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Friday, March 8, 2019

The Friday Files

Hello, dear friends.  It's still pretty cold around here.  Maybe that's why the week dragged by. 

The Mister and I have a lowkey weekend coming up.  We are gearing up for losing that precious hour of sleep.

Here are a few things that caught my eye this week.  

Take a gander at this gorgeous home renovation in Richmond, Virginia.


This lovely home was decorated with the inspiration derived from Showhouses.

Are you in the market for a hobbit house?  This one is available for under 200K.  The grandkids will love it!


If the Hobbit House didn't make your boat float, perhaps you will appreciate some Mansion Eye Candy.

I heard from so many wonderful readers who are also doing Weight Watchers. They offered great advice and tips.  
Here are a few WW recipes.

These breakfast pizzas are only 5 points!
You can find the recipe here.

This broccoli quiche is six points.
Here's the recipe.


And last but not least... how about these yummy Banana Foster Crepes for a mere 5 blessed points. 

I followed The Enchanted Home since its very beginning. Over the years, I have been lucky enough to visit Tina's gorgeous home on a couple of occasions.  Tina also has a wonderful shop with a motherlode of blue and white porcelain. 

Tina is having a sale on her New Arrivals.
Hurry over to shop til you drop!


Do you have any college seniors in your family?  Here is a list of the best business schools according to headhunters.


Good news for one of my favorite shows.


Here's a list of 33 best affordable beauty products according to Woman's Day.


Do you live in New England?
Do you like to read?
Here is a list of the Best Book Festivals coming up. 


Have you heard of the At Your Gate app?


Or the Panna App?

If you enjoy trying new recipes, you're going to love this one. 


Danielle Rollins

Have you moved into a new home?
Why not throw a Housewarming Party?


I read somewhere that the most popular item left in hotel rooms is a phone charger.  

Read here the oddest things left in an Uber.


My Mister learned to tie a bowtie from a youtube tutorial.
Here are 50 Amazing Skills that you can learn from youtube.



I bought this dress for the cruise.
I love the flattering neckline.


I also have my eye on a few other things.



Many thanks to my wonderful reader, Sharon who told me about this show.  The Mister and I enjoyed it very much.  I especially liked the interviews with the cast at the end.


I've always been fascinated by Wallis Simpson.
This book was released this week.
Here is an interesting article written by the author.


The following books have also been released this week.


I downloaded this one.  
I am a big fan of Camille Di Maio's books.


This one looks good too.


I've read almost all of Peter Swanson's books.
He never disappoints.
Don't let me down, Peter.

Until next time...

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  1. Katie,
    I am so pleased you enjoyed Love, Lies, and Records as much as we did.

    Lvely post as usual. Have a great weekend (ours in Central Ohio will be warm but rainy)

  2. I can't wait to read that Peter Swanson book. Love, Lies and Records sounds like such a fun show. I just did a search and it's available on Hoopla for any of your readers who use that through their public library. I'm going to look at that Wallis Simpson book...I kind of love to hate her. Hope you have a wonderful, low-key weekend.

  3. Another great week wrap up blog post. Thanks for the time put into putting all this together for our enjoyment.

  4. You have packed this Friday Files with such goodness my friend! That kitchen with the hints of aqua really caught My eye! YouTube is incredible, you really can’t learn anything. Probably makes my boys wonder what they’re even doing in college when they can learn it all from YouTube, LOL! I hope you have that sweet low key weekend and your internal clock doesn’t get too messed up from spring forward! xo

  5. Your Friday posts are always fun and I love all the links to explore!! Happy weekend!

  6. Good files this time! I'm interested in the Wallis book too. Enjoying time in your fair state as I type. Marlborough, MA. We discovered a great wine shop and did some damage there! Wish I knew where you were!

  7. Oh that navy dress is so cute I just ordered it! We are taking a s liversea cruise in June. It looks a little short on the model so not sure about that...love the top too !!

    1. The great thing about that dress is, unlike the rest of my wardrobe it doesn't wrinkle! The dress was the perfect length for me but I'm height challenged. I hope you enjoy Silversea as much as we did. Bon Voyage!

  8. Just wanted to come up for air from purging & packing to say I enjoyed for Friday files. It may sometimes be the following Friday before I get your post read (not bad this time, reading just one day later!), but I still visit!

    Hope your weekend is going well. Some of those WW recipes look good! Hang in there, that wedding will be here sooner than you know it (hopefully not sooner than when I finally move!).

  9. I get so sidetracked going off on your links that I sometimes forget to come back here to comment and say thank you. I have bought several things by your recommendations over the years and have never been disappointed. xo Diana

  10. I love the WW recipes, I know what I am making for dinner. The lost and found list from Uber was hysterical and informative. Is Uber the official transportation service for amnesiacs?

    Annie G


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