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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Over 50 Girlfriend Gifts Under 50 Bucks

Hello, dear friends.  Baby, it's cold outside!  If you haven't heard by now, I am not in the least bit fond of cold weather.  But I hide it well.  Just ask the Mister.  No, on second thought, you better not.

Have you started your shopping yet?  I spent most of Monday morning ordering online for my girls and my new son-in-law.  They all sent me a list that included the links.  There is something to be said for having adult children who know exactly what they want. 

As you may have guessed, today's post covers gifts for your girlfriends, daughters, sisters, or as in my case, myself.  Only kidding, Mister - I didn't order all of them.  Maybe half.   

I have a couple of these on our first floor, and you can inhale the heavenly scent throughout the house.  You would almost think our fake tree is real! But how can that be?  It's not even up yet.

Because my man is a safety freak, we warm our candles as opposed to burning them.  By the way - the scent is just as strong, and they also last longer.

I love these chunky sweaters.
Now, if I overhear someone using the word chunky, I can assume they are talking about my sweater!  

This goat cashmere wrap comes in several colors.
Am I the only one who hasn't heard of goat cashmere?

I have a cape similar to this one that I bought after Christmas a few years ago.  I got it at J Crew for a song, and I love it because it hides a multitude of sins.
The Mister says I look like I should be on Call The Midwife.

Great deal on these It brushes.

My #1 is a pro at contouring.
I haven't conquered the art but ordered this anyway.
If you don't hear from me for a while, you'll know what I am doing.
Don't look at me weird if I have streaks all over my face.



Cute jams!

Pottery Barn

They call these Teddy Bear robes.

Pottery Barn

I need this.


We had our make up done before the wedding.  The bride was using one of these ice rollers to de-puff her face.  She told me that she keeps it in her freezer and uses it before she applies her make up.
I'll have what she's having.



One of the few things I like about chilly weather - I get to wear my cozy slippers.


12 Days of Party Prep.
Cute idea only I may need 120 days.


I like to give a nice hand cream as hostess gifts during the cold months.


It's one-stop showering - it's a shampoo, and a bath and shower gel wrapped into one!
I wonder if Philosophy ever thought of adding a dessert topping to the mix.


Great gift for the girl with chapped lips.


Sephora's best sellers in one box.
Btw... not 15 minutes ago, I got an alert that these sets are 40% off!



If your pal is continuously complaining about her frizz, she will love this gift.
Especially at 40% off!!


Great deal.

Nordstrom Rack

Does your buddy have a foot fetish?



For the friend that may need a little hydration besides wine.



For the buddy that needs a little color in her workout.


Last Call

Mrs. Adorable loves Kendra Scott!


I have a pair of these.  
I can never find them during the season.  
I should start the hunt now.
That way, I won't have to put up with the ribbing at Easter.


70% off and comes in a variety of colors!


For the lady who does not let a big purse define her.


I know a few people who should be carrying this tote.
I could tell you who they are, but then I'd have to kill you.

Draper James


banana republic

For the traveling lady, a place for her jewels. 


Does she need a Calgon take me away moment?



If she is a fiction fan, I highly recommend these two novels.


Is she a Downton fan?



Does she enjoy entertaining?


Who doesn't need a comfort blanket?


I wear this hat on my walks when it's freezing.  It keeps me warm, and the sound quality of the earphones is excellent.
I'm trying to talk myself into putting it on and venturing on a walk right this minute. 
So far, my lazy self is winning.


Does your buddy whine about cold weather as much as moi? 
I need one in every color.


Speaking of warmth... a friend of mine told me about this thermal wear, and I'm so glad that she did.  This incredibly soft, silky thermal top adds so much warmth without the bulk.  I have been wearing one even under my dress clothes.  
Don't tell anyone.
I don't want anything to interfere with my sex appeal. 


Livin' the dream!


It's no wonder people call me a wise #@$!


The Mister bought me one of these a while ago because he was sick of drinking wine with pieces of cork in it.
Some men are sooo picky!


Is your buddy is hard to get ahold of because her phone is always out of juice?
Who doesn't love a gift that gives a subtle hint? 
I bought one of these for the Mister for Christmas.
He found it in the closet and is using it now.
Little does he know that I'm going to throw it in a gift bag and hide it under the tree.
Lucky he only looks at the pictures when he reads my blog.

Aren't these Kate Spade tech-friendly gloves adorbs? 


I know just the girl who could use those mittens!

If you are looking for more gift inspiration, check out my gift guides for your Millennial, your gadget guru, your foodie, the reader in your life, and some hostess gift suggestions.

Until next time...

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  1. Great ideas! I love the gingham workout gear. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Well, I think I counted 7 items I want to go and check out, for me, NOT for gifts. :o)) Always enjoy your recommendations.

  3. I think I look forward to all your Christmas ideas more than Oprah’s list!

    1. Thank you so much Jennifer. You made my day. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Wow, you compiled a great list of gift ideas Katie. I've also been doing shopping and I see some of the gifts here. I love the candles and I haven't tried the warmer, yet! the Anthro jams are always so my shopping list and this year they are adorable. Sister and DIL, check. Now, I see a few things I hope Santa chooses for guess who :) Happy shopping.........

  5. I think I need that ice roller and the Sugar lipsticks. I am putting them both on my Santa list.

    annie g

  6. Those chunky sweaters are super cute. I just don't want anyone to mistake me for a Puffalump. Although a Puffalump would probably bring more on the open market than I would. xo Laura

  7. Excellent choices Katie! I'm a little late to the shopping party, but I'll be back here when the time comes! :) Happy Season!

  8. Loving all the gifts...Hubster just bought me several of them for Christmas. He is so pleased some of his shopping is done (by me)!

  9. So many great gift ideas... mostly for myself but that's OK! ;)

  10. Great ideas! The books, the chunky sweater!! I may use some of these for my own Christmas list!

  11. I wear Cuddleduds all winter - you need them in New England. Anthropology always has cute pajamas. I like the candle warmer you recommended earlier - I use it on all my candles (after I microwave them first to start the melting process).

  12. You are totally speaking my language with all the warm robes and jammies and slippers! I am always excited to receive those as gifts! And I love the idea of a candle warmer as opposed to burning them. Thanks for sharing and linking up.


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