. The last time I was in Cabo was 40 years. Did I just say that out loud!?!?!? There was NOTHING between the two little towns of Cabo and San Jose de Cabo except one tiny but stunning resort Twin Dolphins. They say it’s still here but very different and built up..too bad because it was very beautiful. Anyway..enough about be…
    Laura Geller…..love her makeup. I just started using her “Better thanBare Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 50+. Excellent product. Light weight and great for summer. It does cover my sinner spots somewhat and evens out my skin tone. I also have Quincy-n-Tint Hydrating Foundation and this I use in the Winter and it it AMAZING!! It is more coverage than the Better than Bare. I also use her baker bronzer and her Baked Blush-n-Brighten Marbleized blush….both great and last about 50 years and if you drop if..it’s not going to shatter into a million little pieces. This is one brand to try Ladies!11 they ALWAYS HAVE SALES..GREAT SALES…..
    Girlfriend …as they say, they need to make an alarm of a dog starting to throw up…it will get you out of bed fast than any sound in the world, except maybe …” open up..this is the police”. Love you Michelle from Hinsdale

  12. I love Friday Files ... even if I don't read until Tuesday! Sigh. So sorry about the poor pups ... and poor you. And poor Mister ... he definitely has my thoughts and prayers. I hope and pray his homecoming was a happy one. So you sent me down a lot of rabbit holes today ... none deeper than the JCrew sale. In my defense I'm going on vacation and need stuff. xo


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