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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Bundled Up Hodgepodge

Hello, dear friends.  I am happy to report that it was 52 degrees yesterday.  The dirty snow is melting away, and I couldn't be more delighted.  Chowdah is ecstatic because the melting snow leads to some quality mud for digging. 

It's Wednesday which means it's time for Hodgepodge!

1.  Share a winter memory from your childhood.

The only thing that I can remember about my childhood winters was that I couldn't move much.  It took me hours to put on all the winter gear because my mother would make me go outside and get some fresh air.  

All I wanted to do is lay on the couch, eat pop tarts, and watch this guy.

2.  What was on your blog this time last year?  (Besides the Hodgepodge of course!)  If you weren't blogging, what in the world were you doing with all your free time?

This week last year I did a before and after post on my den.

A year ago this week I took this pic of Chowdah.  
This captures the essence of my winter of 2015.

3. Ellen Goodman is quoted as saying, 'We spend January 1 walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done cracks to be patched.  Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk the rooms of our lives.... not looking for flaws, but for potential.'

Do you see more flaws or more potential in your life at the start of the new year?  Have you done anything specific this month to address either one?  Does the new year truly begin for you on January 1, or is there some other month of the year that feels like a fresh start and new beginning?

Wait, I have flaws??  
Have you been talking to the Mister?
Ellen can worry about patching her own cracks.
I don't have any.

4. Who's an athlete you admire or respect and why?

The first athlete that pops into my mind is Lou Gehrig.  He put a face on the vicious disease known as ALS and fought it with courage and dignity.

5.  Do you like cream in your coffee?  Whipped cream on your pumpkin pie?  Cream cheese on a bagel?  Sour cream on a baked potato?  Cream of wheat for breakfast?  Have you ever had a scone with clotted cream?  Of all the creamy foods mentioned, which one sounds most appealing to you right this very minute?

As I sit here at 6AM, Cream of Wheat sounds awfully good to me especially since they now have a Cinnabon flavor.

I have never had clotted cream.  Although it looks pretty good, the word "clotted" doesn't sound appetizing.

6.  Where were you last kept waiting for 'hours on end'?  Or what felt like hours on end?  How well did you cope?

Every time we move and I find myself at the RMV, I call the Mister to scream at tell him that "I'M NEVER MOVING AGAIN!"

7.  Believe it or not, when next week's Hodgepodge rolls around it will be February.  Huh?  Bid adieu to January in seven words or less.

 Don't let the door hit you in the #@%$!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Has anybody been watching The Bachelor this season?  I haven't watched it in years.  I am tuning in this year because my #1 was roommates with one of the bachelorettes during her freshman year in college.   Which one?  I'll give you one hint.  In my estimation, this particular bachelorette has gotten more camera time than any of the others. 

Can you guess which bachelorette was my #1's roommate in college?

Until next time...

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

I'm Katie. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am an empty nester meandering through my middle-aged years while entangled in the never-ending process of renovating an antique home on the South Shore of Massachusetts. I love to write about books, movies, TV, celebrities, decorating, and weekend adventures. My favorite writing material is derived from my family: the Mister, my girls, #1 and #2, and my two untrainable, rambunctious pups, Chowdah and Chili.


  1. Your #3 cracked me up! And poor Chowdah. He needs a blaze orange vest to wear out in the snow. I think every mom of young kids is concerned about that fresh air. :-)

  2. I loved Dark Shadows too! Was going to name any future daughter I had Angelique (thank goodness I had 3 sons.) Sherri

    1. I wanted to BE Angelique! I'm glad I grew out of that stage. Enjoy your week Sherri!

  3. Ahhh isn't love to have drinks with you and laugh the day away. Your wit is superb. Same thing on Dark Shadows but I'd be munching out of a box of Lucky Charms. Watching Bachelor but missed last episode...I'd guess the news reporter was daughter's roommate? Do you read ihategreenbeans Bachelor recaps, entertaining! Finally at library yesterday checked your blog and found 2 of your recent recommendations...large print, score!! Thanks for the entertainment.

    1. Thanks for our kind words, Carol. You guessed correctly! Glad you got the two books in large print, no less. The Mister makes fun of me because I have my kindle on the largest lettering! I have to turn the page after each sentence! Have a good week.

  4. Oh wow, so there must be a few stories to tell this season : ) Dark Shadows used to scare me. I haven't seen it in decades, and wonder just how cheesy it would seem now?

  5. Please tell me her roomie wasn't Olivia! That girl is over-the-top! If so, how was she in college? Inquiring minds want to know! Have I mentioned before (like several times a week!) just how much I love your decorating style? Ahh...sweet Chowdah!

  6. No way if it's who I'm thinking of and since she's from Texas I may be right. I am watching this season with my daughter and it's so fun to hear her opinion. I've been watching from the beginning, but not as closely the past few seasons and I always read the spoilers!

  7. Oh Chowdah - how cute! I used to be addicted to the Bachelor and Bachelorette but I was too busy to watch last season and then never started this one. I am afraid to start watching again because I might get sucked back in! How funny that you know one of them. Always drama on that show!

  8. I loved Barnabus. He was so bad, but so good! And, yes, I"m watching the Bachelor! So, was your daughter's roommate Lace? Olivia? Becca? I'm dying to know!!

  9. I love your Hodge Podges. They entertain me for sure. I also liked to watch Dark Shadows, but had to sneak off to my aunt's house after school, because my mom was sure it would give me nightmares. Probably did:) Your den was very pretty before, but now it is outstanding!

  10. I always get a laugh from your Hodge Podge! That photo of Chowdah with the snow is frame-worthy. I am also watching The Bachelor for the first time in a few years. It's so bad it's good! And I hope your dear daughter did not have Olivia as a roommate. Yikes!

  11. Here's a tip from a friend on the best day to go to the DMV and we live in California where they are always jammed full of people. Go on Christmas eve day. She shared a pic and it was practically empty. I guess that is if it falls on a M-F.

  12. Go get some clotted cream right now! You will love it. I agree with you on how it sounds to the uninitiated, but once it's on the scone and in the mouth that totally goes away. Scones are easy to make. Even I can do it.

    Whipped cream has fewer calories than butter, making it one of nature's most perfect foods.

    Love your den. And the dogs.

  13. Love your Hodgepodge and your den is gorgeous! Dark Shadows -- I remember that one -- so creepy!
    Last January I was blogging about the Polar Plunge here and my girl's 13th bday party! Oh my -- what a trainwreck on the Bachelor!!! Bet your #1 has some stories!! Happy Wednesday!

  14. Dark Shadows used to scare the "you know what" out of me. I think because we lived in an old Victorian house...the premise was too close to home. My niece attended Salve Regina in Newport, her dorm room (in one of those old mansions) faced the Dark Shadows house...I couldn't even look at it. Not a Bachelor fan, but now I am intrigued...home another day..school still canceled, no plow in sight...moving the "snirt" (snow with dirt) off the street ourselves. Think they will give us a property tax refund?

  15. You used more than seven words.
    Ha! But I laughed so hard, we'll excuse you! Your hodgepodge is always a high point of my Wednesdays!
    Hope the rest of the month goes better for you!

  16. Had to look back at your Before and After post and absolutely love the transformation. You might enjoy seeing my two past Monday posts on "Love Your Home" where I am featuring the homes of friends who live their style. Enjoyed your Hodgepodge as always.

  17. Well,if I am right-Olivia says she is from Texas but she has been living in Tennessee-our news center anchor person. Great den transformation! Totally love your answers!

  18. Always love reading your hodgepodge answers! I love your before and after room, always nice to refresh a space and move things around. Not a fan of cream of wheat, I would have gone with the full carb bagel and cream cheese!

    Have a great week! Hope your pups are not getting too muddy!

  19. I always love to read your answers and see your pictures! Sorry about the cold and the snow. And, you are so right about the wait at the MVD- such a waste of time. I wish there was a speed pass like they have at Disney. Have a super, awesome week! (Don't watch The Bachelor, but I just might have to now!)

  20. Love the Hodgepodge as always!! How can you NOT have had clotted cream...it is SO good. Enjoy the rest of your week, my dear!! xoxo

  21. A few years back I had to purchase all the old DVDs of Dark Shadows. Once I began watching them, I had a hard time understanding the story line and wondered how I ever followed it as a kid. Apparently, none of the technicalities mattered because I ran home after school to watch as if my hair was on fire! Showing the videos to my kids made for some hilarity and I probably will never live it down with them. They now, more than ever, think I'm nuts!

  22. Thanks for a great morning laugh....so funny about your daughters friend, I do not watch the show but it does seem wildly popular! Love the snow pic of Chowdah so cute...stay warm and I am with you...goodbye January!

  23. I LOVED DARK SHADOWS TOO.......4:00 had to be HOME!

  24. I remember Dark Shadows and being scared to sleep at night! My babysitter would watch that! xo K

  25. Katie, I always enjoy your blog. Your humor always brings a smile or snicker out of me.

  26. Dark Shadows!! My favorite show - ok, maybe tied with General Hospital. Countdown to SLC!!


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