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Monday, March 6, 2023

Prime Time


I hope that you had a good weekend.  Our weather was beautiful.  The Mister and I decided to take advantage of it.  We spent it walking around McKinney Square.  It is one of the reasons that we chose McKinney as our forever home.  It is chock-full of darling shops and restaurants.

I couldn't believe how many compliments I received on my new purse from Pamela Munson.  It is so cute and the perfect size.

I took some pics for your viewing pleasure along the way.  

I thought this charcuterie platter was so cute.  
It's a great shower present.

I bought a couple of these reminder towels for my girls.

We had a delicious lunch at Harvest.
The carrot hummus and sweet potato chips were to.die.for.

Speaking of reminders, I will frame this photo for the Mister's desk to keep him in line.

Today, I am linking up with my friend, Tanya, over at The Other Side of the Road for my favorite link-up Prime Purchases.  Stop by to find out what other bloggers are buying.

The pear trees are blooming, which means allergy season has arrived!
I use this every morning and every night.
I use the big guns when I get sinus headaches.

Instant relief!

Save your money. 
Too gooey for me.

I think Millie is playing tricks on me.
I have a million pairs of glasses, but I can never find them.

I must go up and down the stairs about ten times a day. 

They can get pretty slippery.  


The Mister suggested that I get a matching shirt.

He's a regular Jerry Seinfeld, folks.


Love the nubs!

I never knew they made a washing machine cleaner!

Leave it to the Mister to find this.


The Mister bought me a bigger size.



Millie, the maniac, got ahold of the Mister's earphones.








The Mister bought this for my office.
He said that it smelled like wet dog. 

Hmmm... I wonder why.



Seems to calm the scratching.


Getting patio-ready!


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  1. What a lovely weekend for a lovely couple! The sign cracks me up. I just read on somebody else’s Amazon post that you could get Bath and body on Amazon, I had no idea. Have a lovely week ahead gorgeous!

  2. I love my Pura(s), is this your first one?? Please do a post on the scents you like and don’t like after you have used it for a bit. My favorites are the Nest Holiday and Lafco Champagne and Sea&Dune.

    1. It is my first and I will definitely keep you posted. Thanks for the tip!

  3. The allergies are insane here right now. I'm ordering the nose spray (sinex) since it has been in my cart since you last posted it! Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases!

  4. Why is it always so interesting to see what other people buy from Amazon? I'm also buying all the allergy things I can get my hand on right now.

  5. Such great find and buys! The shop you visited looks really cute and how fabulous is that charcuterie platter!

  6. Yes, I'm told that cleaning your washing machine is very important. I had never done such until we moved into our new house and got all new "fancy" appliances. I even put one of those tablets in my dish washer. McKinney is such a neat town, we haven't been in 4-5 years so we need to come back and let you and the Mister show us around. Happy week!

  7. McKinney sounds AMAZING- glad you had a great little weekend! Such great Amazon finds too :)

  8. Hello Katie. McKinney looks amazing and a fun place to shop. You always have great Amazon finds. Happy Monday!
    Pam @ Everyday Living Blog

  9. I use the FLONASE AS WELL.............its available at COSTCO now as well.

  10. Oh I am not looking forward to allergy season... that is the only thing I don't like about spring.

  11. I started drinking Liquid IV thanks to the Mister. It really helps since I live in Las Vegas. Does he like this new brand better?

  12. I love that charcuterie platte and kitchen towel. I have 3 weddings and 3 showers coming up and it a perfect gift. Could you provide the store name?

  13. I want to visit McKinney just to go to that little square! I love the singe and available sign - hahahahaha!!!

  14. I was in that shop with Evan last summer. If it’s the one on a corner Evan walked in took a pic of all the mud pie stuff snd sent it to his sister! Ine of the sales ladies don played soccer at Evan’s university. Small world! Happy Day friend!

  15. Thanks Katie, I'm going to get some of those socks, I love wearing stuff like this when I'm at home!

  16. Hey girl…I was just in Allen last weekend taking my granddaughter dress shopping for her first middle school dance next month…I didn’t realize they let babies go to dances cuz that’s what she still is in my eyes๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜“…anyway I digress..we went to Watters Creek to shop. Cutest lil places to shop and eat and it’s all walkable! Had high tea at Edith’s cafe which was so fun for the 13 and 10 yr old, not to mention for their YaYa too!!!! Check it out if y’all haven’t gone yet!!!

  17. Hey there do you remember the name of the shop with that cute charcuterie mud pie white tray? Evan-Ethan and I went in there and wondering if they have an online shop! Thanks sweetie. xo laura


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