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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Destination Wedding Take 1

Hello, dear friends.  How's that extra hour of sleep working for you?  As far as I'm concerned, one hour is never enough.  

Holy Guacamole, what a whirlwind of a week! As most of you are aware, our #1 married her adorable Prince last weekend. 

I did not take many pictures because I put my iPhone aside and donned my hostess hat tiara instead. Most of the photos shown here are courtesy of some friends.  The above darling shot was taken by Coco, who was kind enough to share her album with me.  My boyfriend, John, also bestowed the same kindness.  And my buddy, Delaney, used my phone to take only flattering shots of moi.  

This was our first pre-wedding photo.  
The Mister and I always have to take a pic of our parking level because we are old and forget a lot.

Our dear friends Annie and Bob were on the same flight.  We had a quick breakfast together.  Needless to say, there were no pics taken because it was before 6AM!  

I told the Mister that the MOB cannot fly coach.
After nagging for days and whining for weeks, I won out, and it was so worth it.

This pic was taken after I told him that I'll never fly Coach again. 
It looks like he agrees, don't you think?

We arrived at the St. Regis Punta Mita late afternoon, and we were all greeted by the bride and groom and the groom's family and friends.  It is customary for incoming guests to be greeted with ice-cold margaritas.

This is the spectacular view from the lobby, otherwise known as the money shot. 

The bride and groom popped by our room as we unpacked and delivered this darling gift bag.

Included in the bag was this colorful map, which was designed by Jessica LoPresto, who is a graphic designer for Lilly Pulitzer. This is her IG account and Etsy shop.

Bride and MOH

Groom and Best Man

That evening, we met the groom's family for dinner and to discuss the final details of the wedding.

The next day was spent at the pool reading and noshing on shrimp cocktail, guacamole, and watermelon margaritas.  We also welcomed our guests as they arrived. 

That evening, we met some friends for a drink.  Remember my buddy, Skinny Delaney?  She sent me these wine glasses a couple of years ago.  So, of course, I had to wear them!

Most of the guests arrived that day.  The bride and groom greeted them that evening to a Welcome Bonfire.

Proud Mama!

Our buddies, Annie and Bob are such troopers.  Bob had surgery on his foot a week before the wedding, and they still came and added so much fun to the festivities.

Skinny Delaney and her hubby Bob flew in from Pennsylvania for the festivities.

From left:  Julia (who recently got engaged and lives in the same building as the bridal couple); the bride; Ashley, a buddy from TCU and Coco, another TCU friend and also the fabulous photographer who took a lot of these pics.

John's parents and my parents were best friends as well as our next-door neighbors.  John is the baby of a wonderful family of eight and always has held a special place in my heart.

BTW... has anyone seen my glasses?


Adorable Michael, Caroline, Ann, and Nef #2 getting acquainted.  Ann and her late husband were also dear friends of my parents.  I babysat for Caroline, who now has 3 darling children. She is the one who put the Southport Garden Tour together.   

There were plenty of Horned Frogs at the wedding.   (L) Ryan, Christina, Kristen, Mac, Kiley (who works with her Dad, Matthew Trent and designed the bride's engagement ring), and Miles, Kristen's hubby. 

Adorable Michael and the MOG.

Let's see if you were paying attention.
Name these people.

Julia recently became engaged.
Her Instastories are hysterical!
She chronicles her life in NYC.
The lovely lady on the right is Coco, who is responsible for many of these photos.

Tim (Julia's fiance and the subject of many of her Instastories) and my #2.

The bride is thinking: how am I going to hide next month's credit card bills from my new hubby?

She's her Mother's daughter.

Shall I test you again?
Btw... John is also responsible for many of the photos.

This is Jonathon hanging with one of his favorite bosses, Matt and his lovely wife, Jeannie.

Sista and Nef #1!

Skinny Delaney and hubs chatting it up with Canada Janet.

The Mister, John's hubby, Dave, and my heartthrob.
I told you that I like a challenge!

One happy bride.

Double trouble!

By the way... the whole week before I kept checking the weather and it showed nothing but rain.  We were so fortunate in that the only rain that came was after we were asleep. 
Or at least the Mister and I were.

The bride with her Wedding Planner Extraordinaire, Talbot Ross.  His website is here and IG account here.

I guess my buds really hit it off!
I hope they don't forget about me.

Let the shots begin...

MC, Anna, the groom, and Josh.
You can read about our lunch last Summer with MC and her hubby, Scott right here.

And the s'mores...

Throw in a little beach dancing...

I love this pic!
Mrs. Adorable and Adorable Michael with Mr. Adorable looking on.

And top it off with one kiss

The perfect ending to a perfect evening!

Until next time...

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Feel free to contact me through comments and email. I love to hear from my readers!


  1. How fun! Your daughter #1 and my daughter #1 share the same wedding date....6 yrs apart. :) Everybody looked like they're having a really good time. So glad your close friends and family could be with you.

  2. Oh, I've been waiting for this! What a happy time. Can't wait for part 2.

  3. Sooo wonderful. Beach, romance, booze, the young and the “not as young”...recipe for good times. Happy for you.

  4. It all looks perfectly wonderful! That was a lot of people to come for a destination wedding - so happy is turned out so well! Now you can relax! -Jenn

  5. Katie, it looks perfect and everyone was enjoying themselves. I can’t wait to see more!

  6. I am happy everything came together and the weather cooperated. I know if was fun. Both daughters are so pretty. One down and one to go.

  7. How absolutely wonderful to have your close friends attend the destination wedding for your daughter. A lovely location and I'm happy the rain didn't show. Everyone looks to be having a grand time. I'm enjoying your fun photos and look forward to part two..........

  8. All I can say is that everything is adorable including Mr Adorable. Looks like a great destination wedding party.

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  11. I ADORE the green gingham dress with the ruffle hem!!! Everyone looks great and a great time but I keep going back to that dress :)

  12. Wow, such a fun event and a very special one. Your look fabulous with those fun eye glasses. a Glorious location and of course beautiful family and friends. Thanks for sharing and taking us along on this lovely wedding party.

  13. What a spectacular wedding, with the stars of the show, (the bride and you) looking beautiful in every image! I can't wait to see more!

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  17. Love all of the colorful pictures of such beautiful people...Once you arrive destination weddings can be almost stress free. Looking forward to seeing the beach wedding. Your girls are so pretty.
    I am happen to be headed over to TCU this morning where I take Silver Frogs classes...

  18. It looks fabulous! A wonderful celebration of your beautiful #1.

  19. You all look so beautiful! What a fabulous celebration!

  20. What a happy time, your wedding planner did an awesome job!! I know you were over the moon surrounded by your family and best friends for this lifetime moment! I love that you insisted on flying 1st class, and your wine glasses are hilarious! Thanks for sharing Katie!!

  21. Oh my goodness! Love the pictures. Looking forward to seeing wedding shots. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  22. YAY!! The wedding! Oh, how fabulous. And every photo is perfection -- so many happy smiles, I can tell the love was flying all over. The map is precious and so much fun. Every detail -- perfection!

  23. Oh, my goodness, what a grand affair and you look "marvahlous" my dear! Their are such a cute couple and will one day bless you with some darling Grans.

  24. Hello dearest friend
    I am so happy for you The bride and groom are just glowing with love and happiness and you look Absolutely Beautiful, what can I say. I was thinking about you all of last weekend and your family and friends.
    Special love to you Katie, and cant wait to see more ( love the map !)
    Sally xxx

  25. This fills my heart with so much joy for you, I cannot even tell you sweet lady! Not only did you look beautiful but every detail was just so lovely! I love the adjectives that you bestow to family and friends, Mr. adorable is getting one gem of a MIL! The bride was simply a vision, what wonderful genes you have running through your veins!

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