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Friday, March 3, 2023

The Friday Files


If you watched the news last night, you know North Texas was hit with a whopper of a storm.  Fortunately, we came away without damage, while many were not as lucky.


Lucky for us, our top-notch Storm Team was on high alert.

On another note, my #2's flight from DC was canceled, but she managed to get on a later flight.  According to my Find Friends app, she made it home safely after midnight.  It's 5:30 AM as I write this, which is a little early to wake our girl.  The Mister and I get in big trouble when we awaken our Sleeping Beauties too early.

I put my verdict watch on hold through all the excitement of the tornado sirens.  I was shocked when Sista texted me that Murdaugh had been found guilty.  It was not the verdict that stunned me but rather the short time it took.  I was relieved that the outcome did not end as I expected - with a hung jury.

Being chosen for a jury is no cakewalk.  I was on one years ago, and it was an interesting experience.  It sounds like a blog post for another day.  Have you ever been on a jury? 

How's this for a mud room?

More of this charming home designed by Phillip Thomas can be found here.

Take a gander at this magnificent 1940s cottage designed by the talented Maggie Griffin.

Jen and Ben are in the process of buying a new nest.

This Concord, Mass. couple decided that their home needed a refresh.

Back in 1966, Truman Capote hosted a Black and White Ball.
A famous composer is now turning this glamorous event into a musical.

Interesting history of the Queen and her crown.

If you are a soup lover like me, here are 30 easy soup recipes.

Are you hoping for engagement news in your family?
Rachel Ray may have the key.

A certain family member sent me this "helpful" article.

Here's an interesting article about whether Global Entry, TSApreCheck, and Clear are worth it.

Here are my 2 cents: We have all three.  The only one we have not used is Clear because it is never available in the terminal that we are in.

Here are a few tips about making it through baggage claim quickly.

Read about Katie Couric and her Mister's adventure on a blue whale expedition.

If you love TJ Maxx like I love TJ Maxx, you are going to love reading these trade secrets

There will be a remake of one of my favorite movies coming next month.

BTW... I use this in my training manual for the Mister.

Peter Pan has been reinvented since 

my day.

One of my favorite authors pays tribute to her dog, Toby.

Would you trade a grilled cheese for this?

Another one of my favorite Instagrammers.
Steve Greig adopts senior dogs and gives them cute names, and writes humorous, heartfelt stories.
A cute article about him can be found here.

Cute suit with tummy control (my two favorite words).

Cute tweed dress.

Comes in petite!

Petite too.

Lots of cute colors.

Great transitional piece!

This dress isn't on sale, but it's under 40 bucks.
I ordered this one and the green one.


All pants on sale.

My favorite source for Spring/Summer handbags has some darling ones on sale.

20% Off all Lighting 

Yup, all lighting.

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  1. Hahaha. Love the idea of your training manual. And I too have a sleeping beauty daughter that would not enjoy an early morning call. Enjoy your weekend!
    m in Hi.

  2. Glad you made it through the storms. It is not fun listening to those sirens.
    Always such pretty finds for us to look through.

  3. Fun stuff Katie! I'm sure Jen and Ben will be quite comfortable in their new house!

  4. I can't wait to hear the TJMaxx trade secrets. Dallas really got the brunt of that storm. By the time it got down here, it was just some wind - no rain! Have a good weekend!

  5. Great bunch of links! I've got to study that 1940s cottage. Darling! I thought the Murdaugh jury would be hung too. I was on a jury a few years back. It was a one day DUI case so nothing too exciting, but it was an interesting experience.

  6. Storms are so scary, I dread hurricane season, ugh! Glad your daughter made it home safely. Can't wait to hear how you like those Target dresses - love that blue print and that shade of green has become my obsession lately!

  7. We moved from Fort Worth 2 years ago and while I don't miss the Texas weather I do miss seeing what nice looking suit Pete Delkus will be wearing while giving the forecast!

  8. I'm so happy the dogs were ready for the call if there was any risk to home and parents. Haha. I love the Ina interviews. I've marked my calendar.
    Can you believe spring will be here before we know it?
    Karen B.

  9. I love your Friday Files! If I ever win the lottery I plan on having James Farmer and Maggie Griffin decorate for me­čść. I love everything they do. Happy weekend Katie!

  10. yes on a jury trial over a 5 pound dog biting an 80 pound dog. I could not believe this was not settled in mediation. oh and it began on the monday leading into Thanksgiving.
    Forgot to tell you I shared your reading watch list today!
    We had dinner with our #1 and her fianc├ę. It was a foodie call ( free dinner). ­čśë We got sn hour of snow last night! My husband had not heard the details of the trial but he watched a documentary about the first death of the girl. I may sign him up for your blog! happy saturday with your chicks close to the nest! ❤️

  11. I was shocked the verdict was so fast. They must have been itching to get out of there. I'm so glad you and yours were safe during the storms. Scary. And Mary Martin will always be my Peter Pan.

  12. Glad you all survived the storm, without your crack storm team being called into action. I too was surprised by the swiftness of the verdict. And the post-verdict hair style change as well. My mister is big on the Clear as is quite irritated with me for not renewing mine. I had it when it was rolled out eons ago before they had their own lines and it felt like you were cutting. My mister didn't mind it at all ... but I was mortified. Anyway, my global entry expired and you're minded me I need to get it renewed ... state. Ina's having Stanley on?!!! I'm so excited ... I love this new format for her. Happy weekend! xo

  13. Glad your weather wasn't any worse. We northerners had freezing rain, ice and snow. One of my son's was on his way on a 7 AM flight out of Grand Rapids MI for a direct flight to Vegas, to be a lead speaker at a 3 day conference. After several hours sitting on the grounded plane, he then had several more hours in the airport AGAIN...then a flight to...BALTIMORE MD! Then finally a flight to Vegas. He got there at 1 AM. He was not a happy camper.
    I was called for jury duty some years ago. The case I would have been on was such a sad story, I was so glad I wasn't picked!


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