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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Gift Guide for the Foodie

Hello, dear friends.  How is your week going?  Ours has been wet and cold.  It actually worked to my advantage because I got all my inside decorating done and wrapped gifts while catching up on A Million Little Things.  Boy, do I ever love that show!  

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from my friend Cindy from Rough Luxe Lifestyle.  She asked me if I would be willing to join a group of bloggers for a gift guide post.  When I heard the list of participants, I felt like I was back in high school and invited to sit at the cool girl lunch table. Unfortunately, that never happened back then, but it did today!  Please stop over and take a peek at my cool friends' creative, thoughtful gift guides.

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Hello Lovely
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Rough Luxe Lifestyle

After I received Cindy's email, I asked the Mister for a theme suggestion.  He kind of volunteered to talk about some of his favorite things for cooking.

For those of you who are new to the blog, my Mister is a CIA graduate and an ex-chef.  He was an Executive Chef at several hotels, including PGA, lead the team for the Democratic National Convention dinner, and even cooked for and met Prince Edward and Prince Andrew.
 I hope that Jeffrey fellow wasn't hanging around. 

Take it away, Mister!

As my wife may have mentioned, when I want something, I don't wait around for Christmas.  I ordered this pizza oven a few weeks ago and have been playing with it ever since.

Katie said that she hasn't seen me this happy since I bought my midlife crisis car.  
By the way... that was my present to me last year.

A pizza can be made in minutes.

Mmmm Good!
This beats a sweater any day!
I've cooked chicken and steak in it too.  
All in a matter of minutes.

BTW... I may have told Katie that pizza cooked in this oven has 0 WW points.

There are a few variations of the oven.

OONI pro propane option


The OONI 3  is a smaller and much more portable unit and is fantastic using pellets.


OONI 3 Propane option


I wanted a cart with enough storage and wheels so I can push it in and out of the barn.



Bluetooth grilling thermometers guarantee perfect grilling every time!
Is there a better name than Meater?


Number one gave me these 2 years ago, and it is the most used appliance in my kitchen!


My favorite tongs.
They are one of the few that have a hook and locking mechanism.


These Fish Turners are strong, sturdy, and flexible.


This is definitely a "why didn't I think of that?" file.  
You will never have to chase anything into the flames again!


Summer party for 8, no problem! 
Paella to the rescue, easy, and everyone is amazed!


My new best friend!
I even bought one for my office, too.  
It gets a daily work out.


In fact, it has become my breakfast of choice using this little device and...


... a tablespoon of MTC Oil for a "bulletproof Espresso breakfast."


I have to admit I personally don't own an air fryer.
...are you listening, Katie?  
But one of the guys at work has this one, and I think he uses it every day!


A little low tech but still the best tech.  
These are not just for salmon.  
I suggest you try:

 cherry tomatoes and shaved fennel 
grilled asparagus and Portabello mushroom 
finished on a Cedar Plank.


And since we are talking low tech, another favorite of mine is to use the cast iron griddle outside on the grill!

Bacon and eggs for the gang with no cleanup! 


This is a great set.
The best part... it's cordless!

Carbon Steel is all the rage. 
We have been using it in professional kitchens for years.
The rest of the world is learning what they have been missing.


another best kept secret....a best use item for any kitchen and saves clean up time

Our #2 gave this to me for Christmas last year.  
It is my go-to for finishing almost every menu item.


Once you try unfiltered olive oil, you will never buy anything else.  It carries the distinct flavor of olives and not of pepper, like so many olive oils.  It is fruity and rich in polyphenols, which are known for their antioxidants. 


If it drops below 50 degrees, I don't want to go outside.
 This little grill comes to the rescue,  dishwasher cleanup, and no smoke.  
This is the perfect winter kitchen gadget.

Some of my favorite cookbooks:

I read an article about these ladies, so I ordered their cookbook.
They also have videos.
These ladies can cook!

Joanne Chang has several restaurants in Boston.


And when all said and done, the number one most crucial kitchen gadget...whether it is scotch, whiskey or bourbon it is all about the ICE! 


Thanks, Mister.  
Great job.
Now you don't think for one minute that I would end my post here.
It's time for me to put in my two cents.


We gave this set to the newlyweds when we were in NYC a couple of months ago.  Not only do I love the color combo, but they quite large.


If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I own several pieces of the MC black and white check.
After visiting the MC store in NYC a couple of months ago, I have developed a wandering eye for this pattern.
Don't tell the Mister.



How cute is this lamp?
I wish I had room in my kitchen.


I have owned three of these coffee makers.  
It's not fancy, but it makes a heck of a good cup of joe.



These are my favorite kitchen gadgets.

Perfect for Weight Watchers 1 point mini muffins. 


I like to wrap a pretty kitchen towel around a bottle of vino and tie it with a big bow as a hostess gift.


For your favorite cat lady.


or Dog lover.

Here is a list of my favorite books that are not cookbooks for foodies.


Mouth-watering descriptions of Italian food.


Her first and her best. 


I met this lovely author, who is a Pastry Chef in Boston.
This book is also a favorite of my buddy, Annie's.


I loved this one.


Last but certainly not least...
Stumped as to what to bring to your office White Elephant party?
Not to worry.
I've got you covered.



Here's a little advice.  
If your boss chooses your gift and asks who brought it 


If that doesn't work, order item below.


If you need more gift ideas, stop over to my Gadget Gift Guide, my Girlfriend Gift Guide, Hostess Gift Guide, and Millennial Gift Guide,

Until next time...

The Mister and his favorite sous chefs.

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  1. Ice molds are going on the list for my daughter’s boyfriend! Also, I need to learn how to make pizza at home. Have only found 1 place that makes pizza I really like here in FL. Most places make NY style, which is not my favorite. Yours looks delicious.

  2. Oh my gosh can the mister join our group every year? My husband, my son, son in law, daugher and daughter in law are going to be all over this list. You may have done my shopping for me. My husband knows two people that could use both of those coffee cups.FYI you are the coolest! Thanks for joining us Katie...LOVED this list.

  3. I had no idea that the Mr. had such amazing credentials and had met royalty. Wow! Thanks for all the gift ideas. I'm putting the coffeemaker on my wishlist, and I was thrilled that some of your foodie book recommendations were available in audio at my library. Have a happy Thanksgiving week. Can't wait to check out the other gift guides.

  4. Katie - I needed this list. Truly. The ooni thing...ooh la la, it may be mine since I'm totally a pizza girl. Also a WW girl to manage Crohn's disease so none of the humor was lost on me. :) Thank you for curating an incredible collection for us. :)

  5. My son received the pellet pizza oven last year for Christmas. It is amazing. The pizzas rival Pepe’s.

  6. Loads of pretties but those cat towels rock!

  7. What great ideas! My middle son is a budding chef and asked for a few items like a kitchen scale and a set of cake pans that make little cups. I'll have to bookmark some of these for when he gets a little older.

  8. As I have said before, your Mister is a wizard in the kitchen. Love seeing the things that he recommends!

  9. That pizza oven is the bomb! We have a couple of friends who have one and they pizzas are just soooo yummy! Great choices for holiday shopping overall!

  10. I really think you need to get rid of the courtly check and go with Royal check - it would be perfect in your kitchen!! I started my girls on their collection of Royal with canisters, dish towels, utensils and salt and pepper shakers! I LOVED Blue BIstro . (I thought a bit about Susan Branch when reading it!) . BTW, you can find room for that lamp!!!

  11. My husband enjoys cooking too - especially on the grill - so I appreciate all of the Mister's gift ideas.
    PS: If you drooled at the photo of the sticky buns on the cover of the Joanne Chang's Flour Bakery cookbook, the bakery sells them (unbaked) on the William-Sonoma website - soooo yummy.

  12. Both gift guides you shared are amazing and so helpful! Glad I had a perusal and Definitely have some ideas I hadn’t had before. Thanks Katie! :)

    That’s amazing you have your very own executive chef at home! I wish I had one too! :)

  13. HI Katie,
    Mister had me at CIA. SO many questions. Okay, so can you ask mister about the hottest craze in Denver... the Traeger. My brother has one and my (first) husband wants one. Is it a grill, is it a fryer? We have our new kitchen so I feel like he should have a little something for the backyard since I got my "she-stove."

    Be careful... you may have a contributor added to your blog! xo laura in CO

  14. That pizza looks amazing, do you deliver? Love the Flour cookbook, I use it often.

    I hope Santa is reading this posting.

    annie g

  15. I am thinking I need the pizza oven, it would make my hubby happy! I am a a definite foodie, but I think I should just visit with you since you have a live-in chef! Great list Katie!

  16. The Mister is definitely speaking my language with this amazing pizza oven! I love new gadgets for the kitchen. Such a great list! Thanks for linking up.


  17. Happy Pink Saturday, Katie. Thank you for joining us, and making Pink Saturdays even more special. You are welcome to join us every week. I would appreciate being included in your link to list.

    Love, love, love this post. We are definitely foodies, too. This post is being featured in my Pink Saturday post this week as "the one with the most clicks".♥

  18. Awesome gift guide - the Mister has some great ideas! Thanks for linking up to Best of the Weekend. Your post was one of my features this week. I will also be pinning and sharing on IG stories this weekend. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy the long weekend...which may even be longer with this snowstorm on the way!

  19. Thank you for sharing at the Fabulous Friday Linky Party! We hope you can join us again this week >> https://abiggreenhouse.com/the-super-fabulous-friday-linky-party-10/


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