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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Gadget Gift Guide

Hello, dear friends.  I hope that you are enjoying your weekend.  We saw another movie yesterday, and it was excellent.  It had an interesting premise, and naturally, the acting was superb.  The Mister kept reminding me that he chose it with smug satisfaction.  If there is one thing I can't stand, it's a gloater!

Speaking of the Mister, the reason I concentrated on gadgets this week is that I have been desperate to find some gifts for him.  You have never seen a sadder face on a man as the Mister's when I hand him a neatly-wrapped shirt box.  He is like a child - he doesn't want dumb old clothes for Christmas.  All he wants is toys.

The most challenging part of this dilemma is that when he wants something, he just goes out and buys it for himself.  Then, when I ask him what he wants for Christmas, he tells me that he doesn't need anything.  

Here are some gadgets that have come across my radar. 

Do you have a lot of remotes hanging around like we do?
This little beauty will replace eight remotes.

For the person who likes to take videos, this little number is light and compact.


The Mister hoards battery packs.
This is a solar charger.


A perfect gift for the biker or the person who locks their luggage. 


I put this on the gift guide every year because the Mister loves his so much.  
He likes to show any innocent bystander his really cool keyring.

This is for the person who enjoys target practice and hates bugs.

I had to put this on because I have never seen one of these.


For the person who needs to keep their treasures dry.

For the driver that needs to keep her eye on the road as well and her speed limit down.

Are you listening, #2?


You will be everyone's favorite neighbor if you host a party and show all your vacation pics on this compact projector.

Who wouldn't want to see you in a Speedo?

And if they won't come to you, you can go to them with this pocket projector.

For the night runner.

Safety first.
They'll be sure to see you if you double up with knuckle lights. 

And this jacket would brighten your favorite biker's day.

I know I'm like a broken record about these beanies with headphones.

Is it my fault that I want to spread music around the world?


A hand-warmer for your favorite peep who has cold hands and a warm heart.


Does your favorite runner need some new earphones?
These are sweat and weather resistant. 


A Bluetooth bathroom scale that not only tells you how much you weigh but 17 other measurements!  


This is 2019's answer to the mood ring.  It is an HR monitor, step counter, sleep monitor, calorie counter, and wrinkle eraser.

OK, the last one may not be true.
I just wanted to make sure that you were listening.


Great reviews on this computer pen.


This pen is used by Swat team members and Navy Seals.
That's it - the Mister will love it.


Is someone on your list looking for an indoor/outdoor security camera?


We gave one of these to my inlaws, and they love it.

Another handy-dandy tool that the Mister will get a kick out of.
Its a flashlight, lighter, and capsule for secret messages.
It will keep him busy for hours.

This is another product that I include in my yearly gift guides.  
It has helped keep peace in our marriage.
I no longer have to call the Mister at work and tell him that the internet is down.
He no longer has to placate me by telling me to unplug the modem and plug it back in.
It never worked anyway.


This is a great gift for the person who has a dog who is the Casanova of the neighborhood.

This is the perfect gift for the frustrated lounge singer.


He'll like this super-duper shower speaker too!


My new son-in-law had one these on his list.
We'll get him anything he wants just to make sure he sticks around.


Great stocking stuffer gift for your favorite beer drinker.


For the guy/gal who would rather talk than type.


For the nostalgic computer nerd.
Welcome to your new old keyboard.


Parlez vous Francais?
If you are like me and took four years of French 1, this little language translator would be a godsend.


The Mister keeps sniffing around the air fryers when we shop.
I put this on to remind me.


This is another repeat of past years.
The Mister still uses his magnetic wristband.


For the person in your life who likes to serve meat extremely well-done or practically raw, this would be an appreciated gift by all of their guests.


For the chef who strives for a pristine grill, this would cut his/her cleaning time in half.

Disclosure: I've never cleaned, let alone, used a grill. 


This is what I call a back-handed gift.  
I can wrap it up and gift it to the Mister but I hope to benefit from it. 
This mask is made for the person who snores.
When he begins to snore, it will deliver a vibration.
In other words, it's kind of like a bark collar for snorers.

I can't wait to see the look on the Mister's face when he sees his new toy! For the first time in his life, he'll wish I got him a sweater!


Maybe I'll get this one, too, as a back-up.


A telescope and magnetic pick-up tool in one! 

14-piece survival kit for the brave at heart.

Does your man need a little encouragement with his grooming 

I bought one of these for a friend's birthday and she loves it.  
She and Alexa really hit it off.

Adorable Michael told the Mister all about these smart plugs at the wedding.  The Mister was so excited that he ordered six of them on the plane. So now we have lights going on and off randomly at all times of the day.  

Thanks, Adorable Michael, for helping us to live life on the edge.


My son-in-law also had these noise-canceling headphones on his list.  I could have used them back in the day when his wife was a teenager. 


This is a password vault.
I think I definitely need one of these. 


If you need a dose of artificial intelligence to take your game up a notch, this toy is for you!


These are a favorite of the Mister's.
It makes a cute stocking gift.


Are you in need of a gift for a germaphobe?
Promise to wash your hands before you hand it to him.


Does your man need some organization?

No excuses for not picking up your call!


This is one of the gifts that the Mister bought for himself last year.  He brought it on a couple of trips and the picture quality is great.


Another back-handed gift.


Last resort gift.

If you need some suggestions for what to get your bestie, click here.

I will be back on Thursday with a gift guide for the Cook.
A special guest helped me write it.
I'll give you a hint:  He knows his way around a kitchen and he loathes getting clothes for Christmas.

If you are looking for more gift inspiration, check out my gift guides for your bestie,  your foodie, your reader, your millennial and some hostess gift suggestions.

Until next time...

Joyce Romero

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  1. I was dying at the eye mask for snorers. My husband so needs this. And then scrolling down to the follow-up photo with the jaw sling and nostril enlargers sent me over the edge. Excellent!

  2. So many unique ideas and a literally laughed out loud at some of the descriptions. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. Goodness, this post must have taken you hours to prepare. I'm not going back to check out several of them. Thanks for doing the "grunt" work for me. WE have the Harmony remotes and they are wonderful! We had to be trained to use them and of course, had a tech guy set them up for us. :o))

  4. Katie,
    This saved me hours of searching for ideas for my tech husband and two adult sons. Thank you so much!

  5. The bug assault gun is absolutely amazing! My nephew-in-law will love it!

  6. I hope my husband doesn't see those snoring prevention gifts. He would love to give me that back-handed gift! Also, he loves the bug zapper gun. Thanks for all the ideas. Men are seriously the hardest to buy for!

  7. This Is the best, most comprehensive technical gift guide that even Mr. Nine and the boys could not put together. You are wonder woman! And I will be getting 25 of those rings if it will erase wrinkles. A true story: I typed every single college essay on the old-school type writer!

  8. Katie, thanks for doing all the work for me! You have included gifts for all the men in my life. Have a wonderful week!

  9. Wow! That bug gun would be a be hit around here!!!

  10. Holy gadgets! That's a lot of gadgets! I like to receive clothes for Christmas but who doesn't love gadgets/toys, too! There are a lot of great practical ones on your list. Thanks for sharing and linking up.


  11. I think you've got the gadgets for him category beat! Great list! Merry Christmas, Katie!

  12. These are some great gadgets! My father in law is a "gadget" guy and I'm always stumped on what to buy him.

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