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Friday, March 20, 2020

A Corona-Free Friday Files

Hello, dear friends.  
I hope that you are all feeling well and continue to stay healthy.

We've had some rain here.  The weather peeps promise sunshine and temps in the 70's this afternoon.  I am starting a new book on my walk today.
Sunshine and a new book - what else can a girl ask for!

My Mister is still commuting to Boston every day.  The only good thing about it is that his drive has gone from an hour and a half to 40 minutes.

I feel like I've spent more time with this guy than my own husband!

Actor Jeff Bridges sold this Montecito ranch to one of the most famous women in the world.
Any guesses?
To see more pics and find out the identity of the iconic woman, click here.


Take a gander at this breathtaking Philadelphia Farmhouse.


Here is a tour of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor's pad in Nassau.
It's for sale, btw.


If your reading taste is royal this weekend, I highly recommend this book.

Here are 11 quick dinner ideas.  
The best part is you may already have the ingredients in your pantry.


Here are some scrumptious recipes if you are bored and in the mood to bake.


Here are 65 yummy meals that you can make with them.

Are you in need of some dining room eye candy?
It's right here.


Have you found that you have some extra time on your hands?
If you have young ones, you don't have to answer that.

Have you thought of tackling some organizing projects?
I have.
I'm not saying I did it.
But I thought about it.

Here are some organizing before and afters that are remarkable as well as inspiring.

Good news!
This fabulous movie will be On Demand today!

More good news.
Late Night is on Amazon Prime.

I will be watching this over the weekend.
The Mister will be on his iPad, pretending not to watch.


Are you looking for some family-friendly movies to watch?
Here are 30 of them.


Here's how to stream TV without paying a dime.


If Opera is more of your thing
 this good news will be music to your ears.


Here's a way that you can tour a museum without worrying about your social distance.


Here's the scoop on Ann Lowe, the designer of Jackie Kennedy's dress.


I posted this on Instagram a couple of months ago.  
Does your pet stare at you?
Here's an explanation.


Do you have a recurring dream?
I do.
My dream has to do with having my wallet/purse/suitcase being stolen.
Why can't it include a cameo of George Clooney?

Anyway, here's a list of the most popular recurring dreams.

And if yours is not mentioned, you can look it up in the dream dictionary.

News flash:  Nordstrom has a 25% sale going on, which includes the entire store!

Even beauty!  So naturally, I did some re-ordering of beauty products that I am running low on.

Love these!

I was going to order the cleanser, but when I saw this deal, I ordered this set instead.

I ordered a couple of these through Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty this week.


This mascara is one of several items that are half-price today.
I've never used it, but I'm going to give it a whirl. 

I can't tell you how many crisp white shirts I have in my closet.
This one is on sale.
There's always room for one more.

I took care of replenishing my supplies.

I've got to stay hydrated.

My favorite snack to get me over the mid-afternoon slump.


I will be doing full reviews on these books next month.

Plenty of twists and turns in this page-turner.
I just finished reading this one and enjoyed it.

Can you spell escapism?
I started this one last night, and I can't wait to get back to it today!

I just finished listening to this one.  
It kind of reminded me of the show Dirty John a little bit.
This one comes out next month.

I'm starting this one today on my walk.
I'll keep you posted.

Stay healthy!

Until next time...

The only ones that are happy about Mom being housebound.

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  1. Oh my, that Philadelphia farmhouse is so beautiful. Thanks for this great post, Katie! It's nice to think about other topics. Take care, Jenn

  2. Those house are beautiful and fun to look at. I tackled most of my organizing before this all hit so our house is in good shape. I do want to see what I can create for our porch with what we have on hand and also organize the last closet.

  3. Thank you for the diversion this am Katie. I am getting lots of stitching done this week. I love to bake and I am trying to keep from gaining weight so I have not given in yet...Yet being the operative word. I am reading and Amelia gave me the first season of Gilmore Girls to watch. It is her favorite tv show and I hope to sit down and watch it today as I stitch. Yall stay well.

  4. Hmmm!!! Yummy food and beautiful houses. I'm feeling an urge to eat and to move. The first is happening way more than it should and the second isn't going to happen at all. xo Laura

  5. That organized fridge is impressive. I love that farmhouse also. I have given up shopping for Lent, so I am doing such penance in looking at your shopping tips. I love those recipes for leftovers, I plan on using them.

    Thanks for all of the laughs, we need them.

    Annie G

  6. Thank you for lightening the mood with this fun post. I can't wait to watch Emma! Stay safe and healthy!

  7. Always fun and informative! Going back to explore! Thanks, Katie!

  8. I've thought about tackling both organizational and remodeling projects around the home but have yet to actually tackle anything. I did watch Little Fires Everywhere and I was kind of disappointed in it (only because I loved the book so much and just read it recently and the show is deviating from the story slightly).

  9. What a great round-up. Those desserts look fantastic. I've aready clicked your link and pinned.

  10. I have such a crush on Tony Fauci. I hope he doesn't die before I get to meet him -- or invite him to my imaginary dinner party! Lovely books listed, Katie! Thanks!

  11. You literally touched on everything! Great start to my morning. Thank you my friend!

  12. I am a little late checking in, but I always enjoy your Friday files. You collect a collection of fun reads. I love home tours and the first one of the Montecito Ranch is lovely. I have relatives who live in the Santa Barbara area. I grew up going every other year to visit as a little girl. Those photos look like I remember it as I haven't been in ages. Now I only one cousin left out there.
    I am going back now to look more at the organizing pictures as I DID do a redo in my sewing room, but I might get some more motivation.
    Take care Katie.

  13. Hi Katie, First _ I love our new profile picture! Love it! Love it!
    I love this list! I love Jeff Bridges! And, his taste in property!
    My "boys" are going crazy. One came home with two puzzles and Hungry Hungry Hippos!
    We just finished McDonalds documentary! Loved Doug the FBI agent.
    And, plan to binge a few movies that are on demand now! Sunshine here in Colorado! Making plans to get boys back to their campus rental and dorm to pack up their stuff and put in storage. laura

  14. PS Love your new profile pic & how did I miss the Nordstrom sale? Ahhh thank goodness for online shopping, I might order a couch if Crate & Barrel ups their discount percentage! ha

  15. P.S.S. Sharing on the Weekend Edit sometime this weekend. Love the Friday Files! laura

  16. I know I am always going to have a lightened heart after reading your post, you didn't disappoint. What fun to tour beautiful dreamy homes. I will go through these again at a more leisurely pace today. So much eye candy to enjoy. Thanks for the info about "Emma" and I will definitely enjoy watching that with so much time at home. Take care and keep your happy posts coming.......

  17. I would be quite content in Jeff Bridges' Montecito ranch if I could move it to my land in the Adirondacks. LOL

  18. I do love seeing homes for sale and how they are decorated. I think I need to go on more virtual tours of homes this week.BTW -your header is fabulous! #MMBC

  19. Jeff Bridges house - now Oprah’s - reminds me so much of Meryl Streep’s house in It’s Complicated. Wonder what Oprah plans to do with it? I watched Emma over the weekend ... my idea of a perfect movie. Swoon. Our dogs are thrilled with quarantine situation. Both parents home, good food inventory and dog walking is a sanctioned quarantine activity. xo

  20. Nice Design, maybe I can create a nft out of it. Jungle


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