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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Beach Weekend with Sista & Co.

Hello, dear friends.  The Mister and I spent a most delightful beach weekend with Sista, BIL, our sweet Nefs, and their darling fur babies.  We celebrated Sista's 75th birthday.

Sista and her family rented a beautiful home for three months in Rosemary Beach, Florida.  We had heard many wonderful things about this area from Sista, as well as our #1 and Adorable Jonathon.  They have vacationed there a couple of times and fell in love with the area.  As a matter of fact, Adorable Jonathon popped the question a couple of towns away in Seaside.

The house is magnificent.  
Plenty of room and so tastefully decorated.

Lovely pool, too!

One of the many great features of this house is that it has two master bedrooms.

Our first stop was lunch al fresco at la Crema.

This is Sista's rescue, George Clooney, who was named after my first husband.  Wiley, the Goldendoodle, is next to him.

Sista and her family take the fur babies everywhere, including most restaurants.  It's a very dog-friendly town.

Cheers to the weekend!

After lunch, Sista and I burned some calories getting in some retail therapy.

Darling nefs!


The first night we had dinner at Sista's favorite restaurant, Pescado, which is minutes away from their home away from home.  Not only was the food fabulous, but it has the most stunning views of the sunset.

The next morning, the Mister and I were up early, so we decided to hit Amavida.  The rich coffee hit the spot, and the people watching was topnotch.

The rental was within walking distance of great shopping and lots of restaurants.  This is another beautiful home in the 'hood.

Many of the houses featured glass lanterns, which are my fave.

This is the Pearl Hotel, which was a contender for our royal wedding.

Speaking of weddings...

Back at the ranch where the Mister was perusing Real Estate listings.

Btw... he fell head-over-heels in love with Rosemary Beach.

We spent the morning with Sista, who gave us a stupendous grand tour of the surrounding areas.  This is the beach in Seaside, where Adorable Jonathon asked my girl that life-changing question.

Isn't this pretty?
I love the greenery on the fence.

Along with great restaurants, Seaside offers fun food trucks, as well.

This darling book store was packed!
Go Indies!!

After our grand tour,  we met the rest of the family for lunch a George's at Alys Beach.  Since the restaurant was named after him, we felt it only fitting that George Clooney should sit at the head of the table.  Wiley, their Goldendoodle, sat to his right.

Birthday girl!
She looks relatively good for 75!

Here, the Mister is filling George in on our two hooligans.

This is Wiley and George's happy place.
Rosemary Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen!  
The sand is so fine!
Perfect for long walks or playing fetch.

Have I mentioned that Wiley is also a lap dog?
Hopefully, this Summer she will meet her cuz Chowdah.

We spent our last evening at Amici, on Inlet Beach.
Another fabulous night to top off the memorable weekend!

Until next time...

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Feel free to contact me through comments and email. I love to hear from my readers!


  1. Lovely pictures!! I cannot believe Sista is 75!! I’ll have what she’s having!!

  2. We rented a house in Seaside several years to accommodate both our children and their families. Total of 13! It was a glorious week and one of our great memories. Being that I am 75, I'm comfortably assuming you aged Sista in jest. What a memorable ? birthday for her and you as well.

  3. Your sister looks amazing for 75! Can not believe her age!

    I’ve spent time in Seaside and Destin
    but hear great things about Rosemary Beach. Photos look great.

  4. What a lovely place!! Thanks for the tour! Looks like you all had a wonderful time!!

  5. I really need to put this one on our bucket list since it's driving distance. I did go to that area a few times in the 90's on girls' trips, and the beach is so gorgeous! That was before all the Seaside developments arrived, I think.

  6. She is NOT 75 and will probably hate you forever for telling us that!! I bought a t-shirt years ago that said Rosemary Beach (bought it in P-Town for $3) and I had to google where it was! Was it cold? Visiting Seaside is on my Bucket List!

  7. You guys have more fun than anyone. George Clooney is adorable. Both your ex-husband and the darling dog!

  8. Great post, but I don't know if you'll be reading this comment. Sista may have killed you by now because you said it was her 75th birthday.

  9. You were only a few minutes from me. I feel as though it has been a cloudy and cool February, but I forget that my idea of cool isn't the same as everyone's idea of cool. Glad you had fun! Happy Birthday to Sista!

  10. Katie, we love the 30A area ! All of the beach towns are so lovely and those are my most favorite beaches...emerald water and sugar white sand. Rosemary Beach and Seaside are wonderful places to rent or perhaps buy!

  11. I've heard sooooo many wonderful things about Rosemary Beach. We may just need to go and check it out. And, I assume that Sista is more like 55. Beautiful pics!

  12. We go every year for our annual family trip....all the kids, wives and grandbabies. We'e rented the same house every yr for last five. 14 of us in all....always a blast. It's also
    where our annual gal pal trip is based and my BFF from WA state just bought a place on 30A as well so you can see, I spend a good bit of the year down there. Only an 8hr drive for us.

  13. I hate to keep saying been there done that....but I loved 30A. Rented a condo right on the beach at Secrest this summer with my two daughters and three granddaughters.We had the best time. We did drive over to Rosemary . It is so beautiful. I was also amazed at Alys Beach. It is the one with all of the a luxury white homes. Keep blogging Katie, you are so good at it...Janey

  14. Looks like a fantastic place to stay #alittlebitofeverything@_karendennis

  15. Rosemary Beach is beautiful and not to far from my beach house in Orange Beach! The Alabama and Florida panhandle beaches are breathtaking. I am so glad you enjoyed good weather and fabulous restaurants, summertime gets very crowded! Happy Bday to Sista!

  16. Any break from winter in New England is welcomed! I'll assume that you transposed Sista's birthday and she's 57.

  17. Honestly, your sistah does not look 75. You both look fabulous! Love your adventures and recommendations.

  18. Looks like a fun weekend and if Sista is actually 75 I am going to have to hide in shame. xo Laura

  19. I see you've discovered our favorite beach vacation getaway. My old stomping grounds and you'll find me here every spring and fall. I recognize a lot of the spots you enjoyed and one of my all time favorite book stores. Sounds like it was a great trip and sister time (my sister always meets me there too) so I'm wishing your Sista a very Happy Belated Birthday!

  20. What a beautiful area and that house rental is amazing!!

  21. Can't wait to see where you go for her 80th. Better start planning now, Sis. Or has she put the kibosh on traveling with you ever again ...

  22. Now this is a lovely way to celebrate a birthday! Yes, Rosemary Beach is indeed beautiful and trendy....as is Seaside...there are hidden little community gems along the way also....looks like a beautiful family gathering....we have one rule when we are on our beach trips...no watches...hugs from Texas!

  23. Nothing better than celebrating with a sister in a warm and beautiful place like the South Walton Beaches! We stayed in a Seaside cottage several years ago when my #1 daughter was attending SFU grad school. Your sister's rental looks fabulous (and huge! - plenty of room for a stowaway sister for more than just a weekend!). Love your trip sharing, makes me want to go!

  24. Tell Sista George is absolutely the cutest...if she's speaking to you! :)

  25. I want the products your sista uses! :0). Sending you huge thank you! My page views have increased 585% since Friday! Now I need to Google the area! xo laura

  26. wow, what a gorgeous area, looks like you all had such a wonderful time. Now to Sista... I thought you had a typo because she looks a good 25 years younger than that. What great skin she has!! runs in your family!

  27. You sure know how to travel. Lots of fun and beautiful scenery. Your sista cannot be 75.

  28. Oh my, I’ve been dreaming of Rosemary Beach for what feels like forever. It looks even more fabulous than my dreams. That Sista ... 75 and still a mover and shaker! Did anything come of the Misters real estate perusal? xo

  29. Happy 75th to Sista! She must have had her children when she was 60! :> I think poor Wiley got the short end of the stick until he got to sit on your lap. He is so cute. Rosemary Beach looks so charming, I am adding it to my list of beach visits.

    Annie G


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